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The touching story of Dietmar and Luzy, two not so young loversin the drastic world of Rosa von Praunheim.
KruegerPaul6 June 2001
Incredible, truly incredible. What Rosa von Praunheim has done is far beyond description.

The actors, playing themselves and NOTHING ELSE act as if they have never been aware of a camera or the circumstance that there has been a director.Their lack of histrionic ambition does not stop them and so they scream, stammer (Dietmar Kracht is very good in it) and mumble their way thru the 78 minutes of the most bizarre film ever been made in my country. Von Praunheim maybe left his actors without any idea of a a scenario as it seems and kept the most absurd scenes uncut (the shower sequence !). Although von Praunheim does not force it the film is funny in a touching way. Sometimes it made me laugh so much I could hardly breathe. Certainly it is exhausting to take it in one session but if there ever has been a so-called cult movie: Here it is. Archaic, remorseless against it´s actors and of course against the audience.Dietmar and Luzy are the worst lovers in the history of cinema. If you haven´t seen this film, you ain´t seen nothing yet. This is a must for everyone interested in motion pictures.
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OMG this is the best!
s_tate42312 May 2006
Let me tell you that this movie is HILARIOUS and I don't speak German. I watched this in Germany, because it is my aunt's favorite movie and she watches it daily. Literally. They come home from work, start drinking their beer, and pop in Die Bettwurst (which is a neck roll pillow - I thought I was going to watch a adult movie with my mom's side of my family). You think Napoleon Dynamite is funny? YOU WILL LOVE THIS! I'm telling you, this is a extremely hilarious movie with it's physical comedy and awkwardness. I haven't even mentioned how the clothes they are wearing is hilarious. The story is so random that it is obviously part of the joke. Look, you don't need to understand a word of German to love this movie. I agree. It is a cult classic if I ever saw one. Rocky Horror has nothing on this baby. I'd give it a 11 out of 10 if I could, but they won't let me do it.
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I can see the appeal, but I cannot share it
Horst_In_Translation17 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Die Bettwurst" is a West German film from 1971, so this one has its 45th anniversary this year. The writer and director is Rosa von Praunheim (don't be fooled by the name, he's male) and he is mostly known today for his gay-themed films and documentaries. With "Härte", he added another somewhat known entry (at least here in Germany) to his body of work. This is of course a really early work we have here and Mischwitzky (the real name of the Latvian-born filmmaker) was not even 30 back then. Still it is easily among his most famous works. It is about a couple of an older woman and a younger man who fall in love at first sight. The action takes place in North Germany. This fairly short 80-minute movie is today seen by many as a bit of a cult film and I can see why. It is a very simple story of two people who really love each other and keep confessing his love again and again. That makes it somewhat sweet and von Praunheim managed to make this a somewhat authentic looking relationship in this film despite the blatant overacting by the duo of actors, especially Dietmar Kracht who died an untimely death a couple years later. The female lead is Luzi Kryn and she lived a lot longer. The film was so successful that it even received a sequel, even if that one is not half as known as this first film. The story is really unspectacular, yet it's not a bad watch. It's life as it happens, just in a very exaggerated way. The ending with the kidnapping is the weirdest thing though. It comes out of nowhere and it also adds very little. I guess von Praunheim wanted to bring some tension and excitement in here or just get in elements from the American crime films that were popular back then and spoof them a bit. Overall, it's a pretty mediocre film, somewhat memorable for it's approach, but not always in a positive way. I do not recommend checking it out.
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Insane but oddly amusing
marc24225 January 2009
I just watched this piece of "entertainment", and I must say it is one of the most bewildering movies ever. Technically its inept film-making at its worst. The Actors are obviously laymen, and do not know a single thing about acting. The camera-work is equally horrible, sometimes the camera is totally out of focus, at other times the camera just lingers for (seemingly) hours on the same scene without any cuts. Its like a glorified home movie really. The dialog is mostly mundane and nonsensical, the actors just seem to improvise their lines on the spot. But its really hilarious, the crazy 70s fashion, the wigs and the disgusting interior set decoration (Luzi Kryn's apartment) really sell the movie. But please be advised: This is definitely not your usual movie entertainment. Its crazy,amateurish and tasteless. A real treat for trash fans, but sometimes it's so incoherent, that it becomes extremely boring after a while. I can't really recommend this, but if you are interested in truly bizarre film-making, then this is a film for you.
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zero_joker7 January 2006
Unfortunately "Plan 9 from outer Space" is believed to be the worst film of all times. But compared to this piece of sh**, Plan 9 from outer Space suddenly seems to be masterpiece of cinema. These 78 minutes were - definitely - the most horrible 78 minutes I have ever spent. Going to the dentist is fun compared to watching "Die Bettwurst", I would even go so far to say that spending the time at Guantanamo is more fun. Well maybe they use this movie for torturing the prisoners...

See there are people who claim that this is some kind of intellectual masterpiece, I've read up some highly dubious interpretations claiming this movie is a masterpiece of independent cinema, full of interesting metaphors of society. One of the greatest art-house films. That the idea to use actors who are absolutely unable to act is such a great idea.

But the border between an art-house film and complete utter bullsh** is very often quite narrow and in this particular case it is crossed.

Avoid this movie at all costs.
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The ultimate trash movie
Ken_Buddha10 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I have to disagree with Thomas Krueger's great review on one point: Luzi Kryn seems to be well aware of the camera, since she permanently stares right into it! This is the ultimate trash movie; I would recommend it only to people with a good sense of humor. If you like Ed Wood or, even more appropriate, the work of William "One-Shot" Beaudine, this is the flick you simply have to see.

Rosa von Praunheim's "masterpiece" features arguably the poorest acting and camera work, the strangest soundtrack (just one piece of music, lasting for about 15 seconds!), the worst props (easily outdoing even Ed Wood's movies) and the weirdest kidnapping scene ever put on celluloid, with possibly the most awkward noises ever heard in a cinema, courtesy, again, by the ultra-non-talented Luzi Kryn. But let's not forget Luzi's love interest Dietmar Kracht's amazing performance, especially in the later stages of the movie, when he arrives to rescue Luzi from his former friends (one of them apparently U.S.-born, whose lines are an odd mix of English and German), fittingly wearing a cape.

Even if you do not speak or understand German, you should be able to enjoy this wonderfully absurd piece of comedy, although Dietmar's over-the-top Mannheim accent delivers a few more highlights only people who are familiar with German idioms (he sounds like a very slow and distraught version of Boris Becker) might comprehend.
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Genius movie about homosexuals and cows
mrdonleone18 June 2010
Don't let the first part of 'Die Bettwurst' scare you off: it's utterly boring, yes, but the second part is interesting and the ending is a work of pure genius, with over the top acting that will make you laugh as hard as you ever did and a funny scene with cows, I believe this is the only movie ever made with a scene in which cows run away in fear! it's so funny, it will make you long for a sequel, and you will have forgotten the boring first part. okay, so now the question remains: what is this movie about anyway? well, it's actually about nothing, everything is improvised by a woman who wears a different wig every time we see her and a gay individual who is trying to make out with her. yes, it's all about homosexuals, trying to be straight because they want to be 'the same as everybody else'. off course, this is my own interpretation. a lot that's important remains unsaid, but it's all about homosexuality, even if you don't get it. it's about trying to be the ideal man in our society. that makes me wonder... are we each an individual with our own thoughts or mindless sheep being led to the slaughterhouse? 'Die Bettwurst' gives you an answer. it may not be the answer you were looking for, but it's an honest approach close to the truth we're all looking for. go and see 'Die Bettwurst'. you won't regret it.
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