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Season 5

12 Sep. 1974
The Rain in Spain
Myrna is upset over losing her current boyfriend played by her then real life husband Rob Reiner.
19 Sep. 1974
To Bowl or Not to Bowl
Felix begs out of the bowling championship.
26 Sep. 1974
The Frog
Oscar loses a kid's entry in the frog jumping contest.
3 Oct. 1974
The Hollywood Story
Oscar lands a bit part in a Hollywood movie and Felix becomes his agent. Bob Hope guests.
10 Oct. 1974
The Dog Story
Felix kidnaps a famous dog actor from the hands of a bad agent.
17 Oct. 1974
Strike Up the Band or Else
To pay off a gambling debt, Oscar talks Felix into having his band perform doing country music.
24 Oct. 1974
The Odd Candidate
Felix gets Oscar to run for city council.
31 Oct. 1974
The Subway Story
Oscar is fed up with being in New York City. To show him how much fun the city can be, Felix shows him around and they get stuck together in a stalled subway car.
7 Nov. 1974
The Paul Williams Story
Felix's daughter runs away when Felix keeps her from a Paul Williams concert.
21 Nov. 1974
Our Fathers
A tale is told of an accidental meeting between the Odd Couple's fathers.
28 Nov. 1974
The Big Broadcast
Oscar has a job of hosting a live radio program. Felix throws in his own ideas including rewriting the stories while on the air.
12 Dec. 1974
Oscar in Love
Oscar finds a girl and wants to become a family man.
14 Dec. 1974
The Bigger They Are
Felix gets Oscar to model for a series of weight loss advertisements.
19 Dec. 1974
Two on the Aisle
Oscar fills in for his newspaper's theater critic, but knows nothing about the subject.
16 Jan. 1975
Your Mother Wears Army Boots
Felix pulls some strings and gets Oscar a job with Howard Cosell.
23 Jan. 1975
Felix the Horse Player
Oscar gets winning tips on horses and Felix goes along for the ride.
31 Jan. 1975
The Rent Strike
When the rents go up so do the picket signs as Felix leads his fellow tenants in a rent strike.
7 Feb. 1975
Two Men on a Hoarse
Felix has to push Oscar to have his throat operation.
14 Feb. 1975
The Roy Clark Show
Felix gets Oscar's old Army buddy into the music business.
21 Feb. 1975
Old Flames Never Die
Felix runs into his high school girlfriend and finds out that she is now a grandmother.
28 Feb. 1975
Laugh Clown, Laugh
Oscar Madison joins Richard Dawson to host a TV show. Felix is envious.
7 Mar. 1975
Felix Remarries
Oscar Madison finally loses his insufferable roommate and friend Felix Unger when he convinces his ex-wife Gloria that he has changed and he prepares to remarry her.

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