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  • Sexy young nurses apply special therapy in their daily rounds.

  • The adventures of four sexy young women living together in California and studying to be nurses. One falls for a poet with a terminal illness; one takes acid and becomes pregnant; another becomes involved with Hispanic revolutionaries; one has an affair with a gynecologist.


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  • Four sexy college roommates are taking their nursing internships at the same time. Sharon (Elaine Giftos) is assigned to the terminal care ward, Lynn (Brioni Farrell) to public health administration, Priscilla (Barbara Leigh) to gynecology and Phred (Karen Carlson) to psychiatry. Lynn falls for a local leader of La Raza Latino resistance movement and starts a health clinic in the barrio after an anti-(Vietnam) war protest (consisting of spookily-dressed young people of all races painted like skeletons) becomes violent, with cops beating protesters. Later, a very bloody gunfight at the resistance movement headquarters leaves two policemen dead, along with several members of the group. Sharon falls in love with her patient, a brooding young poet with cystic fibrosis to whom she teaches lovemaking. Priscilla has an affair with a rogue pharmacist and gets pregnant from their shared acid trip on the beach. (The trip sequence consists of beautiful, weird and confusing sensory and memory montages with hyper-sensual overtones.) Phred encounters her own psychiatric difficulties when she vehemently opposes the abortion her gynecologist lover gives Priscilla in their apartment bedroom. Written by Anne Heller <cfood3000@gmail.com>

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