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2 Jan. 1972
As the Escrow Flies
Wendy and Peter are planning on rebuilding their house, but then they see a house that's move-in ready. Martha and Jim realize they don't really want Peter and his family to move out, but try to be happy after Wendy tells them they bought the house. Peter and Wendy start to wonder if they made the right decision, and Luther thinks he has a solution to make everyone happy.
9 Jan. 1972
Eighty-Nine Pounds of Love
Jake is depressed after a teacher calls him a dunce in front of the class. The teacher's apology doesn't stop the subsequent teasing from other kids, and Jake feels like a loser. Then Jake finds a stray dog and brings him home, and begins to feel good again. But what will happen if the rightful owners turn up?
16 Jan. 1972
The Quarterback Ache
It's Homecoming week at Josiah Kessel College and everyone is excited for the big game against rival school Cobb. Potential victory is jeopardized, however, when the team doctor says Karpopolis, the quarterback, can't play unless he loses ten pounds. Luther, with some help from Foodaholics Anonymous, sets out to ensure Karpopolis meets the goal. After all, he has money on the game.
23 Jan. 1972
Aunts in My Plans
Luther finds himself falling for Martha's visiting Aunt Lydia.
30 Jan. 1972
Paper Work
Jake and Teddy are part of a school paper drive while learning about ecology. Unfortunately, they accidentally donate Luther's ungraded exam books. The Howards and some volunteers desperately search the recycling plant for the exams before the papers get shredded.
6 Feb. 1972
Song of the Jailbird
Thanks to the enforcement of local ordinance 612, Peter gets caught in a raid at a topless bar while dining with the Builders Association. In the wake of that raid, some students ask Luther to chaperon the bachelor party they're throwing for a friend to make certain it's a dignified affair, and Jim is invited to play his accordion at the event. But it turns out that the students haven't been honest and Jim winds up arrested with a fan dancer after the police raid the party. He refuses to post bail since he holds that he did nothing wrong, and vows to fight the charge ...
13 Feb. 1972
Price Is Right
It's time for the Easy Valley Festival of Art in which Martha plans to show her finally completed portrait of Luther, but there's a snag when the usual judge is unavailable. Luckily, actor Vincent Price is interested in adding the college's painting of Josiah Kessel to his art collection and arrives in time to perform judging duties. Meanwhile, Jake and Teddy try various ways to make some money.
20 Feb. 1972
Jim's Decision
Jim's latest anthropology book gets him a spot on an educational television show, which leads to a guest appearance on Johnny Crown's late night talk show. The publicity helps sell his books and leads to a job offer from USC. He accepts, but wonders what his grandfather Josiah Kessel would have thought.
5 Mar. 1972
Old School Ties
The college is fund-raising for a new indoor sports stadium (field house) which Peter will build, and several alumni are visiting. Claude Peebles, who was ridiculed for losing a big football game years before, shows up with a check for ten thousand dollars that is deemed unnecessary after Martha's old college flame Mike Carruthers pledges the hefty remaining amount needed to build. Jim is annoyed by the boastful and shameless Carruthers, and so is the man's wealthy wife. Suddenly, it looks like there may not be a big donation after all.
12 Mar. 1972
A Bone of Much Contention
The construction of the newest Admiral Decker sandwich shop unearths a contentious delay.

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