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A classic of children's cinema
intelearts20 December 2006
Truly without any shadow of a doubt a masterpiece of children's cinema. Totally different from US or European cinema: there is no play to the emotions here. It is simply who and what Pippi is: and it is deeply enthralling to children.

We have three children who all LOVE watching these. They are not clever, or brilliantly filmed, have no CGI whatsoever and yet they come back to them again and again and again.

For a child what can be more exciting to have a friend who doesn't need adults, is generous, fun, mischievous, silly, has fantastic adventures, AND is the strongest (yes! strongest!) girl in the world.

This series shaped a generation of Swedes: it is truly is one of the best of all children's cinema. Adults may not get it as much as their children will. Best for those around 3-7 you will be amazed at what they see that we no longer do. Hurrah for Pippi!
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The first movie i've ever seen in the cinema
giraffelover24 May 1999
Pippi Longstocking was the heroine of my childhood. When i was a little girl I wanted to be so strong like her and I wanted to have such beautiful red plaits. Now I am a thirtysomething adult woman and it still fills my heart with joy when I watch the film. Astrid Lindgren has really written one of the most beautiful children's books in the literature history and all the Swedish Pippi Longstocking movies are absolutely awesome. Georg Riedel has also written a memorable and wonderful title song.
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The Best Inger-Pippi film
A_Minor_Blip3 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is, by far, the best of the four films starring the original (and in my opinion the only) Pippi, Inger Nilsson. She's fantastic and so are the actors playing her cohorts, Tommy and Annika. You cannot have a Pippi film without all three kids. In this outing, the trio run away and go on many adventures. One includes riding on a train. Another includes taking a trip on a flying car that runs on super-glue. I like the scenes when they are watching the wild strawberries and kicking back, enjoying their freedom near a river in the journey's start. There is such a relaxing aura watching these gems. Space and time are quite important, especially since it's shot in the beautiful Swedish countryside that seems to go on forever. Another great scene is when Pippi rides a barrel down a waterfall. And they also visit a farm and Pippi battles a bull to save a child. All is great fun. This one is the best. Pippi is the epitome of a superhero, and she's one of the best superheroes of all time.
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One of the best series of all time!
jeff-8924 February 2000
All four of these films were really good. This one has Pippi and her two friends runaway from home because they are tired of parents rules. So Pippi takes them on a venture they will never forget. Inger Nilsson who plays Pippi did a fantasic job despite you can tell voices were dubbed. Watching Inger Nilsson was just great and that's why these are great films!
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My Favorite Childhood Film
Hindinwood16 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Pippi on the Run certainly is the best of the series. It somehow manages to move even beyond the irreverent mischievous fun of the other films, and becomes a transcendent opus to the freedom and creativity of being a child. In essence, Pippi is doing we would all like to do, both as children and even more so as adults. She taunts authority, flouts convention, and lives life to the fullest by her own rules, as she takes her two best friends Tommy and Anika on a wild adventure through the Swedish countryside. Some of the scenes in the film are almost like Bergman for kids. In one particularly beautiful segment, Pippi and her friends take shelter in an old shack during a rain storm, where they encounter a forlorn old man with a long beard playing the saw. He turns out to be a salesman of a particularly potent type of super glue, with which he accidentally affixes his beard to the windowsill. As Pippi goes cavorting all over the ceiling, much to the delight of her companions, the old man is forced to part with his signature beard to release himself from the windowsill. Ingeniously the scene is somehow imbued with both sadness, loneliness, and wild humor. I haven't seen this movie in about 15 years, but that scene is still vivid in my mind as the day I first saw it. If that isn't a testament to it's influence I don't know what is. Pippi truly is the greatest and most inspiring heroine/hero for children. Every child should see this celebration of imagination and freedom.
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