The Love Factor (1969) Poster

Yutte Stensgaard: Ann Olsen



  • James Word : The whole place is like a vast, supernatural ant colony. The women, the Angvians, are picked up from all over the world and, by brainwashing processes, are conditioned for their allotted functions. Some of them become administrators, some workers, some fighters. Zeta, herself, is the queen ant. Who she is, or where she originally came from is a mystery. But she holds the key to the whole set up. All the others have come from Earth. They are specially selected, after careful observation. A kidnapping party is sent out; the girls are grabbed off the street; rendered unconscious and transported to Angvia by some sort of time or space machine housed in a pantechnikon.

    Ann Olsen : In a what?

    James Word : A large van.

    Ann Olsen : Oh, you're making this rubbish up.

    James Word : You think so?

    Ann Olsen : Well, you can't really expect me to believe it

    James Word : Oh, nobody's going to believe it. But you wanted to hear it.

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