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19 Feb. 1975
A Man of Substance
A businessman is assaulted and robbed, and the police find his confusion over the incident very puzzling, until they check his company's background and find things not quite as they should be.
12 Feb. 1975
I Was Calling Him Bogey
Yarra Central police investigate a house breaking and capture the burglar, but unbeknown to them he isn't the only person in the house. The occupant of the house, a young girl, spends a day of terror until the police finally realize the situation.
19 Feb. 1975
Dying Deposition
Two attempts on the life of a youth and the subsequent murder of his girlfriend force Det. Snr. Sgt. Vickers into visiting Beechworth Prison in an attempt to get some information from one of the inmates.
26 Feb. 1975
Easy Mark
Police have problems with an angry husband who is attempting to find his wife - the only person who knows the truth about a brutal attack on a teenage girl.
14 Mar. 1975
Time Payment
A man's car is blown up and his wife threatened. Yarra Central police are mystified as to the reason until they find out the victim has a shady past and someone is out for revenge.
10 Mar. 1975
An unstable girl is the victim of a terror campaign, little suspecting that the one person she trusts is behind it. Investigations lead to doubts about her mental health, however Const. Paul Gray, newly arrived at Yarra Central, proves his worth as a cop when he helps solve the crime.
27 Mar. 1975
The Lame Ducks
Police are outsmarted by the extreme efficiency of a spate of robberies, until an ex-parole officer who has been recruiting an army of criminals emerges as the brains behind the scenes, recruiting an army of crims to pull the big jobs.
3 Apr. 1975
Unfit to Plead
A dating service comes under scrutiny when police realize that file cards on lonely female applicants have been stolen by a mentally unstable man. The mind of the man finally cracks under pressure.
10 Apr. 1975
A Couple of Mates
An elderly man befriends a youth when he sees him escaping from the scene of a hold up. A strong relationship builds up between them, leading to the old man endangering his life.
17 Apr. 1975
Every Sheila's Dream
Three youths abduct a young girl. She finds unexpected help from one of the captors when the most dangerous of the three decide to attack her.
24 Apr. 1975
The brother of a mentally challenged youth causes suffering and trouble to his father and almost causes his father to commit a serious crime.
1 May 1975
What Will My Friends Say?
The daughter of an upper-class family, Sarah Carr, is found raped an a golf course. Yarra Central police become suspicious of her brother David, realizing he may be the cause of the crime by 'setting up' Sarah to be raped by his mates.
8 May 1975
A Bird in the Hand
A factory manager is outraged when two bogus policemen steal a payroll from one of his staff. Policewoman Kim Baker works undercover as an employee when Yarra Central police suspect it could be an inside job.
15 May 1975
Two Hours of Madness
Det. Sgt. Banner poses as the father of a kidnap victim. However, the situation becomes dangerous when the kidnappers discover his true identity.
6 Mar. 1975
A Sense of Duty: Part 1
Det. Sgt. Banner finds himself facing a murder charge after shooting a man he has been trying to put behind bars for several years.
6 Mar. 1975
A Sense of Duty: Part 2
Det. Sgt. Banner faces a coroner's inquiry, and indications are that he will leave the force. Banner is torn between his dedication to his police duties, and his love for his girlfriend Jenny who has recently contacted him from London.
22 May 1975
No Prize for Second
A terror campaign is waged against a young woman, and police suspect a highly regarded and influential councillor is responsible.
29 May 1975
The Fanatic
A Polish widower and his daughter fall victim to a campaign of harassment instigated by a highly prejudiced man.
5 Jun. 1975
The Vickers Way
Vickers has the Yarra Central police intrigued as he works his way through a case using his own methods, with none of the other police knowing exactly why they are doing as he orders.
12 Jun. 1975
Take No for an Answer
The subject of rape is investigated by the Yarra Central police, not only as police but also as human beings. Policewoman Jane Bell is one of the major instigators of the discussions that take place, and the arguments that follow.
25 Jun. 1975
The World Belongs to the Young
A timber yard employee, unable to cope with modern day changes and domestic problems, suffers a nervous breakdown - with tragic consequences.
9 Jul. 1975
A Civil Question
Yarra Central police have a hard time when a middle-aged couple make constant exaggerated complaints against a neighbour and her mentally challenged son.
23 Jun. 1975
The Daughters of Man
While investigating a series of unusual thefts from the local library, Yarra Central police uncover an equally unusual religious sect.
16 Jul. 1975
The Human Factor
An explosion in the computer room of a car accessories firm leads to the downfall of a man who suffers from being redundant.
30 Jul. 1975
Life's a Gamble
An ineffectual man who is a compulsive gambler unknowingly gambles on his life when he becomes involved in gangland warfare.
6 Aug. 1975
Something to Live Up To
An ex-detective and close friend of Det. Sgt. Banner lies to protect his son after discovering his involvement in a robbery.
21 Jul. 1975
Little Raver
The parents of psychopathic teenager Wendy Sherlock have difficulty proving their innocence when it appears to the police that they are mistreating her. When a young man is badly slashed with a razor blade, the girl's parents suspect her - but she appears so innocent on the surface and displays such a plausible mien that even doctors and the police are fooled.
27 Aug. 1975
Big Fish, Small Fry
An assault on an accountant has the Yarra Central police baffled until they discover that the take over of a major prostitution racket is behind the assault.
4 Aug. 1975
Just for Kicks
Constable Gray's relationship with his girlfriend is strained when he is faced with having to arrest her brother.
11 Aug. 1975
Tell Me Your Troubles, My Friend
A businessman has been under intense strain since the disappearance of his partner- and the Yarra Central police gradually unravel a murder case. Const. Wilson receives a transfer to Mansfield.
30 Sep. 1975
When Pride Takes Precedence
Yarra Central police investigate when the wife of a prominent and self-centred councillor receives a blackmail threat regarding her illegitimate son.
18 Aug. 1975
Rubber Bunny
A man is released from prison while serving a sentence for a crime he did not commit. He turns to Det. Sgt. Banner, who was partly the cause of his conviction, for help.
25 Aug. 1975
Check, Check, Check
Police investigate the disappearance of a teenage wife and an outraged husband with a gun.
1 Sep. 1975
Once Upon a Time
Three young men, on three consecutive days, hold up the Apex Finance Company to raise some cash to marry Daisy King, daughter of a wealthy racing magnate.
15 Sep. 1975
Dead Fall
Det. Sgt. Banner spends six gruelling hours on the roof of a high building trying to prevent a young girl from committing suicide.
7 Oct. 1975
Friends - Who Needs 'Em?
Sen. Det. Peters is disillusioned when a close friendship is threatened, particularly when, as both a policeman and a friend, he is simply trying to help.
14 Oct. 1975
Horrie and Charlie
Two totally hopeless would-be criminals have the Yarra Central police running around in circles to the extreme annoyance of Det. Snr. Sgt. Vickers.
21 Oct. 1975
1956 and All That
Two aging rockers confronted with a young female prison escapee find themselves not so tough as they imagine.
28 Oct. 1975
Agnes Triumphant
Agnes, a pathetic but happy alcoholic, meets another alcoholic, Fred, who asks her to marry him. Fred has a long history of violent crime, and Agnes learns that the only reason he wants to marry her is because her sister Beryl owns a wine bar, and he thinks it is a good way to ensure a lifetime supply of free grog.
18 Nov. 1975
His Word Against Mine
A highly respected Yarra Central councillor is suspected of being involved in homosexual activities, but a youth who is involved gives police another version of the situation. Det. Sgt. Banner plans to marry his girlfriend Jenny Franklin, and resigns from the police force to take an extended honeymoon and to find a 'more suitable' profession.
25 Nov. 1975
Today Ends at Dawn
Sen. Det. Tom Morgan transfers to Yarra Central, and his first case is that of a missing paper boy who is found dead, the apparent victim of a hit and run accident. Investigations lead the Yarra Central police to a nearby factory.

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