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14 Jan. 1973
Something in the Woodwork
Spurned wife Molly Wheatland uses spirits (bottled and otherwise) to get back at her ex-husband Charlie despite the lethargic spirit's objection.
4 Mar. 1973
Death on a Barge
A lonely woman named Hyacinth lives on a barge anchored in a canal, is marooned by her fear of crossing running water, and sleeps during the day - in a coffin. She and a local boy fall in love.
13 May 1973
Irene is a natural medium often unwillingly possessed by lost souls, which starts to worry her young husband Charlie Evans, since she's having more and more trouble controlling them, especially when it comes to one grieving mother.
20 May 1973
The Doll of Death
During the colonial era in the British West Indies, bitter plantation owner Alex Brandon uses voodoo to try to get revenge on his runaway bride Sheila Trent's ex lover Raphael, after she elopes with Raphael.
27 May 1973
Hatred Unto Death/How to Cure the Common Vampire
On the Kenyan veldt, a wild gorilla named N'Gi disrupts the marital harmony between anthropologists Ruth and Grant Wilson./In this brief vignette, vampire hunters encounter the coffin of the undead.
3 Jun. 1973
Die Now, Pay Later
Sheriff Ned Harlow thinks that the skyrocketing death rate in town is tied in to funeral director Walt Peckinpah's January clearance sale.
10 Jun. 1973
Room for One Less
In an office building, a man in a crowded elevator asks one of the aliens that are riding with him to leave and wait for the next one, since the elevator can hold only 10 people. The alien has another idea.

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