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One of the best 70s sitcoms.
sonya9002821 December 2007
The Partridge Family premiered in 1970. Sure, it was sort of corny. But most TV shows back then were. It was a more innocent era then, and so was television. It revolved around the misadventures of a squeaky-clean, middle-class family, who decided to form a band and make records. It was based on the real-life rock-n-roll family, the Cowsills. David Cassidy, who was a teen heart-throb on the show, played the eldest brother, Keith Partridge. Laurie Partridge, played by Susan Dey, was his cover-girl-pretty younger sibling, and tended to annoy Keith on a frequent basis. His other siblings were cute, precocious-types, especially Danny Partridge (who was the 10-year-old financial wizard).

The family was headed by widow, and cool mom, Shirley Partridge (played by David Cassidy's real-life step-mom, Shirley Jones). The cast was rounded-out by their hapless Manager, Reuben Kincaid (played by rubber-faced comic Dave Madden), who always made a perfect comic-foil for Danny. The whole family sang and played instruments. They cut several albums during the course of the series, that spawned some hit singles. Their songs to me, were really quite good, especially if you like soft-rock and love ballads.

I could identify with the Partridge's suburban life-style, having grown-up in a solid middle-American, middle-class suburb myself. Some of the kids on the show were my age, and some were the same ages as my own siblings.

This show came on ABC on Friday night, following another family sitcom with several kids, the Brady Bunch. The Partridge Family even had many episodes that were so similar to some Brady Bunch episodes, they could only be called shameless rip-offs. Still, it was a gentle, family-oriented show, with good music and good acting by the cast. I always looked forward to Friday nights back then, just so I could enjoy the Partridge Family on TV.
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Brings Back Great Memories!
dgordon-121 February 2002
I was 5 years old when this show debuted, and can remember the popularity of it unlike any other show to date. The bubble gum cards, the records, teen magazines-everything to do with "The Partridge Family" was a hot commodity! "I Think I Love You" was the first song I ever knew all the lyrics to. This was due to my friends and I piling onto the swingset in my backyard, which included a 4 seater lawn swing which we made fit 8 kids, and sing "I Think I Love You" over and over again while pumping the lawn swing way into the air. Some of my friends would take the end cones off and sing through the top bar to get a reverb effect! Seeing the show in reruns throughout the '70s & '80s, it still had it's charm. It wasn't mean't to be an emmy award winner, but it served it's purpose-to be lighthearted and funny. The music showcased on the show was memorable too. Try watching an episode, and not have their songs replay in your head long after watching it. To me, "The Partridge Family" will always have a special place in my heart because it invokes happy memories from such a great time in my life.
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Better than People Give it Credit
suessis16 September 1999
This show was a pop culture phenomenon that actually had its moments of creative inspiration. The relationship among the members of the cast, particularly during the first season, was wonderful. The writing always had some good moments and the performances of all the actors were great. Especially Danny Bonaduce as Danny and David Madden as the agent Mr. Kincaid. The show became a pop culture icon because it was new fresh and innovative for the time.
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Time has treated it well
John McCulloch16 March 2000
Recently I've had the pleasure of watching re-runs of this quite pleasant television show. While it never dealt in-depth with earth shattering issues, it was well performed, well crafted & had some great songs that showcased the era. Some may find it sappy & over indulgent, but take it for what it was, a light comedy for teenage viewers. Also the show did pick up three 'Golden Globe' nominations, so some in the industry must have been of the same opinion!
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Come on, get happy
Monika-511 April 2001
A fun series. I liked the Partridges and always wanted to ride on that cool bus of theirs! I also enjoyed the musical numbers (even though David Cassidy and Shirley Jones were the only cast members to actually so the singing).

The *real* find of The Partridge Family? Forget David Cassidy and Susan Dey, it was Danny Bonaduce! His dry wit and deadpan delivery were right on, especially for someone as young as he was at the time. During a recent trip to California, I randomly bumped into Mr. Bonaduce at the Universal City Walk in North Hollywood. I was so excited, and he was kind enough to sign an autograph and pose for a picture! Danny, if you're reading this, thanks again!

One of the coolest sitcoms from the 1970s, I don't care what anyone else says!
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More remarkable than it first appears...
moonspinner5518 September 2004
Amusing to see VH-1 staging a minor-scale "American Idol" to find the "new Partridge Family" (with judges who base their scores on, among other things, physical likeness to the original line-up). It's nice see Shirley Jones and David Cassidy involved (as for Danny Bonaduce, well...he'd appear at the opening of an envelope). But the really funny part is the fact that VH-1 does not air reruns of "The Partridge Family', so how do these young kids auditioning even know who Keith Partridge is (and what he meant to TV viewers and teenyboppers all over the world from 1970-1974). It's bound to flop, as did the remake of "Family Affair", simply because you can't get lightning to strike twice. "The Partridge Family" came along at the right time, when people needed it--needed to BELIEVE IN IT--and record producer Wes Ferrell and the editors at 16 Magazine and Tiger Beat made millions off the show (exploiting David Cassidy's manufactured wholesome image of the boy-singer-next-door). There were better shows of this period (and the laugh-track just screams at the sometimes corny humor), but the show does have great appeal, and the familial relationships have a lived-in feel (when Laurie and Danny kid Keith about his non-existent bald spot, they wink at each other as Keith goes mad with the hairbrush, and mom Shirley watches from the sidelines, no doubt enjoying the prank). They have tried unsuccessfully to reunite this group of actors for specials, and aside from a David-Danny-Shirley reunion on "Arsenio", they've failed. If you can't reunite the originals, why then is VH-1 betting on the success of duplicates? Maybe people need to believe again, or maybe Hollywood has really run dry of ideas.
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Just a fun show...
MarieGabrielle17 April 2007
for kids, and wish there were more like this today.

Shirley Jones, David Cassidy, Susan Dey and Danny Bonaduce are the primary characters; This show competed with the Brady Bunch when it first aired. It had the usual teen conflicts, Keith (David Cassidy) and his dating conquests. Danny and his latest scheme. The music was fun (so innocent- compared to what is offered up today!) Basically a good nostalgia show. The Reuben Kincaid interactions with Danny (Danny Bonaduce) are some of the best. Funny and cynical, Kincaid is the cranky old uncle, Bonaduce the trouble maker.

I don't know if this show is still available on cable regularly, but it is well worth watching. 9/10.
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This is an incredible Show!
mattiajosephine11 July 2011
I have seen a few episodes of this show, and I must say this is an incredible show. It deals about a Californian suburban family who lived during the early 70s. They became a family who toured around the country in a multicolored bus and sang into everyone's living rooms. Even though this show was on the air 21 years before my time, it still lets generations of kids like myself, see what the madness was all about.

But they were than a band that sang and did songs. They were a family that wasn't preachy like the Bradys, and talked about certain issues that even the Bradys did not talked about. There were life lessons, motherly advice and values inside the family, but were a modern day family that we could relate to. An excellent cast and incredible music. 10/10. -Josephine
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Terrific show that's aged well
michaeldouglas118 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Loved the Partridge Family as a kid, and still enjoy watching it 35 years later. It's aged much better than most of the TV shows of that era (even given the changes in tastes -- hair-styles, clothes, music, etc). Really great "ensemble" acting with everyone contributing to the show's success (well, almost everyone -- little red-headed Tracy came across as a zombie with no musical ability, and mostly just stood around staring blankly into space!). Shirley Jones was the cement that held it all together -- a cool, hip mother, but one that didn't let her kids run rough-shod over her. Susan Day looked great and could spin off one-liners with the best of them (generally at Keith's expense). And the comic interplay between Reuben, Keith, and Danny was truly priceless. Even little Chris added a certain appeal (especially the cute Jeremy Gelbwaks, who played Chris during the first season -- gorgeous big blue eyes!). I still generally like the songs, too; especially during the first two seasons (those included in their first two albums).
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Favorite show growing up
mdouglasfresno16 January 2007
This was my favorite show growing up, and I still enjoy it now. It's stood up much better than most shows of that era because it's still funny, and has surprisingly good music. Shirley Jones, David Cassidy, Danny Bonaduce, Dave Madden and Susan Dey all contributed to the show's success, and had a good chemistry between them. The interplay especially between Keith, Danny, and Reuben is priceless. I liked the first season best because of the freshness of the concept, and cause I think Jeremy Gelbwaks was the better (and cuter) Chris Partridge. Never seen such enormous blue eyes as Jeremy's! Tracy was definitely stiff in the part and couldn't seem to bang a tambourine in sync with the music, but fortunately her role in the show was minimal. I laughed reading the other poster's comments about Jeremy Gelbwaks leaving, cause I remember those silly rumors myself, such as that he'd died (even at the hands of David Cassidy!). The truth is much more mundane: his dad got a job transfer with his employer from Los Angeles to Virginia right after the end of the first season. Jeremy's alive and well, making a living as a systems programmer in New Orleans (and has been pitching in to clean up that unfortunate city after Hurricane Katrina struck). The latest I've heard on Dave Madden is that he's still around, too. He continued comic work on the nightclub circuit after the Partridge Family was canceled, and was especially in demand for voice-overs in commercials.
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My all time favorite show!!
CKCSWHFFAN26 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I have loved a lot of TV shows in my life.

Different shows, comedy, drama, etc.

But, to this day, this is my favorite.


Marcia this!! Better scripts in the Partridge Family. The lines between the cast members MUCH better, sarcastic, which made them a lot funnier.

"Red Headed Hamburger".

Numerous episodes I love. The 2cd & 3rd seasons are my favorites of the 4.

They lost it in the 4th seasons after the show went up against "All in the Family". Ricky was NOT needed.

Even though the music, of course, other than Shirley & David, were done by other musicians, I still enjoy it to this day.

The numerous celebrities that appeared on the show.

Some, more than once in different roles.

You know the show must have made an impact when later shows, I speak here of 1987 to 1995's "Full House" stole ideas from the show.
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I'll watch it (but I can never find it)!
llihilloh21 July 2002
I like "The Partridge Family" for a lot of reasons. I like the music, the cast, the wonderful wardrobe and just about everything else. The shame of it all is that I can't find it anywhere on television (for quite some time now). Come on, TV Land! Where are you?

The cast - Shirley Jones is great. She's the perfect, wholesome mom. David Cassidy is great and I'm not just saying that because he can really belt out those songs, but because he's such the innocent teenager of the family. Susan Dey is enjoyable as is Danny Bonaduce. So he's a little annoying; that's okay with me.

I'm not too crazy about the writing itself, but thanks to the "terrific" performances from the cast, I've learned to like the different episodes.

What a wonderful sound coming from that Partridge house. I say crank up the tunes! Good work with the different songs each week as well as having the actors pretend to play them. (Nice cover up, crew.)

"The Partridge Family" is good mainly because it's in the seventies (I can go for just about anything from that time). Everything else about the show just falls into place and eventually it all works out for the best. They just don't make them like they used to.
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aka "Family Business" or "The Shirley Jones Show"
raysond26 August 2003
This show was one of the most sugarcoated series of the 1970's. Not only did it rise beyond the Nielsen ratings,but also launched a mega superstar during the bubblegum era of family oriented shows.

The Partridge Family was that show. This show went toe to toe with its competitors at the time,The Brady Bunch,which were on the same network, both shows were on different time slots(one came on Friday Nights,and the other was shown on Saturday nights at the 8:00 hour),had a array of special guest stars and went off the air the same year,1974 with the exception that "The Brady Bunch" premiered a year before this show did and it was also was the competition to not only for family viewing but for bragging rights at the height of the groovy-bubblegum decade of family oriented shows of the late 1960's and early 1970's. The show made its debut on ABC-TV in September of 1970 and from there the show itself was in the top-ten of the Nielsens for its first two seasons(1970-1972). The show ended its run after four seasons in September of 1974.

The show was inspired by another family oriented musical group,"The Cowsills"(remember them from back in the day?)whom this show was based upon and was produced by the same individuals whom were behind the hit shows like "Bewitched","The Flying Nun","I Dream Of Jeannie",and so forth,under the eyes of executive producers Harry Ackerman and Bob Claver.

As far as the characters were concerned,this show has it all and then some as the family went through the day to day activities of a normal family life as musicians,but first off,the characters...............

For one,you had the ring leader and the mother Shirley Partridge(played by Broadway sensation and Oscar winning actress Shirley Jones) who was not only the head of the household but also acted as the mother and road manager.

Then,you had Keith(David Cassidy),who was the lead singer of the group,and the heartthrob of young women everywhere who were constantly following him around everywhere he went,and he was just that...the hottie every girl wanted!!!! By the way,it was Keith that was bringing in the family business,and soaring record sales and every pop-charting Billboard hit during the 1970's! Oh yes,The Partridge Family had several top-ten hits that went straight to Number One on the Billboard charts during the early part of the 1970's.

Also,you had Laurie(Susan Dey),Keith's kid sister who was just as sweet and innocent as she can be but held her own within the family business. Notice in some of the episodes that Susan Dey's talents went beyond her acting abilities as well,since she had a great singing voice too!

Then,you had Danny(Danny Bonaduce),Keith's younger brother,who was a constant pain in the neck in some of the episodes and one of the most annoyingest characters in the series....believe me,watch some of the episodes and you see why this kid didn't know the meaning of stay out of grown folks business and for once just shut up....Danny had a smart mouth too,every time and didn't know when to just shut-up when around grown folks,especially if it meant adult affairs,which meant if grown folks are talking,Danny,stay out of the way.There was one episode,where Danny said the wrong thing at the wrong time especially when it dealt with important matters pertaining to family issues and of course guests that would come by the house for visits,and Mrs. Partridge didn't do anything to keep him quiet? This kid was a total nuisance! The 70's version of Dennis The Menace! I wish there were times when she would just smack him across the mouth for being so disrespectful and close his smart-mouth,which most of the time got him into some very serious the episodes!!!

Then,you had the man who does the bookings for the group and more,and has the hots for Mrs. Partridge,Reuben(Dave Madden),who keeps Danny in line most of the time and the rest of the crew,and finally you had the two cute ones,who in some of the segments were so out of space they didn't know what to do.

As for the musical numbers,they were memorable and nowadays some of the Partridge songs are considered standard classics and these days you can hear them on several oldies stations,especially if they play them constantly...songs like,"Hey,I think I love you",and so forth were one of the groups biggest hits. The songs they have were million sellers and launched the musical career of David Cassidy,whom after his associated with the Partridge Family,went solo and from there self-destruct himself into an abyss of mayhem after the series was over...the same can be said for actor Danny Bonaduce too who was out of control,and almost destroyed his career after the show went off the air. Susan Dey went on to become a brilliant actress and went on to star in several TV series...including L.A. Law. This was the only actress from the series that kept her head career path straight and didn't end up like the others.

Whatever happened to Dave Madden? That is a mystery to this day.

The sitcom also launched a sorry animated cartoon("The Space Partridges",which was produced by Hanna-Barbera),and a variety hour series which lasted one season and from there the Partridge's were never heard from since. Worth seeing if it ever comes on Nick-At-Nite or TV Land. Believe me,it is worth seeing the lamest of the 70's era of family oriented shows.
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The Partridges are GROOVY!
melvina-peterson16 June 2003
The Partridge Family is a show for people who remember the 70's.Shirley Jones and David Cassidy are great as Shirley and Keith Partridge.Susan Dey's performance as Lauren Partridge is O.K. Danny Bonaduce's role as Danny is one fans will remember,and David Madden as the manager Reuben Kincaid is pure gold! The performances of Jeremy Gelbwaks/Brian Forster are great as both play Christopher Partridge.Suzanne Crough as Tracy Partridge moves me when she plays the tambourine. Even though "The Partridge Family" only lasted four years and 96 episodes,I wish it could've done more.
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A great show with great music
stevenfallonnyc14 September 2004
Many people love to dismiss "The Partridge Family" very quickly for some reason, while the truth is this is a pretty decent show which featured some great music during its run.

Of course, David Cassidy is the star, very good looking and talented with a great voice and lovable screen presence. The rest of the cast is also strong for the most part. Shirley Jones plays a great and caring mom, Susan Day is good as Laurie, and of course Danny Bonaduce is fantastic as the money-hungry Danny. The Ruben dude is good as is the second Chris, but the Tracy girl really is kind of stiff.

The stories were a lot of fun, especially the ones that revolved around their performing somewhere. How cool was it that they performed on TOP of the bus that one time? The show was innocent and showed good morals in the stories.

The show has a lot of future stars appearing, among my favorites are Mark Hamill, Rob Reiner (GREAT as "Snake," remember that funky music every time he appeared on screen?) and Tony Geary, who would later find megafame as Luke Spencer ("Luke and Laura") of General Hospital.

The bus was great. I always wondered who did the "roadie" work? Did David carry all the equipment? And if the band had all these big hits, how come every gig was seemingly at a dinner theater in front of 60 people? But that's just some of the fun stuff to think about.

The kids actually got pretty good at faking the playing, even the second Chris doing the drums like the record often.

Now, the music. This is not "The Brady Bunch" here. These songs are great songs, and there's a lot of them. Forget the TV show for a minute, just concentrating on the music. Those first four albums especially are incredible, with the album "Sound Magazine" from 1972 probably being one of the greatest pop music albums ever made. That album contains gem after gem, classic after classic, and is nothing less than a pop music masterpiece, perfect from start to finish.

My personal Partridge Family song is "I Would Have Loved You Anyway," written by Tony Romeo, who wrote most of the band's greatest songs (including "I Think I Love You"). I spoke to Tony Romeo once a long time ago and it was a blast, he was telling me how he and others in the studio would have to teach David Cassidy the songs right on the spot because David had such an incredible touring schedule on days he wasn't filming.

"Summer Days," "Rainmaker," Together We're Better," "Hello Hello," "I'll Meet You Halfway," "Brand New Me," "One Night Stand," the list of great songs just goes on and on.

This is a show that REALLY needs to be on DVD. And when it does, I really hope the disks have a feature where they can play the "music videos" only, and the set gets to at least the third season so we can have those music sequences on disk.
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Another overlooked classic!
Little-Mikey21 July 2011
THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY was a big hit when it first aired in September 1970. Music from the TV show quickly got radio air play and sold millions. So the big question is "How is this 'another overlooked classic'?"

THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY was aimed at the pre-teen audience. So those of us who were a bit older thought we were too cool to count ourselves as fans. What a shame!

THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY was a really funny sitcom that did not resort to scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas. At least not for the first three seasons. Yet, the writers did stick their necks out a bit, taking risks by tackling some of the issues of the time, such as women's rights, racial discrimination (with Richard Prior guest starring), even the ecology.

The chemistry was perfect. Dave Madden, comic veteran from CAMP RUNAMUCK and LAUGH- IN, playing the frustrated manager, Rueben Kincaid, who loved money as much as he disliked children, is forever matching wits with Danny, the 10-year old financial wizard. This alone is enough to make a great sit-com. Add Keith, whose interest in girls and Laurie, the feminist who wants to change the world to the cast along with 2 younger siblings and a nervous mother who is trying to make order out of chaos. And you have a hit show!

The music was great as well. But what do you expect when it is produced by Wes Farrel for Coral Rock Productions., which has also produced a lot of great '60s rock groups. With the best writers along with the best session musicians hired to provide the music, what else would you expect?. Give the music a listen and you will hear Beach Boys inspired harmonies and other musical influences from the great rock and roll acts. Throw in the musical talents of David Cassidy and Shirley Jones and the result is a wonderful sound that is uniquely their own.
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The Partridge Family didn't compete w/Brady Bunch
freedumb200312 October 2008
They were back to back. IIRC, it was Friday Night.

Now when I see them, I am amazed at how trite they were.

But I love hearing the music - many of the cuts are available on YouTube.

I think you can also get full episodes on Hulu.

Danny Bonaduce is now a commentator in the L.A. area and cleaned his act up in his young adulthood.

It is interesting that there is no info about the missing Chris. FWIU, the original Chris' mom was a typical "movie mom" and the producers kicked him out because of her.

Like most guys my age at that time, I had a crush on both Lauri Partridge and Marsha Brady.
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"A Whole Lot Of Lovin' Is What We'll Be Bringing"
bkoganbing22 July 2009
The Partridge Family was a cute show with wholesome kids and the world's greatest mom figure in Shirley Jones. Back when the Bell Telephone Hour was broadcast from NBC's Brooklyn Studio live, I met Shirley Jones a couple of times, on one occasion she autographed my cast album of Oklahoma. I still have memories about how gracious and nice she was to any and all fans who hung around out there.

It wasn't her kind of music that was featured on this show however. She co-stars as a widowed mother who forms a family rock band with her five kids. The two youngest barely had any dialog and just didn't count. The other three had distinct personalities.

Danny Bonaduce was the middle child and the eternal schemer who caused quite a bit of the mischief involved. Susan Dey was the pretty teenage daughter who went on to have a nice substantial career in adult roles. But the reason people watched the show was for the oldest boy played by Jones's real life stepson, David Cassidy.

During the early Seventies David Cassidy was the bubble gum teenage idol and The Partridge Family became his venue to get his music sold to the public. A whole lot like Ricky Nelson did with Ozzie and Harriet.

Cassidy had the most interesting part, the teenage idol who backstage was quite the goofball. Of course the character had no foundation in reality whatsoever, but I've a sneaking suspicion that the producer's if they had made a real teenage idol, he might very well have come across arrogant. Making him lovably dumb, softened our potential jealousies.

I can't remember the plot of a single show because very quickly the show was more a venue for Cassidy's singing than anything else and after a while it didn't pretend to be anything else. I hope David Cassidy saved his money and can live good now, the life of a teenage idol isn't long.

His singing was pleasant and easy to listen to and the cast had a nice chemistry as well. We've seen worse on television.
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Memories of The Partridge Family
mikea6041 November 2004
Like many others of my era, I too reached my junior high and high school years watching the Partridge Family. This show was what galvanized me (and several friends) to form a band, and yes, we covered more than a few Partridge tunes. Like their earlier counterparts, The Monkees, their tunes have, for the most part, stood the test of time well.

It would not be until the movie "That Thing You Do!" would I again feel the emotion that reminded me how much fun it was to be in a band.

The soaring music was pure bubblegum, but it was fun, full or sunshine, and for the most part, still brings back the wonderful memories of the show and that time in my life.

And I agree that the "New Partridge Family" on VH-1 may not make it, let's give it a chance. Remember that the same thing was said about "Star Trek - The Next Generation" and it ran for more seasons than the original. Let's at least give the show a fair chance before we judge it.
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Better than I remembered
Daniel Lyddy3 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I hadn't seen this show since it first came out, but I caught an episode on Antenna TV and now I'm DVRing it every Saturday and Sunday.

I'm not sure which season Antenna TV is showing now, of the four that were aired. It must be the second or third, because these episodes feature "Chris #2" but Ricky Segall hasn't made his entrance yet. The dialog is more mature than I remembered it. Of course, when the show first came out I was maybe 7 years old, so I didn't catch most of the "adult" jokes back then.

There are also contemporary references here and there, such as mentioning the recent breakup of the Beatles, that make the show an interesting window on American pop culture in the early seventies.

Throw in a few cameos (Ray Bolger as Shirley Partridge's dad, Meredith Baxter as a roaming hippie chick, Bert Convy as a research scientist at the Aquarium, etc), and, like I said ... better than I remembered.

Just don't pay too close attention to the music sequences, especially in the earlier episodes. David Cassidy always looked like he knew how to play, and some of the others (most notably Brian Forster, aka "Chris #2") got better at faking it, at least, as time went on. On the other hand, the producers were up front (in the end credits) about the fact that studio musicians and singers "augmented" the family's performances. I think it was more of a case of David Cassidy and Shirley Jones augmenting the studio musicians' performances, but for the early seventies, the end-credit admission passed as truth in advertising.
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Great First Season
profhound15 June 2005
This was a fun family show and was at its best in the first season. It was refreshing to see a family sitcom without the treacle of The Brady Bunch. Unfortunately, like many sitcoms, it ran for more seasons than it should have. (Ricky Segal, arrgh! What were they thinking??)

I would like to respectfully correct the review posted here by Siobhan from Chicago: Barry Gibb did not write "Dirty Work" -- it was written by the two members of Steely Dan, Donald Fagen and Walter Becker. Matter of fact, as far as I know, it never appeared on a Partridge Family album. David Cassidy recorded it in 1979, and it was released on a 1991 compilation, "Best of David Cassidy."
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Marginally Entertaining
StrictlyConfidential23 June 2018
This 8-disc set contains all 4 seasons (that's 96, half-hour episodes) of the TV Sit/Com "The Partridge Family" that ran from 1970-1974.

Often compared to "The Brady Bunch" - This wholesome, good, clean, family-oriented program starred teen heart-throb, David Cassidy in a pivotal role where he got to showcase his singing talents.

This popular show's premise was a lop-sided mix of suburban life and show-biz where widow, Shirley Partridge and her 5 children traveled around in their brightly painted bus to gigs before live audiences.

As you can easily imagine - In this show the kids all behaved exactly the way you'd expect TV-kids to behave. There were no surprises here, at all, where each episode, like clockwork, finished with its inevitable "Happy Ending". Yes. You could predict this even with your eyes closed.
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Good memories.
Kelsey Jefferson11 January 2018
Lots of good memories watching The Partridge family.
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For old time's sake
mhubbard-5465726 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It was a product of the times, competing with similar shows like the Brady Bunch, and the Patridge Family held their own. The show had a definite appeal, with the modern theme of a woman entering the workforce by necessity of widowhood. The Partridges also were clean and wholesome, but Danny Bonaduce added a wonderful punch of reality, even as a kid. David Cassidy and Susan Dey were both very good-looking, and the whole family could sing and play instruments, or so it seemed. Even back in the day, there were rumors that they were merely lip- syncing. But some of the music was not bad, and it remains a guilty pleasure to this day, although it is never on the radio.

Like many series of the era, the earlier seasons were the best. As time went on, Keith and Laurie were getting a bit old to be living at home with Mom. The plots began to be repetitive as well. Cassidy was tired of his squeaky image and posed "nude" for Rolling Stone, but it didn't have much effect.

I was a pre-teen at the time, and the Partridge songs of love, longing and loss are seared into my memory. So sad that David Cassidy succumbed at a young age to the same demons that stalked his father.
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Excellent family show!
Hermione Granger12 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is a retired and gone, but still fabulous, TV show that you should definitely watch with your family. The characters are well-built, and acting well-done. There's great humor--such as Danny Partridge winning a raffle and getting a horse, his family not knowing what he's won and asking if it's a convertible. He answers, "I guess you could say that."

Each of the characters is unique, and they don't evolve over time. Laurie often makes sarcastic remarks, and the mother, Shirley Partridge, is fun and sweet but serious. Keith Partridge often emphasizes a situation or problem by grimacing or wrinkling his nose, which makes you laugh more. Danny is the comedic relief, and Tracy and Christopher are smaller characters but still sweet and lovable.

Of course, the Partridge family is a band, so they sing. There is at least one song in each episode, and they're all excellent and catchy.

Now, of course, this isn't perfect. For example, in the third season, it gets a bit edgy with Kieth taking sex classes. The only real people singing are Shirley and Keith, so the rest are dubbed and may look fake. Some things, such as Reuben Kincaid spending time with girls and trying to get a girlfriend, are funny but seem unnecessary and strange. Some of the Partridges go off the stage-- without a microphone--and still sing.

So, the show isn't perfect. It has things that get on my nerves or don't make sense, but in the end, it's still worth watching with its great characters and hilarious plots.
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