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Season 7

25 Dec. 1972
1972 Christmas Show
The musical guests are Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen, Jack Jones, Vera Lynn and Glenda Jackson. Eric starts with a series of practical tricks. One play is 'Dawn Patrol', set in a WWI RAF base and Ernie's play is called 'Victoria and Albert'.
5 Jan. 1973
Episode #7.1
The musical guests are Cliff Richard and Vikki Carr. Ernie comes out dressed as an old man ready for the role in a new film. Eric and Ernie play a game of tennis. Ernie is going to do a dance routine with Cliff Richard and Eric joins in.
12 Jan. 1973
Episode #7.2
Musical guests are New World and Vicky Leandros. Ernie play music whilst Eric recites some poetry. Ernie's play is called 'The Curse of Tutankhamun' and Robert Morley plays Sir Robert, an archaeologist looking for a hidden tomb.
19 Jan. 1973
Episode #7.3
The musical guests are Rostal and Schaefer, and Lulu. Eric starts the show with an emergency. Eric and Ernie go to a music shop looking for musicians. Eric has trouble on a park bench. Percy Edwards drops in to do some bird calls.
26 Jan. 1973
Episode #7.4
The musical guests are Georgie Fame and Alan Price, and The Settlers. Eric and Ernie start by advertising some lapel badges for sale. Ernie introduces his new album. Susan Hampshire stars in Ernie's play called 'The Mighty Kong'.
2 Feb. 1973
Episode #7.5
Musical guests are Design and Wilma Reading. Ernie is in charge of a record store when Eric comes in. Frank Finlay is to star as Casanova in Ernie's new play 'Lust over London'.
9 Feb. 1973
Episode #7.6
Musical guests are Alex Welsh and his Band, and Helen Reddy. Eric opens the show and gives Ernie a gift and they then see a psychiatrist. They go on a train journey and taste some chips. Ernie buys healthy food at the supermarket.
16 Feb. 1973
Episode #7.7
The musical guest is Anita Harris. Ernie introduces Mr Memory and then Anita Harris. They all do a song and dance routine called "Pretty Baby". Eric dreams of times past, when England still had an empire.
23 Feb. 1973
Episode #7.8
Eric tells Ernie about his membership of the 'Foreign Movie Club'. Other sketches include 'The Historical Tree', 'Ernie's Hollywood Party Impressions', 'Byron Meets Keats', 'Reading Comics in Bed', and 'Investing Ernie's Legacy'. There is music from special guests Springfield Revival and Wilma Reading.
2 Mar. 1973
Episode #7.9
The musical guests are Christopher Neil and Mary Travers. Eric gets the audience to sing "Happy Birthday" to Ernie. Eric and Ernie go shopping and meet Hannah Gordon. She stars in Eric's play, 'The Moon and 2½p', is set in the south seas.
9 Mar. 1973
Episode #7.10
The musical guests are The Pattersons, Roy Castle and Anne Murray. Eric wears a wig to impress a lady. Ernie decides he needs a new partner. He also decides to take up directing and directs his new movie 'Call of the Yukon'.
16 Mar. 1973
Episode #7.11
The musical guests are The Black and White Minstrels, George Hamilton IV and Nana Mouskouri. Eric decides to go on the road and Ernie introduces 'The Sooty Show'. Eric and Ernie celebrate Nana's appearance and finish singing "Mame".
23 Mar. 1973
Episode #7.12
The musical guests are Alan Price and Georgie Fame, Peter Cushing and Wilma Reading. Eric has an autograph book and Ernie reads excerpts from Charles Dickens. Peter Cushing turns up wanting to be paid.

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