Frosty the Snowman (TV Short 1969) Poster

(1969 TV Short)

Jackie Vernon: Frosty



  • [repeated line] 

    Frosty : Happy birthday!

  • Frosty : Happy birthday! Hey, I said my first words. But... But snowmen can't talk.


    Frosty : All right, come on now, what's the joke? Could - could I really be alive?

  • Frosty : Whew! Stay in here much longer and I'll really make a splash in the world.

  • Frosty : Uh-oh!

    Karen : What's the matter, Frosty?

    Frosty : Whew! Is there a thermometer around here?

    Karen : Over there in the wall. Why?

    Frosty : [looks at the thermometer]  Oh. I was afraid of that. The thermometer's getting red. I hate red thermometers.

    Karen : Why, Frosty?

    Frosty : 'Cause when the thermometer gets all reddish, the temperature goes up. And when the temperature goes up, I start to melt! And when I start to melt, I get all wishy-washy.

  • Traffic Cop : What's the matter? Didn't you see that traffic light?

    Frosty : What's a traffic light?

    Traffic Cop : Up there on that lamppost.

    Frosty : What's a lamppost?

    Traffic Cop : You want a ticket, wise guy?

    Frosty : I'd love one. To the North Pole, please.

  • Frosty : I mean - I can make words. I can move... I can juggle... I can sweep... and I can count to ten. One, two, three, four, five, nine, six, eight... Well, I can count to five.


    Frosty : What do you know? I'm even ticklish. In fact, I'm all livin'! I *am* alive! What a neat thing to happen to a nice guy like me.

  • Frosty : Are you coming to the North Pole, too?

    Karen : I'm sure my mother won't mind, as long as I'm home in time for supper.

  • Narrator : Now actually, a refrigerated boxcar was a splendid way to travel. Splendid, that is, if one is a snowman or a furry coated rabbit. But for Karen...

    [Karen sneezes] 

    Frosty : Are you cold, Karen? Now that's a silly question. You wouldn't be sneezing if you weren't cold.

    Karen : [shivering]  Well... just - a lit - a little.


  • The Magician : Now, give me that hat, or else.

    Frosty : Or else - what?

    The Magician : Oh... well, don't bother me with details. Give me that hat!

  • Frosty : It's got to be all warm and snug inside for those Christmas flowers to grow so beautiful. Let's go in.

    Karen : Oh, but... but you'll melt.

    Frosty : Just a little. I'll only stay inside for a minute. Besides, I've been meaning to take off a little weight, anyway.

  • Frosty : Hocus, speak to the animals. See if they won't all pitch in and build a fire for Karen.

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