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Season 4

2 Jan. 1975
Episode #4.1
In the first of the new run, sketches include 'The Watchmaker', Ronnie Barker is 'A Spokesman for the Ministry of Communication', Piggy Malone and Charley Farley return in part one of 'Death Can be Fatal', and 'Abdication Street', a musical crossing Coronation Street with the style of the music of George Formby.
9 Jan. 1975
Episode #4.2
Sketches include, 'A Gangster takes a Driving Test', A news report where Barker reads a script where the 'e's have been replaced with 'o's, part two of 'Death Can be Fatal', 'Swedish Made Simple', and The Imperial Ballet School. Swingle 11 perform.
16 Jan. 1975
Episode #4.3
Sketches include the 'Rhyming Police case', the 'Doctor who Can't Reveal his Name', 'Death Can Be Fatal' part three, 'Disruption at an Arty Film', and the Second Division Trent Force (Motorised) squad present 'Bits and P.C.'s song and dance show.
23 Jan. 1975
Episode #4.4
Sketches include '2 Rich People Talk at a Party', 'Men of Letters', part four of 'Death Can be Fatal', 'John and Mrs Mills', and Michel LeGrand plays piano.
30 Jan. 1975
Episode #4.5
Sketches include 'the Awful Party where no-ones there and the food's made of wood', Barker is Patrick Moore's Brother in 'The Stars at Night', part 5 of 'Death Can be Fatal', 'Ballet Dancer at the Job Center', and 'the Aldershot Brass Ensemble'. Both Michel Legrand and Swingle II perform.
6 Feb. 1975
Episode #4.6
Sketches include 'The Encyclopaedia Salesman', 'The Ministry of Inflation', part 6 of 'Death Can be Fatal', and 'Weekend in Mayfair'. Swingle II perform.
13 Feb. 1975
Episode #4.7
Sketches include: 'The Party where They Say The Same Things as Each Other', 'BBC News Bulletin where the Film Broke', part 7 of 'Death Can be Fatal', and the 'Plumstead Ladies Male Voice Choir.
20 Feb. 1975
Episode #4.8
Sketches in the last program of the 4th series include 'The New Rook Restaurant', 'Wee Willie McGorbals', part 8 of 'Death Can be Fatal', 'Jolly Rhymes (Ltd)', and 'Jehosophat and Jones, and Friends', with guests The Suprises (Barker and Corbett in black face), Gary Schmutter (Barker's take off of Gary Glitter), singing 'Do You Wanna be in my Shoes', and Elton Bog (Corbett takes off Elton John), singing 'Peppermint Rock'. Real guest performances are by Michel Legrand and Swingle II.

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