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Sex & Nudity

  • The nudity is not shown during sexual affairs, but is still revealed in certain parts of the film.
  • A man's whole back side is shown nude.
  • Three men are shown nude together but through a infrared-type filter so their bodies are fairly obscured.
  • We see one man in a faint reflection of a screen nude, but you can't really see anything.
  • A woman is naked, but you only see her from the shoulders up.
  • A shot of a dead nude woman shown half screen which then expands to full screen, clearly showing her exposed breasts.
  • After a woman walks into a room fully clothed an old man says he can't see her legs. The same old man touches her buttocks in a later scene.

Violence & Gore

  • Numerous scenes with dead people, often showing their lifeless faces up close with their eyes open. They are mostly bloodless and goreless but several injuries such as cut open skin are shown. A dead man's wrist is cut open; his clotted, powdery blood pours out.
  • Several laboratory animals (rats and chimps) are exposed to a deadly virus which causes them to spasm and die while scientist watch.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some people smoke. There is some drinking at a party (nothing over-the-top). It is typical for the time period of the movie.
  • When driving up to a field a woman says it would be a good place to grow pot.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some people may find the sequences showing dead people unnerving and disturbing, and some, especially children, may find the laboratory animal death scenes disturbing, although it's part of vital research to find a means to stop the deadly disease from destroying all life on the planet. .

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