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1 Oct. 1971
The boys go to Scotland to catch the Loch Ness Monster.
15 Oct. 1971
The Goodies become increasingly frustrated at the levels of pollution in London. They set off in search of answers. What they find shocks them to the core, but is the cure worse than the symptoms?
22 Oct. 1971
Lost Tribe of the Orinoco
A beautiful young woman asks the Goodies to search for her long-lost father. Eager to escape the cold London winter and their poorly heated office, the Goodies accept the job, expecting their travels to lead them through the hot jungles of south America.
29 Oct. 1971
The Stolen Musicians
All the musicians in the world have been kidnapped. The Goodies set out to discover who is behind this but end up prisoners themselves and must find a way out before he locks them in a cell with their worst enemy.
5 Nov. 1971
Culture for the Masses
The Goodies attend Sotheby's spring art auction, and become disgruntled by the apparent loss of English culture and art to cashed up Americans. Tim makes a stand and purchases a Velazquez self portrait for an outrageous amount then tries to donate to the National gallery. The Minister is shocked; no one ever goes to the National gallery anymore, especially the English. The Goodies then launch a scheme to steal the other paintings from the gallery then claim the insurance money as a way to pay for the Velazquez painting. The scheme backfires when the Minister decides ...
12 Nov. 1971
Kitten Kong
The boys' latest venture, a veterinary clinic takes in a 23-year year old kitten named Twinkle. Who grows into a giant and attacks the city after being fed a growth serum.
19 Nov. 1971
Wicked Waltzing
The Goodies watch a ballroom dancing championship, when a number of competitors collapse and are later found to have been involved a doping scandal. The phone rings, it is Penelope Fay. She explains there has been a rash of issues with the Fay dancing team, and the Capone dancing team is behind it. She is convinced you can't beat the syndicates. The Goodies agree till she offers to pay them. The boys are inept at dancing till Graeme supplies specially designed suits that will do the dancing for the boys. Moments before the dance competition, Delia Capone visits the ...
10 Dec. 1971
Farm Fresh Food
The Goodies return from their latest adventure to encounter Bill's latest craze health food. Disgusted they've had enough and go to a local restaurant, only to discover that none of their food is prepared by cooks by Nobel prize winning chemists. Desperate for a decent meal they got to visit Tim's uncle who is a farmer. Surprised they discover he's also gone high tech and the entire process is now automated. His uncle has taken things to such extremes that hens lay square eggs to make for easier shipping, and headless cows, because no one can eat the head. Graeme ...
17 Dec. 1971
Women's Lib
Bill is appalled at the way Graeme and Tim discuss Graeme's new girlfriend. He calls the Women's Liberation army, and Barbara comes to Goodies HQ and threatens to rough the boys up. She then sends them to her father's home to work as domestics so they can get an insight into the life of a woman. After a few days of Tim (dressed as a woman) and Graeme working at the house, Barbara arrives to announce that Bill is her new boyfriend. Tim struggles to adapt back to being a man after the encounter, and is convinced he is a liberated woman. Graeme now totally confused over ...
31 Dec. 1971
Sex and Violence
Desiree Carthorse noted anti sex campaigner enlists the Goodies to produce a film about sex without mention sex. The boys put a sanitized piece together and show it to her. She objects to the use of the word gender in the opening sequence and threatens to sue the boys. She quickly convinces the world the Goodies are smut mongers and can't be trusted. They see a chance of redemption when a TV show featuring Reginald Wheelbarrow discusses the film. The Goodies kidnap the Member of Parliament and appear in his place, talking how tame the film is. The BBC realizes the ...

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