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Sex & Nudity

  • There is a scene where Roberto (Michael Brandon) and his wife's cousin Dalia (Francine Racette) have sex in the bath, they are seen to passionately kiss each other and Dalia is seen topless with her bare breasts breifly visible in several shots.
  • There is a scene where Roberto and Dalia are in bed together talking, although topless the bedsheets and her arm covers any graphic nudity from Dalia.

Violence & Gore

  • The violence in this film is very tame and features no graphic gore.
  • Roberto Tobias (Michael Brandon) struggles with Carlo Marosi (Calisto Calisti), Roberto stabbs Carlo although no detail is shown. Carlo falls back and his white shirt with a blood stain on it can be seen.
  • Roberto is attacked in his home by the blackmailer, the blackmailer wraps a rope around his neck and tightens it from behind.
  • Roberto attacks the postman, he pushes him to the ground from behind and repeatedly hits the back of his head with a pipe.
  • The killer hits Carlo Marosi with a large metal vase around the face which knocks him to the floor, on the floor the killer continues to hit him over the face and head. There are shots of Carlo's bloody face and a point-of-view shot from Carlo where blood pours down the camera lens as it looks up at the metal vase coming down. Carlo's blood stained hand is seen in close-up as it twitches, the killer then places a length of wire around Carlo's neck and twists it together at the back. The killer continutes to twist the wire together which is seen tightening and digging into Carlo's neck, this is seen in a close-up shot for a few seconds but there is no blood present.
  • A dead cat is seen hanging by it's neck in a noose from the ceiling.
  • Carlo finds his cat dead in a drawer in his flat wrapped in plastic.
  • Gianni Arrosio (Jean-Pierre Marielle) enters a toilet cubicle and is hit on the forehead by the killer with a metal pipe, Gianni falls to the floor with a bruised forehead. The killer gets out a poison filled syringe and sticks it in Gianni's chest, there is a close-up of the needle piercing his skin and going into his chest which also clearly show's the needle plunger injecting the poison into him.
  • Dalia (Francine Racette) is attacked by the killer, the killer cuts her forehead with a knife and she falls down a flight of stairs. Dalia is seen hitting her head on the steps as she slides down the stairs, a knife is then seen heading towards her with her relection in the blade as she screams. There is a shot of the wound on her forehead as the knife is heard to stab her but not seen, the camera pans down to her lifeless blank face.
  • In the mortuary Dalia's dead body is seen on a table, only her face is visible as a sheet covers her body.
  • Dalia's eyeball is seen attached to some laboratory machinery.
  • There is a scene of a public execution, a man is seen being decapitated by an executioner from behind with a large sword. The scene is not that graphic but there is a shot of the head being cut from the body and from another different camera angle it landing on the ground near by.
  • Roberto slaps Nina (Mimsy Farmer) around the face and knocks her to the ground. He picks her up and hits her around the face again. Nina is seen with a bloody lip.
  • Nina shoots Roberto in the arm, a small splatter of blood is seen on the wall behind him. She then shoots him in the leg.
  • Nina's decapitated head is seen hitting and rolling along the ground.


  • Very infrequent use of mild profanity.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There are several scenes of character's lighting up and smoking cigarettes as well as drinking alcohol.
  • There is a close-up shot of the killer extracting a poisonous drug from a bottle with a syringe.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are several sequences in which character's are killed as well as find themselves in frightening situations.

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