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Season 1

10 Oct. 1969
The Wonderful Old Saloon
Longfellow has already found a favorite bar to hang out at and is outraged that it's soon to be torn down. But when he finds out it's his own corporation doing the destruction he vows to stop it.
24 Oct. 1969
The Pixilated Man
A TV columnist thinks it will advance her career if she makes it appear that Longfellow is mentally ill. All of his eccentric ways, according to urban people, are distorted and magnified.
21 Nov. 1969
There's One Born Every Thirty Years
Longfellow helps a man who was swindled by his late uncle to mulct his own company in retribution.
26 Dec. 1969
Touching Is Believing
Longfellow's life becomes complicated when his most recent romantic interest becomes a business rival of Henry Masterson.
9 Jan. 1970
The Marriage Saver
Longfellow finds out a old football teammate is having marriage problems and tries to help. But he soon is accused of being the other man and must defend himself.
16 Jan. 1970
Tricks of the Trade
A research firm uses a pretty girl in trying to get the Deeds company business.

 Season 1 

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