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the greatest spanish singer
ferangel10 January 2000
raphael is the best spanish singer in 20 th century. His personality is unique, with a great voice, with an unmistakable style. El golfo (the poster boy ) is an amusing movie, filmed in acapulco, with beautiful songs and a great rythme. See you the picture . See you raphael, the great spanish international superstar .

fernando alonso barahona

author of Biografía del cine español, las obras maestras del cine .....
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Raphael at his best!!!!!!
mistymountain12 June 2016
This is a beautiful love story between Pancho(Raphael) and Mary(Shirley Jones). Raphael's singing and acting in this beautiful film is absolutely fantastic. Shirley Jones was also good and this is right before she started "The Partridge Family". Pancho, a poor young man in Mexico falls in love with Mary, a rich American tourist who decides to get away from her job to take a vacation in Acapulco. It's a typical story of boy meets girl, boy loses girl to another man, then girl loses boy to another woman, and boy and girl catch up and break up, etc. You never know what their relationship will turn into but that's all irrelevant when you have 2 amazing stars like Raphael and Shirley Jones. There are 2 versions of the film, one in English and in Spanish. I saw the Spanish version last night and just to let you know that Shirley Jones's voice was dubbed over by a Mexican voice actress. Probably the English version has Raphael's voice dubbed over by an American voice actor. I'll keep you posted on this.
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Raphael playing a gigolo romancing Shirley Jones(Patridge Family)
alanbobet13 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is Raphael's fourth starring film and his first film made in Mexico and directed by Vicente Escriva, instead of his usual and best director, Mario Camus. The novelty is the casting of Shirley Jones who is an Academy Award winning actress(for ELMER GANTRY) and singing star of CARROUSEL, OKLAHOMA & THE MUSIC MAN as well as TV's THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY, playing a non-singing role in this film musical in her role as a spinster!!! vacationing in Mexical and falling in love with a young gigolo/con man played by Raphael who is badly miscast in the role(Can you imagine a Spaniard like Raphael playing an Mexican native who is part Aztec by heritage? I don't think so.) But the film has great score and songs by Rapheal's best composer, Manuel Alejandro including Spanish versions of Paul Mauriat's LOVE IS BLUE, the pop song I THINK I'M GOING OUT OF MY HEAD and a not bad version of HAVA NAGUILA in Hebrew no less! It also has great location cinematography in Acapulco, Mexico and New York City and as such, I consider this movie, the last good Raphael film.
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