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Sex & Nudity

  • The opening title sequence features silhouettes of women who are apparently nude, evidenced by a lack of any irregularities in the smooth body contours that would be caused by clothing, as well as by their visibly erect nipples.
  • A man wakes up in bed, visible from the waist up, wearing nothing. As he gets up, he puts on a robe, and later in the scene, we see his bared legs, implying that he was wearing either shorts or nothing at all in bed.
  • A man reads a Playboy magazine, with the cover to the camera. The magazine shown shows no clear nudity on the cover. We see him turn the magazine sideways and open the centerfold, grinning. Later, we see the man walking away having pulled the centerfold out of the magazine. As he folds it up, we see a glimpse of the model's bared breasts. The magazine issue shown is the February 1969 issue of Playboy, in which the centerfold model is depicted nude down to her upper thighs. The pose hides her pubic area, but in the movie scene, we do not clearly see the woman's bared hip and thigh, even when viewed a frame at a time.
  • A man enters a woman's bedroom at night. The woman is shown in bed, lying chest down, with the sheet covering her from the hips down. She is clearly not wearing any upper garment. In later parts of this scene, when the woman is facing the camera she has the sheet pulled up over her breasts, showing only her bared shoulders. Her nipple is visible for a brief second. We see the man at one point from the knees downward as his kilt falls down around his ankles, In dialogue, the woman implies that he was wearing nothing beneath the kilt. Later, we see the man in bed with the woman, the man bared to the waist at least. Consensual sex is implied.
  • In later scenes, multiple similar liaisons are either initiated or implied in dialogue with other women.

Violence & Gore

  • Bond pushes open a door, hitting an attacker, and the two briefly fight, but Bond brutally dispatches him with several punches.
  • Bond fights with a man in a shack, and both punch and hit each other until Bond throws him over a wall. Another attacker comes in with a gun, and Bond pushes a shelf over on him.
  • There's an intense car chase in which Bond and Tracy are pursued by Blofeld's people. The cars drive into a race track, and several cars bump and slam into each other, and Blofeld's henchmen fire guns. One car flips over and explodes.
  • Bond is hit over the head and knocked unconscious at one point.
  • A man tries to get his daughter to go on a helicopter with him for her own safety but she refuses, so he punches her and knocks her out.
  • Bond slaps a woman near the beginning.
  • There's a brutal fight on a beach in the beginning in which Bond fights two attackers. No serious injuries.
  • Two guards hold Bond while Blofeld speaks to him, but he breaks free and briefly fights them, but they quickly subdue him.
  • During the final action sequence, Tracy fights with a guard, and pulls him through a threshold, and he continues to fight with her. He falls down the stairs, but attacks her again, and she knocks him into several spikes on the wall. He is impaled, but no blood is shown, and he collapses.
  • A man is killed offscreen via an undisclosed method, and his body is hung up with mountaineering equipment outside of a window. The body visible damage on it, including what appears to be a bullet hole on the head.
  • There is a lengthy ski chase in which Bond is pursued by several enemies, who constantly shoot at him. Two of them crash into trees, and Bond crashes, and continues with one ski. He crashes again, near a cliff, and waits. One attacker jumps through the air and Bond hits him with his ski and the man plummets over the cliff and is seen hitting the ground from a distance. Another man is hit by Bond and the two struggle, and Bond flips him over the edge and he dies off screen.
  • There's another ski chase in which Bond and a woman are pursued by Blofeld and his men. One falls into a harvester and fountains of blood and possible pieces of flesh fly into the air out of the harvester. An avalanche starts, and most of the people in the chase are engulfed in it.
  • People are shot in large scale shootouts, but blood is almost never apparent. A man is killed by a flame thrower in one scene.
  • Bond and another man engage in a brutal fistfight in a hotel room, both repeatedly punching and kicking each other, as well a slamming each other into objects. Bond finally sends the man crashing through a banister, and the man is knocked unconscious.
  • Bond fights a group of men who hold him at gunpoint, and he quickly dispatched them, disarming an attacker with a knife and escaping through a door into another room.
  • A man climbing a rock face is shot at.


  • 1 use each of "hell" and "damn", in a single scene.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Cigarettes are smoked by many characters throughout.
  • Alcohol is drunk casually.
  • In one of the first scenes, The camera focuses on Bond lighting and smoking a cigarette.
  • Several people, including Bond, smoke cigarettes while playing cards at a casino.
  • Bond orders champagne.
  • A man smokes a cigarette and requests a martini be made for Bond and himself, which they drink. They then smoke cigars.
  • People drink alcohol at a nice dinner.
  • The camera focuses on Bond putting out a cigarette.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • One jumpscare happens and Bond gets knocked out.
  • The hypnosis and mind control is somewhat disturbing.
  • The avalanche is frightening.
  • The violence is somewhat intense for a usual Bond film, including the many deaths onscreen.
  • The ending may be distressing, and rather sad - unlike the normal style of Bond endings of the time.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A man pays off a woman's large gambling debt. In a later scene, the two are lying on a bed together, fully clothed, talking about this, and the woman implies that she will repay the man with sexual favors. The two then begin to kiss, the man willingly, the woman stoically.
  • A man and a women bed down in a barn during a blizzard at night. Despite the obvious cold, we see the woman's bare leg from toes to upper thigh, plus a bit of hip area, broken by the side band of her high-cut panties. The couple embrace, caress, and kiss passionately. Consensual sex is implied.

Violence & Gore

  • Blofeld's base is blown up near the end, resulting in a large explosion. Bond chases him on foot through the snowy hills until Blofeld reaches a bobsled. Bond commandeers another one and a bobsled chase ensues. Blofeld throws a grenade at Bond, blowing his bobsled and himself off the path. Bond lands on Blofeld's sled and the two fight, until Blofeld is hit by a tree branch.
  • There is a large scale gun battle near the end when Bond and a group of men raid Blofeld's compound. Many bad guys are bloodlessly shot, and lots of gunfire is exchanged.
  • Tracy is shot in the head and killed at the end of the film after a drive by shooting. There is a small amount of blood apparent.

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