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Season 4

12 Sep. 1972
A Fragile Possession
A model faces pressure to have an abortion.
19 Sep. 1972
Love Is When They Say They Need You
A scientist needs a bone marrow transplant but the best donor may be his mentally-handicapped brother.
26 Sep. 1972
We'll Walk Out of Here Together
A young college student who has become a paraplegic from spinal meningitis alternates between confidence and despair until she falls in love with a fellow rehab patient who used to be a truck driver in Colorado.
3 Oct. 1972
In Sickness and in Health
A newly separated young woman tries the "wild life" with serious consequences.
10 Oct. 1972
House of Mirrors
Ever since a car accident killed his wife and crippled his son, Dr. Val Peterson's life has centered on his work and surgeries to get his son walking again. His engagement to Marilyn Hoffman is not for love and the question becomes why.
17 Oct. 1972
He Could Sell Iceboxes to Eskimos
Marcus takes on the case of a real estate salesman who has a stroke on an airplane just before it lands in Southern California. Feeling the man needs family support in addition to the care and therapy he's getting in the hospital, Marcus tries to get his estranged wife and daughter to visit him.
24 Oct. 1972
The Wednesday Game
Welby's neighbors, an orphaned sister and brother, befriend a promising young baseball player whose career is cut short by melanoma.
31 Oct. 1972
Don and Denise
A young artist develops multiple sclerosis and she and her musician husband must learn to deal with the strains her disease puts on their marriage.
14 Nov. 1972
Please Don't Send Flowers
A young housewife and mother of two falls into a deep depression after learning she has uterine cancer.
21 Nov. 1972
With a Shout, Not a Whimper
Dr. Justin Garvey has been appointed Chief of Surgery at Lang Memorial partially on Welby's recommendation but he refuses to acknowledge his increasing infirmities which would probably lead to his retirement.
28 Nov. 1972
Jason Be Nimble, Jason Be Quick
A young boy's battle with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is complicated by his estranged parents constantly arguing over the best way to deal with the illness.
5 Dec. 1972
Unto the Next Generation
After their infant son dies of Tay Sachs disease a young couple are in conflict over having another child.
12 Dec. 1972
Heartbeat for Yesterday
Welby accompanies a flying physician to a reserve 200 miles east of LA when a young man slips into a diabetic coma. Bad weather forces the plane to make a crash landing on the way home and the group waits for rescue without radio contact.
19 Dec. 1972
Dinner of Herbs
A wife turns to diet pills for lose weight and control her blood pressure despite Dr. Welby's warnings.
2 Jan. 1973
A More Exciting Case
A nurse who is depressed due to her inability to have children returns to nursing against Welby's better judging. Looking for "a more exciting case" leads her to take a private duty case involving a seriously troubled young man.
9 Jan. 1973
A Necessary End
A world renowned photo journalist who is dying from a rare tropical disease agrees to accept Welby's recommendation for her final months - do a photo essay on other people who are also terminally ill.
16 Jan. 1973
Who Are You Arthur Kolinski?
Growing up, Arthur Kolinski was ashamed that his father made a living as an auto mechanic. He grew up to become a wealthy industrialist and changed his name to Cole. Now he's upset that his son wants to emulate his grandfather.
23 Jan. 1973
Gemini Descending
A salesman changes from a physically fit go-getter to an overweight daydreamer and although there are indications of a medical problem, he refuses to see a doctor.
30 Jan. 1973
The Problem with Charlie
An aspiring student attorney stricken with a stress-related ulcer resists efforts by Welby and Kiley, and his wife, to help him.
6 Feb. 1973
Catch a Ring That Isn't There
Richie Manning, a teen-aged gymnast champion, falls off the rings in gym class, the tip-off that he has a serious drinking problem. Welby and Kiley refer Richie to the Comeback House to help him come to terms with his alcoholism. Compounding matters is the fact that Richie's parents - dry-cleaning store owners who are still grieving the death of their older son - are in denial over the whole thing.
13 Feb. 1973
The Working Heart
After suffering a heart attack, a workaholic TV interviewer fears she will never recover so she turns to a combination of alcohol and non-prescribed drugs to battle her anxiety and severe depression.
20 Feb. 1973
The Other Martin Loring
Dr. Welby learns patient Martin Loring is in a diabetic coma due to excessive drinking. Margaret Loring is divorcing her husband after discovering his homosexual tendencies. Welby tries to help the entire family.
27 Feb. 1973
The Day After Forever
A housewife's involvement with a political campaign quickly turns personal when she catches the eye of the charming young candidate. The woman's contractor husband quickly becomes fraught with worry about his marriage and develops a dependence of tranquilizers.
6 Mar. 1973
The Tortoise Dance
Feeling unloved and neglected at home, a teenager becomes obsessed with death and when a friend dies in a motorcycle accident he feels somehow responsible for the death and develops suicidal feelings.

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