The Immortal Poster


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Season 1

30 Sep. 1969
A professional race-car driver discovers that there are certain properties in his blood that will make him, basically, immortal. A dying multi-millionaire also finds out about the racer's blood, and is determined to get it to keep himself alive.
24 Sep. 1970
When Ben realizes that his fiancee is now engaged to another man, his attendance at their engagement party arouses the suspicion of the wealthy and devious Arthur Maitland.
1 Oct. 1970
White Elephants Don't Grow on Trees
An ever down-on-his-luck dreamer who bid his last chance for custody of his son for leaking toxic gas canisters, must flee Fletcher and his men while transporting the tanks with Ben.
8 Oct. 1970
Reflections on a Lost Tomorrow
Ben gets a job as a lab janitor for a doctor studying blood and longevity. Weaker, Maitland becomes a patient at the clinic, offering to buy their exclusive help, permanently.
15 Oct. 1970
The Legacy
Ben helps a female doctor treating a group of Mexican American rogues out for enough money to move on to better things.
22 Oct. 1970
The Rainbow Butcher
A crooked sheriff arrests Ben for a minor traffic infraction, adding to his workers slaving on a kid's camp. His coerced kept woman (Wilcox) wants a way out.
29 Oct. 1970
Man on a Punched Card
Computer programmers, at first intent on proving their system for Maitland's grant money, agree to predict Ben's escape route.
5 Nov. 1970
White Horse, Steel Horse
A nasty tempered rancher who refuses to pay his hired hands what he promised causes a fatal scuffle for which he blames Ben and a drifter.
12 Nov. 1970
The Queen's Gambit
A woman feigning car trouble draws Ben into the compound of a young millionaire envisioning a 'partnership' to greater world power.
19 Nov. 1970
By Gift of Chance
A domineering foreman on a declining tomato farm deliberately poisons his illegal workers with pesticide, one of them Ben's friend.
3 Dec. 1970
Dead Man, Dead Man
After surviving a car crash on a mountain road, Ben must pose as the missing driver, a deputy sent to arrest the local doctor for fraud.
10 Dec. 1970
Paradise Bay
Ben seeks his brother in a dwindling beach town slated for corporate development.
17 Dec. 1970
The Return
To save the victim of an argument implicating his boyhood benefactor, Ben must choose whether to expose his whereabouts to his pursuers.
31 Dec. 1970
To the Gods Alone
Fletcher traps Richards in a cabin, framing a 'flashback' tale of a dying Jordan Braddock.
7 Jan. 1971
Ben Richards is severely hurt while driving a dune buggy and is found by Native Americans. They take him back to their reservation to recover and during his recuperation he gains insight to another culture.

 Season 1 

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