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Don't get your hopes up, all you thriller fans
gerdeen-17 October 2009
This one hasn't been around much in recent years, and you may think you're missing out on something. Certainly the two stars -- Granger and Nettleton -- are better than average for a made-for-TV movie. The title promises a bit of excitement. And the basic plot sounds like a recipe for a real nail-biter: A man tries to kill his rich wife. She survives but has amnesia. He pretends to help doctors' efforts to restore her memory, meanwhile desperately looking for a chance to kill her before she remembers everything and points the finger at him.

But it's not nearly as suspenseful as it sounds.

The plot has more twists than those mentioned above, and as clever as they are, they get in the way of the story. After a fairly good beginning, things move slowly, as the couple's romantic relationship starts again from Square One. The ending is weak. And Joe Campanella's Mexican accent (he plays a doctor at the Mexican resort where the movie takes place) wouldn't fool the greenest gringo.

"Any Second Now" is no crime, but you can safely forget it.
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