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West German theatrical version was cut by ca. 10 minutes (plot scenes). For TV broadcasting these scenes were reinserted but the violent scenes were trimmed instead.
When inspector Morosini meets Sam at the hospital after he's escaped from the hired killer, he asks him if he could recognize him. In the US version he says he couldn't, explaining he didn't see his face clearly; in the Italian version he says yes because "You don't easily forget a face like that"
Initial pressings of VCI Entertainment's DVD release incorrectly restored part of the "panty murder" sequence. The shot of the killer holding the panties was re-inserted *before* he actually removes them from his victim. Some of the more recent pressings of the DVD have the scene restored correctly, in the proper order.
Originally cut in the US by 20 seconds to achieve a US "G.P." rating with edits to a razor slashing (the Blue Underground DVD is uncut), and this print was then passed without further cuts for its original UK cinema release in 1970 (as "The Gallery Murders"). The film was re-released theatrically in the UK in 1983 (as "The Bird With the Crystal Plumage") and the full print submitted to the BBFC where it received 18 secs of cuts which removed all shots of a knife being traced over a woman on a bed and the slashing/removal of her nightdress and underwear. All video releases plus the 2005 Platinum Media DVD featured the same cut print, though the 2011 Arrow release finally presented the film fully uncut.

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