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Sex & Nudity

  • Some passionate kissing between two characters. A man asks a woman to take her clothes off but she generally ignores the comment. No nudity.
  • The waitresses at the bar have low-cut necklines.

Violence & Gore

  • The movie is, overall, fairly violent, but nothing out of bounds for a PG-13 movie. There are a lot of scenes with nonstop explosions and gunfire. Body count is high throughout the movie--many people are killed by guns, bombs, knives, and vehicle accidents. Some of these scenes do include a fair amount of blood (on people's faces and wounds, but nothing gory).
  • One of the goriest scenes includes a man stabbing an ice pick through another man's arm. We graphically see the bloody wound for a few seconds. In the same scene, there's a lot of brutal physical fighting displaying mild blood.
  • Most scenes with a high body count show little blood. In the scenes where individuals are killed, often the wound is shown - bullet hole in forehead, back or chest; knife to the neck, etc.
  • One character gets shot in the center of his forehead, and the wound can be seen before he collapses.
  • We see a slightly unsettling wound at the back of a man's broken neck.
  • A man jumps out of a plane to kill himself.
  • A commando forces a prisoner to climb out of a castle window, obviously killing himself in the drop.


  • 2 uses of 'Bloody' and 1 use of 'God'
  • Some very weak profanity damn and hell. About 7 damns and a couple of hells.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters are shown drinking and smoking. There are a couple scenes held in a beer hall with a fair amount of drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • One scene where a character is planting explosives on top of a cable car, while it is moving from one mountain to another. This scene involves great heights and may be a bit suspenseful. One character gets a pick axe smashed into his arm, another man gets hit in the face many times with a boot where his face becomes bloody.

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