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Alternate Versions

There are two different versions of the opening credits in the US version:
  • Just as in the original Swedish version, a shot of Pippi riding Lilla Gubben (her horse) against a beautiful sunset opens the film, accompanied by the sentimental cowboy-style instrumental arrangement of "Sommarsången" ("Summer Song," the film's theme song). We then cut to the scene of Tommy and Annika entering Villa Villekula, looking for Pippi, and only find Mr. Nilsson in bed. Tommy attempts to bake biscuits, while Annika helps him. Just then, the opening credits, over montage shots of Pippi riding on Lilla Gubben against the sunset, begin. In the Swedish version of the credits, the aforementioned arrangement of "Sommarsången" continues, in full rhythm with soft bongo percussions. In the US version, this track is replaced with an instrumental arrangement of the Pippi Longstocking theme song, "Här Kommer Pippi Långstrump" ("Here Comes Pippi Longstocking").
  • The other version simply begins with the scene of Tommy and Annika entering Villa Villekula. The original credits are replaced with cute child-like drawings of Pippi Longstocking (the same drawings seen in the US version opening credits of Pippi Goes on Board (1969)), with the same instrumental arrangement of "Här Kommer Pippi Långstrump" as before.
Ending Credits:
  • In the original Swedish version, after fadeout, the film's theme song, "Sommarsången" ("Summer Song" - sung by Inger Nilsson, Pär Sundberg, and Maria Persson), plays as the credits (yellow text over black) roll.
  • In the US version, after fadeout, only a white "The End" over black appears and then fades out. (Some prints, especially the US DVD, even include the original MPAA "G" rating, which comes right after.)
In the German version, the ending scene was slightly changed. The two shots of Pippi riding on a flying broomstick were rearranged. Originally, there was a full shot first, then a closer shot second, with a shot, in between, of Tommy and Annika looking on in bewilderment (with Annika complaining to Pippi). Here, it's the closer shot of Pippi first, then said shot of Tommy and Annika, and then the first full shot of Pippi, which freezes briefly, and then fades to black (with no "The End" credit). The next to last shot of Tommy and Annika's more amused reactions, along with the original final shot of Pippi circling in the sky around Villa Villekulla (done with miniature effects) was omitted in the German version. (Possibly because the German distributors decided the last shot was none too convincing.)

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