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Season 1

12 Sep. 1970
The Nemo's a No No Affair
On their way to Pago Pago for a musical stint, Josie and her companions find themselves in troubled waters when the ship on which they are sailing is torpedoed by Captain Nemo, a swarthy scoundrel intent on avenging his great grandfather's name by sinking every ship in the world.
19 Sep. 1970
A Greenthumb Is Not a Goldfinger
Over the Amazon, the companions become part of a cargo drop on Dr. Greenthumb's supply zone. Greenthumb, a diabolical scientist who schemes to destroy all living flora with his lethal creature plants, brings the group to his plantation where he sends them for a walk along his deadly garden path.
26 Sep. 1970
The Secret Six Secret
After checking in at the Bombay Tilton Hotel, Alan, Josie and Alexandra are kidnapped by Kaseem, a political usurper who leads a band of hooded scalawags called the Secret Six, and taken to his sanctuary.
3 Oct. 1970
Swap Plot Flop
The Pussycats search for the Evil Eye, a mysterious figure with hypnotic powers, who has kidnapped Valerie and an Arabian princess.
10 Oct. 1970
Midas Mix-Up
A skiing vacation in the Alps accidentally leads the gang to the mountain fortress of Midas, a gold hoarder who has invented a gold-destroying blue microbe mist with which he is seeking to dissolve the world's supply of gold.
17 Oct. 1970
X Marks the Spot
The Pussycats befriend Professor Isaac Belfour, a scientist who invented an invented an invisibility formula. They take him along for their gig in Puddletown, England, to protect him from Mr. X, a former laboratory assistant who stole the formula.
24 Oct. 1970
Chili Today and Hot Tamale
The Pussycats are involved in an atomic chase in Mexico when they are pursued by The Scorpion, a power-hungry ringleader who is after a vial of glowing nuclear capsules hidden in the hollow of Melody's drum.
31 Oct. 1970
Never Mind a Master Mind
The group stumbles on an impossible mission in Amsterdam when Melody, mistaken for a secret agent, is given a pair of wooden shoes concealing a miniature tape recorder and picture.
7 Nov. 1970
Plateau of the Apes Plot
The Pussycats are chased by a tyrannosaurus after a plane taking them to Puerto Rico makes an emergency landing in a forest.
14 Nov. 1970
Strangemoon Over Miami
The Pussycats are doomed for stardom when the dirigible in which they are performing at the World Expo in Florida takes off and lands on the island of Dr. Strangemoon, a diabolical scientist who plans to launch satellites that will attract comets and cause world-wide disasters.
21 Nov. 1970
All Wong in Hong Kong
The Pussycats become the target of an inscrutable Chinese man known as the Serpent when Melody acquires an ancient Chinese coin that holds the secret to great power.
28 Nov. 1970
Melody Memory Mix-Up
Melody becomes a brain-child when Prof. Leighton, a renowned scientist, transfers a secret formula recorded on computer tapes to her brain.
5 Dec. 1970
The Great Pussycat Chase
That gang are given a mysterious black box. But a mysterious crook called, The Shadow, wants the box for himself. The gang ends up being chased all around the world.
12 Dec. 1970
Spy School Spoof
The Pussycats accidentally get their paws on a top secret blueprint intended for the World Scientific Foundation and are returning the material to the Foundation when intercepted by The Lazer. He is a maniacal wizard who schemes to build a device from the blueprint capable of stopping all the machinery in the world.
19 Dec. 1970
Jumpin' Jupiter Affair
During a trek through the Peruvian mountains, the Pussycats are attracted to an eerie green glow vibrating behind a mysteriously deserted village.
2 Jan. 1971
Don't Count on a Countess
Josie and the Pussycats nearly get early retirement when they board an empty yacht controlled by a designing countess who seeks to prematurely age the girls.

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