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Well handled on a tight budget
Leofwine_draca14 March 2021
Warning: Spoilers
FOUR CAME FOR SARTANA is a nice little spaghetti western, made on an obviously tight budget but with a lot of style and action to recommend it. Blond-haired Jeff Cameron stars as Sartana, battling against the usual outlaws, and also as usual there's a wealth of violent action and incident to see this one through.
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Very short budget Spaghetti Western with its ordinary elements, being lousily directed by Demofilo
ma-cortes5 February 2020
This bottom of barrel Ravioli Western contains duels , brawls , crossfire and dragging a lot , balancing in ups and downs . The plot summary is plain and simple : a small town is besieged by a brutal band of cutthroats who kill and kidnap , while Sartana appears and takes expedite justice on his hands . Below average Sartana movie, in which various bandits kidnap young Susy : Simonetta Vitelli , niece of the Mayor mayor of Clayton City , Frank Clonny : Franco Rizzi . The reward to free her is 15000 dollars, then Frank delivers the money , and they free her, but the nasty band kidnaps again : a little boy in exchange for another large sum of money . As Sartana : Jeff Cameron , is hired to chase the outlaws.

This Pasta western packs thrills , go riding , noisy action , shootouts and several scenes with no much sense . It is an inferior Spaghetti Western in very low budget with usual ingredients : violent face off , ordinary zooms , greedy antiheroes and spectacular showdown with abundant crusty faces . Here Sartana thinks a plan which will permit to recover the rewards and take down the outlaws , this Sartana is lousily performed by the blonde Jeff Cameron , a Z-actor with whom director Demofilo Fidani worked in various films. Cameron interpreted in a great number of Spaghettis as a main actor and as a secondary , and he used to utilize varius pseudonyms as Glen Fortes , as he played : Nevada Kid , Sartana ..e vennero in quattro per uccidere Sartana! , Passa Sartana... è l'ombra della tua morte , Straniero... fatti il segno della croce! , Prega Dio... e scavati la fossa! , Django cut price corpses , Strange say your prayers , among others.

The picture was badly directed by Demofilo Fidani or Miles Deem, deemed to be the Ed Wood of Spaghetti Western and husband of Mila Vitelli, a costume designer and mother of actress Simonetta Vitelli , both of whom worked in several films directed by Fidani . Demofilo made films of all kinds of genres in short budget and exploitation pictures. He eventually had more pseudonyms that any working director in the world, similar to Bruno Mattei and Jess Frank. Fidani wrote and directed adventure : ¨Karzan jungle lord¨ , Thriller : ¨La legge de la Camorra¨, Sex comedy : ¨La professoressa di lingue¨, Giallo : ¨Masseusse good-looking offers her services¨, and Western : ¨Arrivano Django e Sartana¨, ¨Django e Sartana all ultimo sangue¨, ¨Passa Sartana¨, ¨Nevada Kid¨, ¨Django story¨, ¨Giu testa... Hombre¨, ¨Era Sam Wallash!¨.

Other Sartana movies are as follows : The first Sartana was ¨Gunfighters Die Harder" or "If You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death" a trend-setting film by Gianfranco Parolini with Gianni Garco , Klaus Kinski and Fernando Sancho . The best Sartana are directed by Giuliano Carmineo , alias Anthony Ascott, he realized various with George Hilton who replaces to Gianni Garco or Gary Hudson . George Hilton played more natural and roguish than Garco who was cold and peculiar . The later "Sartana" movies directed by Anthony Ascott became increasingly cartoonish and humorous . It was followed by director Alfonso Balcazar with ¨Sartana non Perdona or Sonora¨ with George Martin , Jack Elam and Gilbert Roland . And ¨Sartana in the valley of death¨ by Roberto Mauri with William Berger as Sartana . Miles Deem directed four Sartanas deemed awful , lousy and cheesy . Furthermore , a string of sequels and rip-offs with other Z-series directors . Rating 3/10 inferior and embarassing Spaghetti Western. This is exclusively for Spaghetti Westerns hardcore fans.
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This is painful...
Junkie-611 October 2000
Quick cash-ins were common back in the day, but some were actually good. This is not.

Jeff Cameron plays Sartana in an embarrassingly phony blond wig and a white outfit that looks nothing like the Sartana we knew (what were they thinking, that no one would notice?).

The plot concerns a villainous black robed figure, with long grey hair, known as The Mormon who has been organizing the kidnapping of various individuals (by talking to his henchmen from behind a portrait with the eyes cut out) and getting huge ransoms. During his last effort, Sartana interferes and now the Mormon must put together a band of stone cold killers to take him out before the next big job.

Flatly acted and directed with a minimum of production values (not always a bad thing, though), this is probably exactly what non-fans think a Spag is: A boring rip-off with a laughable villain and no budget.

If you've never seen a Sartana movie, please, do not start here! Look for the one's with Gianni (John) Garko and prepare to get hooked!
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