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Season 1

6 Sep. 1969
The Magic Path
Jimmy arrives on Living Island and soon begins to search for the magic path home.
13 Sep. 1969
The Wheely Bird
Freddie the flute sacrifices himself to appease Witchiepoo, so Jimmy and his friends sneak into the castle inside a Trojan horse to save him.
20 Sep. 1969
Show Biz Witch
Pufnstuf and Jimmy decide to put on a stage show to raise money to buy a supersonic pogo stick from Ludicrous Lion.
27 Sep. 1969
The Mechanical Boy
When Jimmy tries to steal Witchiepoo's boat she catches him and turns him into a robot programmed to steal Freddie.
25 Oct. 1969
Box Kite Kaper
Ludicrous Lion holds a kite flying contest and Pufnstuf plans to use the contest to build a kite large enough to fly Jimmy and Freddy to freedom.
11 Oct. 1969
The Golden Key
Ludicrous Lion gives Jimmy a map to the golden key which opens a magical door that will allow Jimmy to escape. Witchiepoo interferes and Pufnstuf ends up in the witch's dungeon.
18 Sep. 1969
The Birthday Party
Witchiepoo invites herself to Jimmy's surprise birthday party and steals the flute by rendering the partygoers helpless with laughing gas.
8 Nov. 1969
The Horse with the Golden Throat
Freddy is mistaken for a carrot and accidentally swallowed.
4 Oct. 1969
The Stand-in
When Shirley (Mayor Pufnstuf's sister) comes to Living Island to make a movie, Jimmy and Freddie get parts in it. Together they hatch a plot to get Witchiepoo into the movie so that Jimmy can steal her Vroom Broom to escape.
1 Nov. 1969
You Can't Have Your Cake
Witchiepoo hides in a cake to steal Freddy.
15 Nov. 1969
Dinner for Two Please Orson
An attempt to use a time machine to escape from the island goes awry, aging Jimmy and Freddy.
22 Nov. 1969
Flute, Book and Candle
When Freddy gets turned into a mushroom, Dr. Blinky's candle infiltrates Witchiepoo's castle to find a spell to return him to normal.
6 Dec. 1969
A Tooth for a Tooth
When Witchiepoo visits Dr. Blinky for a toothache, he winds up using an anti-witch potion to make her sweet and kind.
13 Dec. 1969
The Visiting Witch
Witchiepoo prepares for the Boss Witch's visit to Living Island.
20 Dec. 1969
The Almost Election of Mayor Witchiepoo
Witchiepoo resorts to magic to try to beat Pufnstuf in a mayoral election.
27 Dec. 1969
Whaddya Mean the Horse Gets the Girl?
When Witchiepoo learns that a movie is being made on Living Island, she attempts to force the crew to produce her life story.
3 Jan. 1970
Jimmy Who?
While running from the witch, Jimmy trips and bumps his head, leaving him with amnesia, so Pufnstuf, Jimmy, Dr. Blinkey and Freddie try to refresh his memory through a series of flashbacks.

 Season 1 

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