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  • In New York, newly-promoted Wall Street broker Howard Brubaker is invited by his boss Ted Gunther to come to his apartment. However, there is a party and Howard feels uncomfortable and out of place. Ted's wife Catherine is amused with Howard and he invites her to have a drink in a club. Howard opens up about his loveless marriage, as does Catherine. When the pair meet Grace and Andre Greenlaw, who've been happily married for many years, they decide to travel to Paris to start a new life together. Will they leave their marriages behind?

  • Newly-promoted if none-too-happily-married Howard Brubaker leaves a rowdy company party early with the stunning Catherine, who herself is happily unmarried - to the boss. They spend an innocent night in New York becoming more and more attracted to each other, so that when Catherine announces she intends to leave her husband and return to Paris, Howard asks to come along. In the cold light of morning problems and pressures from spouses crowd in.

  • Howard is the husband of an unfeeling wife, Phyllis. Catherine is the wife of an equally uncaring husband, Howard's boss Ted. At a house party hosted by Ted, Ted urges Howard to pick up an available woman at the party and proceeds to show him how. Howard reluctantly tries it on Catherine who instantly accepts. The two find their marriages loveless and decide to run away together.


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  • Movie Opens at swanky Wall Street Party hosted By Ted, Howard's Boss, and CEO of big Wall Street firm. It turns out the party is a gathering of wealthy Wall Street traders employees and big wigs looking to hook up with women, who are their in force and eager to flaunt there goods and to spend the night with the guy with the largest pockets. Ted encourages Howard, and teaches him how to land a one of the various women and then bed them. Howard is uncomfortable as he makes his rounds at the party and is unable to get the attraction from any of the multitude of intoxicated , attractive, but vulgar women. Another party-goer, Catherine, also seems put off by the entire party and all of its patrons, but like Howard she moves around the party, entertained by the vulgar, highfalutin, grandiose, vain, pretentious, garish, and gaudy people and the shenanigans they engage in. Catherine and Howard meet, the two are instantaneously attracted to each other, and decide to leave the party for more civilized gathering. As Catherine gather her coat, Ted give Howard the Key's to the office and recommends it as a fine place to seal the deal and recommends they first go to the Safari club. The two grab a cab and head to the Safari club, which turn out to be another absurd scene with scantily clad women in cages acting like animalistic cave women. To grab the attention of the cave women waitresses male club goers are given pop guns and shoot the women in the tuchus. While Catherine is aware the Howard is her husband new employee Howard has not yet learned that Catherine is his new bosses wife. The two agree that the Safari club is no better then the party they just left and decide to leave. Catherine recommends dancing and the two go to a hipster club with real music and dance their tuchus's off and have a great time. Catherine meets a an astrologist at the party who tell her that Ted is not a good love match for her but that Howard is a perfect match. Catherine seems to agree. Catherine reveals to Howard that she plans on leaving Ted the next day and grabbing a one way flight back to her home town of Paris. Howard follows suit and decides to leave his wife and grab the same flight with Catherine to start a new life with her in Paris. Howard has no problem leaving his uncaring wife behind and his young boy who doesn't seem to care if his father is alive or dead.

    The rest of the movie dedicated to the road blocks Howard must overcome to get on the plane with Catherine to Paris. Ted tries everything he can to win back Catherine. Eventually Howard wins out and is able to board the plan at the last minute. The movie ends with the two holding hands on the plane.

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