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16 Dec. 1970
The Dead Man/The Housekeeper
Dr. Redford's patient John Fearing can mimic any disease's symptoms, and is having an affair with Mrs. Redford. / Cedric Acton, a student of the black arts, plans to replace his cruel wife Carlotta's soul with that of a kind housekeeper.
23 Dec. 1970
Room with a View/The Little Black Bag/The Nature of the Enemy
Jacob Bauman's nurse figures in his plan to end his wife's infidelity. / A medical bag from the future may improve the fortunes of two bums. / Aghast NASA mission control sees what caused the disappearance of their astronauts on the Moon.
30 Dec. 1970
The House/Certain Shadows on the Wall
Elaine Latimer has been dreaming of a certain house for years and finally sees it in real life. / Sickly Emma Brigham dies, but her shadow is still visible on one wall of the family mansion.
6 Jan. 1971
Make Me Laugh/Clean Kills and Other Trophies
A fading comic asks a miracle worker's help in making people laugh. / Big game hunter Colonel Archie Dittman pressures his meek son to take up the sport or be disinherited.
13 Jan. 1971
Pamela's Voice/Lone Survivor/The Doll
Jonathan's nagging wife Pamela, whom he killed after years of being pushed around by her, haunts him. / In 1915, Allied ship finds a confused man in a lifeboat from the Titanic. / British Army Colonel Masters fights his niece's evil doll.
20 Jan. 1971
They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar/The Last Laurel
After years of competition in business, lonely widower Randy Lane recalls better times when he and his wife used to visit a local bar. / Crippled Marius Davis uses astral projection to exact revenge on his wife Susan and her lover.

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