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More "Penny Dreadful"

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Titan Comics' "Penny Dreadful" #10, available March 7, 2018, based on the Showtime horror TV series created by John Logan, is written by Chris King and illustrated by Jesus Hervas, with a cover by Lenka Simeckova:

"...this comic book prequel miniseries reveals terrifying events that led 'Vanessa' to try and find her missing childhood friend, 'Mina Harker', exposing the true nature of the 'vampires' infesting Victorian London.

"The horrifying truth of the disappearance of 'Mina' is revealed to 'Vanessa', 'Sir Malcolm' and 'Sembene'. They realize they face a foe that exists outside anything they've encountered. As they frantically regroup, they learn they are not the only ones with a score to settle with a monster in their midst..."

Refrerring to the 19th-century British 'penny dreadfuls'...

...the series uses public domain characters from 19th-century Gothic fiction, including 'Dorian Gray' from Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray", 'Mina Harker',
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Bram Stoker’S Dracula – 25 Years of Horror and Tragedy

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Bram Stoker’s Dracula is a modern horror masterpiece, and one that too often goes overlooked. A film that is horrifying, intriguing, and astoundingly beautiful, Francis Ford Coppola took Stoker’s masterwork and breathed new, undead life into it in 1992. It recently hit its 25th anniversary, and the film remains a classic piece of horror cinema.

The film opens in 1462, with Vlad Dracula (Gary Oldman) returning from war against the Turks to find that his beloved wife, Elisabeta (Winona Ryder) has killed herself upon receiving false news of his defeat and death. When the priest tells him that her soul cannot be saved and will be forever damned by her suicide, Vlad renounces God in a fit of rage. He desecrates his small chapel, stabbing a stone cross and drinking the blood that begins to ebb from it, embracing eternal life and damnation at the hands of a merciless god.
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Forbidden Tomes: Skeletons in the Skull – The Psychological Ghost Stories of J. Sheridan Le Fanu

The Victorian era, which saw a surge in literary realism, also witnessed a growing fascination—maybe obsession—with spiritualism. Ghost stories and accounts of hauntings were hugely popular, especially around a Christmas fire. Several authors, including M.R. James, F. Marion Crawford, and Edith Wharton, contributed to its popularity. Most of these tales revolve around some anonymous narrator encountering the supernatural—good for nothing but a nice chill and moment of fear. Irish author Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu sets himself apart by summoning his spirits through psychology, even if his version of it is often backwards.

Like the anecdotal, often epistolary stories of M.R. James, many of Le Fanu’s tales read as true hauntings written in an analytical or reminiscent style from the perspective of a witness. “An Account of Some Strange Disturbances in Aungier Street” or “An Authentic Narrative of a Haunted House” are, as they sound, entertaining reports.
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Original Film Poster Sells For A Record $525,000 At Auction

An original movie poster has sold for a record $525,800 at auction. The poster was for the original 1930s Dracula movie starring Bela Lugosi, and went for the impressive sum at the Heritage Auctions’ Movie Posters Auction in Dallas, Texas. You can check out the original Dracula movie poster below.

Original Dracula movie poster sells for record half a million dollars

“The Dracula poster is a rare, important poster that sparked intense bidding among some of our elite collectors,” Heritage Auctions Vintage Posters Director Grey Smith via a press release. “Considering the sheer beauty of the poster and the timeless popularity of the film, it’s not a surprise that the demand was so high.”

Related: Dracula 3D Review

“It is a matter of opinion, but this poster probably is the most beautiful of all of the styles,” Smith added. “And one of only two styles that pictures Bela Lugosi in
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Drive-In Dust Offs: Hunchback Of The Morgue (1973)

Spanish horror superstar Paul Naschy has always been on my radar, yet for whatever reason, I’ve never taken the shot. (And sunk the ship? Metaphors are the worst.) So it is with great shame that I’ve spent far too long ignoring this international treasure as my inaugural Naschy, Javier Aguirre’s Hunchback of the Morgue (1973), is a cheeky Frankenstein riff that offers up its own twisted charms.

Released in its native Spain in July, it hit stateside in September of ’75 when Cinemation Industries (owned and run by Jerry Gross, legendary promoter. See: I Drink Your Blood. No, really, see it) added it to double and triple bills across the land. It…didn’t do very well, and that’s not a big surprise; it’s certainly not your traditional monster movie, with a plot that veers between soapy operatics, laboratory hijinks, and all tied together by Naschy’s
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5 Reasons Why ‘The Lego Batman Movie’ Deserves an Oscar Nomination

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5 Reasons Why ‘The Lego Batman Movie’ Deserves an Oscar Nomination
2017 has been an unequivocally weak year for animation. There wasn’t a new Laika movie, although strong Gkids titles like “The Breadwinner” helped fill the void. There wasn’t a new Studio Ghibli movie (although the forthcoming “Mary and the Witch’s Flower” is the next best thing). There were two offerings from Pixar, one of which was totally solid, and the other of which was “Cars 3.” By the summer, the situation was already so dire that something called “Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie” was considered a merciful reprieve from the endless trash parade of soulless corporate dreck like “Despicable Me 3” and “Smurfs: The Lost Village.”

And yet, amidst all of this darkness, there was a glimmering bright spot. And that bright spot… was something even darker. Black. “All important movies start with a black screen.” Those are the first words we hear in Chris McKay’s “The Lego Batman Movie,
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November 14th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include George A. Romero Between Night And Dawn Collection, Hellraiser SteelBook, The Paul Naschy Collection II

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We have another busy week of home releases to look forward to, with an array of films that hit a bunch of different subgenres. For those who may have missed it in theaters earlier this year, you can now catch up with Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde this Tuesday, and if you missed seeing it online this fall, Amityville: The Awakening hits both Blu-ray and DVD as well.

For you cult cinema fans out there, I hope your wallets are ready for some serious damage, as there are a ton of great offerings coming home on November 14th, including the gorgeous limited edition Hellraiser Steelbook, The Paul Naschy Collection II, J.D.’s Revenge, and Arrow’s stunning Blu-ray set honoring one of horror’s true greats—George A. Romero—that features HD releases of Season of the Witch, There’s Always Vanilla, and The Crazies.

Other notable
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Sony Developing Movie on Spider-Man Enemy Morbius, The Living Vampire

Sony Developing Movie on Spider-Man Enemy Morbius, The Living Vampire
Sony Pictures is developing an untitled movie based on Spider-Man’s antagonist Morbius, The Living Vampire.

The project is being written by the scripting team of Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama, whose feature credits include “Power Rangers,” “Gods of Egypt,” “Dracula Untold” and “The Last Witch Hunter.”

Morbius was created in 1971 by writer Roy Thomas and artist Gil Kane for “Amazing Spider-Man” issue number 101. He was a scientist who tried to cure himself of a blood disease with tragic results as he became afflicted with vampiric traits such as fangs and a thirst for blood — and wound up battling Spider-Man.

Morbius appeared sporadically in Marvel Comics in the subsequent years and was revived in the 1992 series Morbius the Living Vampire, which had a run of 32 issues through April, 1995.

Sony had no comment as to whether the Morbius project will be connected to its Tom Holland Spider-Man movies or the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sharpless and Sazama
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Contest: Win The Paul Naschy Collection II on Blu-ray

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After giving horror fans a treat with their Blu-ray release earlier this year of The Paul Naschy Collection, Scream Factory continues to commemorate the influential Spanish director with The Paul Naschy Collection II, and we've been provided with three Blu-ray copies to give away to lucky Daily Dead readers.


Prize Details: (3) Winners will receive (1) Blu-ray copy of The Paul Naschy Collection II.

How to Enter: We're giving Daily Dead readers multiple chances to enter and win:

1. Instagram: Following us on Instagram during the contest period will give you an automatic contest entry. Make sure to follow us at:

2. Email: For a chance to win via email, send an email to with the subject “The Paul Naschy Collection II Contest”. Be sure to include your name and mailing address.

Entry Details: The contest will end at 12:01am Est on November 20th.
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Photos of Star Ace Toys’ New Scars Of Dracula Statue, Coming in 2018 from Sideshow Collectibles

Star Ace Toys' new Scars of Dracula statue wants to suck your blood, and Sideshow Collectibles revealed photos of the statue commemorating the 1970 Hammer horror film.

Read on for more details and photos of Star Ace Toys' new Scars of Dracula statue, and visit Sideshow Collectibles' official website to view the full set of photos of the collectible depiction of the iconic Christopher Lee character.

From Sideshow Collectibles: “Star Ace Toys is proud to introduce the debut figure for their new line of 1/4 scale mixed media polyresin statues - Count Dracula! Featuring Mr. Christopher Lee as he appeared in the 1970 film "Scars of Dracula," this figure captures the beloved movie icon in his most notable role.

Christopher Lee is the symbol of Dracula, Lee fixed the image of the fanged vampire in popular culture.

Now, you can feel the fear of Count Dracula with this large-scale statue! The detailed diorama
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10 of the weirdest Kung Fu movies ever

Craig Lines Nov 1, 2017

Every now and then, martial arts movies go, er, a 'little leftfield', Here are some examples...

There are few feelings I enjoy as much as watching a movie that shakes me out of my complacency, wakes me up from my jaded quasi-slumber and makes me go “I’ve not seen that before!” I watch way too many films and it can take a lot to genuinely shock or surprise me, but there are few genres that manage it as often as martial arts.

Now, I appreciate there’s a lot of base level ‘weirdness’ to the genre if you’re not used to it. There’s curious dubbing, an emphasis on physicality over plotting, some eastern cultural touchpoints that baffle unfamiliar western audiences… but fans get used to all that. I’m talking about something slightly different.

To clarify, it might seem strange to new viewers when
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10 Awesome Horror Flicks To Stream On Netflix This Halloween

Halloween is all about getting spooked, right? Sure, we all remember trooping around the cold, dark night scaring our neighbours while trick or treating when we were kids, but the sad truth is, we’d look a bit silly doing it now that we’re all grown up.

So, what could we do instead? Well, we could gather up some friends and do a spot of apple bobbing (could be a choking hazard), or, try carving pumpkins into creepy Jack O’lanterns with a sharp knife (sounds a bit dangerous), or build a big inferno-esque bonfire in our back garden (sounds really dangerous). Decisions, decisions.

Well, there’s one other thing that’s 100% safe, fun for the whole family all of your adult chums and is bound to get your pulses racing.

‘What is it?’ I hear you asking.

Why, a bloody good ol’ horror flick, that’s what! And better yet,
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Halloween 2017: 31 Horror Films You Can Stream on Amazon Prime This October

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Since I showed some love to Netflix yesterday, I thought it was only proper today to put the spotlight on Amazon Prime and their vast streaming library that features hundreds of genre titles.

There’s no denying that it can be an overwhelming experience to try and navigate your way through over 200 different pages of movies, so I went ahead and put together a list of 31 different films that should help you get into the Halloween spirit throughout the month of October. And since variety is the spice of life, I tried to give you guys an assortment of different sub-genres, so that you should be able to find something to fit any horror-loving mood! Happy October and happy viewing, everyone!


At a summer camp for youths, a cocky pre-teen calls out the name of mass serial killer "Madman Marz". Suddenly, counselors are being maimed and slaughtered in various
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‘Piczle Lines Dx’ gets a Halloween-themed update on the Switch!

Piczle Lines Dx for Nintendo Switch is set to receive a very seasonal update on 21st September that will add a new Horror pack – perfectly timed to get your Halloween gaming on in the lead up to October 31st – to Puzzle Mode.

Available for free to all players, the new “Horror” pack update appears at the bottom of the list of packs in Puzzle Mode, and includes 20 puzzles based on scary themes such as Count Dracula, Frankenstein and Rokorokubi! Check out screenshots below:
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The Bottom Shelf: Return Of The Living Dead 3, The Evil Within and The Jerk, Too

Nick Aldwinckle Sep 14, 2017

Our round up of horror and genre DVDs and Blu-rays returns, with some solid titles, and The Jerk sequel...

So, whilst Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump are comparing the size of their nuclear weapons and super-storms are battering the world’s coastlines, the head of Nato is describing the present moment as the “most dangerous in a generation”. With any luck, the inevitable apocalypse may bring with it some fun real-life zombie larks to bring some light to the fast-approaching nuclear winter: what more prescient documentary-drama could there be, therefore, than Re-Animator cult hero Brian Yuzna’s Return Of The Living Dead 3?

Resurrected this month on Blu-ray as part of the gloriously tacky Vestron Video Collection, the second sequel to Dan O'Bannon’s classic eighties comedy horror adopts more of an angsty nineties tone as the monster-making Trioxin chemical returns to cause havoc all over again,
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Blackbeard The Pirate (1952) – DVD Review

Another summer movie season and another Pirates of the Caribbean movie. What? You didn’t know there was yet another in the franchise that wore out its welcome a long time ago? Yes, Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales came and went awfully fast this summer, never a good sign. It played in St. Petersburg for about a week and then vanished. Did anybody see it? I didn’t and I’ve seen a lot of movies this summer. In a summer of Wonder Woman and Dunkirk, as well as Baby Driver, Logan Lucky and Detroit it would be very easy for another Pirates of the Caribbean movie to get lost in the shuffle.

So let’s talk about a real pirate movie, from 1952 Blackbeard the Pirate, directed by Raoul Walsh and starring Robert Newton, Linda Darnell, William Bendix, and Keith Andes. Newton is to pirate movies
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Citadale: The Legends Trilogy coming to Steam

Back in the late 1980’s a game appeared on the Nes which turned the family orientated machine to the darkside; this game was called Castlevania. Taking control of Simon Belmont it was your job to vanquish Count Dracula himself, along with hordes of undead. Years later – on the WiiU – a homage arrived in the form of Citadale: Gate of Souls, honouring this 80’s release even down to its graphical style. Now on Steam, Citadale: The Legends Trilogy has arrived.

A Dark Lord plagues the land … and only You can stop him. Play as Sonja Dorleac and bring an end to the forces of darkness by wielding the legendary Shadow Blade. Battle the creatures of the night with swords, axes, shurikens and more – and face off against horrific bosses. If you prove your strength, you can unlock alternate endings for the first two games in the series. A boss rush mode
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Stephen King Had No Issue With The Changes Made Within It Reboot

Stephen King, seasoned author and all-around horror expert, has already gushed about New Line’s imminent It reboot, admitting that he “wasn’t prepared for how good it was.”

Going one step further, it appears King also took no issue with the plot changes made within Andy Muschetti’s revival. That’s according to Muschetti himself, who spoke to Deadline about all things It – from Pennywise to The Losers Club and everything in between – in anticipation of that all-important September 8th release date.

Back when It Part 1 – The Losers Club was still simmering in the formative stages of development, and the idea of a conclusive sequel was little more than a pipe dream, it’s fair to say that Andy Muschetti and his sister/producing partner Barbara felt a great deal of pressure about adapting what many consider to be a modern-day horror classic. But those feelings of apprehension quickly
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Dracula Prequel in Development at Paramount With ‘It’ Director Andy Muschietti

Dracula Prequel in Development at Paramount With ‘It’ Director Andy Muschietti
Paramount Studios has launched development of “Dracula,” a prequel to the classic Dracula story, and attached “It” director Andy Muschietti.

Paramount won an auction for the prequel, written by Dacre Stoker and J.D. Barker in the Bram Stoker Estate’s first authorized prequel.

Producers are Roy Lee and Barbara Muschietti, who teamed on “It.” The story is set in 1868, where a 21-year-old Bram Stoker meets with an evil that he traps in an ancient tower.

Stoker first published “Dracula” in 1897 when he was 50 years old and established many of the conventions of the horror genre. The novel starts with attorney Jonathan Harker visiting Count Dracula in the Carpathian Mountains and centers on Dracula’s attempt to move from Transylvania to England aboard a Russian ship so that he may find new blood. He’s opposed by a group of men and women led by Professor Abraham Van Helsing.

“It” is expected to be a major box
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It Dream Team Eyed For Horror Prequel Movie Dracul

It dream team Andy Muschietti, Barbara Muschietti, and Roy Lee are attached to a develop a new horror prequel movie centering on the infamous Count Dracula.

Deadline has the scoop, confirming that Paramount Pictures has acquired screen rights to Dracul, a spinoff prequel authorized by the estate of legendary author Bram Stoker. Word is that Paramount is angling the horror flick as a potential vehicle for Andy Muschietti to direct, with his sister Barbara Muschietti and Roy Lee each holding a producing role. Paramount’s Vanessa Joyce will oversee development.

Set in 1868 and written by Dacre Stoker and J.D. Barker, Dracul orbits around a “21-year old named Bram Stoker, who meets with an ungodly evil, which he traps in an ancient tower all the while scribbling the events that led him there.” It’s an origin movie, essentially, and Deadline notes that five parties originally expressed an interest in
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