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3 Jan. 1983
Episode #14.31
Bob has a lot of music lessons to give today: flute lessons for Gordon, singing lessons for the Two-Headed Monster, piano lessons for Biff and Sully, and violin lessons for the kids. Oscar even asks him to give brass instrument lessons to some of his pets. Today's sponsors are the letters R and Z and the number 9.
7 Mar. 1983
Episode #14.76
Today, Forgetful Jones wants to welcome the viewers, but he can't seem to remember the name of the street. It takes him all day to figure it out. Today's sponsors are the letters L and R and the number 3.
1 Apr. 1983
Episode #14.95
Today, Snuffy brings his toaster to the Fix-It Shop, to Maria's shock. Then, his Hawaiian cousin, Abigail, comes to the street, brought over by Dr. Nobel Price, who thinks she's a new creature called a Shagaphant.
24 Nov. 1983
Episode #15.4
Big Bird draws pictures of his friends and wants to give them to him. When he gets to Mr. Hooper's picture, they remind him that Mr. Hooper died, and they must explain what death is.
2 Dec. 1983
Episode #15.10
While playing with his teddy bear, Newton, Dr. Nobel Price observes that when he drops him, he falls down rather than up or to the side. Olivia then explains the laws of gravity to him.

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