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One of the best from Croatia
Mravsky21 July 1999
One of the best movies produced by Croatian cinematography. Yet another living proof for the Seinfeldian paradigm: "a story about nothing", told in a loving way, with great cast and charming music, can be so much stronger than any of those modern special-effect Hollywood films. In fact there is a special effect which makes this movie so great. It's love.
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Still irresistible after all these years
berislavs13 March 2001
Although I cannot tell precisely how many times I have seen this film (it must be over 30 times for sure!), its freshness amazes me over and over again. `Tko pjeva.' tells the story of a middle-class family whose everyday routine is disturbed by a love triangle. Set in the mid-thirties Zagreb, the film avoids political and social connotations (which are so common in Croatian cinematography), and creates a feel-good atmosphere through intelligent humor, well-chosen soundtrack and excellent acting.

Relja Basic and late Franjo Majetic gave performances that defined their profile for years to come. The soundtrack consists of popular songs, which are successfully incorporated into the script and well balanced with the scenes filled with funny situations and humor of character.

This film was voted the best Croatian film on several occasions and, although I don't like to order and classify films, I have to agree that `Tko pjeva.' stands out as a superb cinematographic achievement, even 30 years after its original release.
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marinovic6 December 2002
This movie is based on a wonderful comedy play set against the backdrop of charming and innocent pre-World War II Zagreb. The film revolves around the main character and heartthrob bachelor Mr. Fulir who is madly in love with another man's wife. In order to keep his true sentiments hidden he pretends to be interested in the wife's best friend and in doing so is forced into friendship with his flame's moronic husband. As the story unfolds Mr. Fulir finds himself in a number of sticky situations and has to use his suave ways to manouver himself out.

I couldn't recommend this film more to any person who is interested in Croatian culture and history. Those familiar with Zagreb will find it especially warming as it strikes a deep sentimental chord amid the city's old streets and antiquated ways. Uzivajte!
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Excellent old school movie !
Skydiver8612 March 2007
This movie reminds me of the "old" days in ex - Yugoslavia. I'm not "Yugoslav nostalgic", because now I'm "just" 30 years old, first time I saw this movie was couple of years ago and it reminds me of the days when I was a kid in my dear old Opatija, Croatia. The time, people, slow life, almost everything was exactly as it was back then when people were in love with each other and having fun together not having fun in front of the TV, Internet, Play stations or else .. This movie shows very good how little we need to be lucky in life .. And this is definitely one of those movies you're lucky to look back here and then. It's similar to Avanti! with Jack Lemmon, another movie that's one of those showing you how to live life @ fullest ..
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the old zagreb charm
mikic-328 December 2007
The old-Zagreb city charm! There's a series of movies portraying the city life Zagreb in between the two world wars, as well as that in the 1970s and 80s, but very few left so many memorable characters, sentences and song themes, as did 'Tko pjeva zlo ne misli'. Gospon Fulir', an old charmer, is one of Croatia's most famous movie characters of all times. We all remember Franjo's legendary saying "Perice, go to Znidarsic' place and pick up a litre" - meaning a litre of wine), which has become a popular joke sentence in Croatia's everyday life. Mirjana Bohanec is unforgettable with her 'Gospon Fulir, you are only flattering to me'. Although, the charms of the conversations can be lost in translation, it's by far Croatia's number one movie!
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