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Berlin 2017: Full international jury announced

The full international jury for this year’s Berlin Film Festival has been announced.

It was previously announced that Paul Verhoeven would head up the jury this year, and now the organizers have released the rest of the jury to judge the films in-competition. They are producer Dora Bouchoucha Fourati (Tunisia), artist Olafur Eliasson (Iceland), actress Maggie Gyllenhaal (USA), actress Julia Jentsch (Germany), actor and director Diego Luna (Mexico), and director and screenwriter Wang Quan’an (People’s Republic of China).

This year’s Berlinale, the Berlin Film Festical, kicks off in Germany on February 9th through to the 19th. Keep it Thn for full coverage.

Paul Verhoeven, Jury President, Director, Screenwriter (The Netherlands)

The Dutch director and screenwriter Paul Verhoeven began his directing career in 1969 with the successful Dutch television series Floris. After his feature film debut Business is Business in 1971, came the erotic thriller Turkish Delight in 1973, a
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Director Paul Verhoeven to Head 2017 Berlin Film Festival Jury

Director Paul Verhoeven to Head 2017 Berlin Film Festival Jury
Paul Verhoeven, the Dutch director of such varied movies as “Elle,” “Total Recall,” and “Basic Instinct,” will preside over the jury of the 2017 Berlin film festival.

Elle,” Verhoeven’s latest, premiered in Cannes and has been lauded by critics.

“With Paul Verhoeven as jury president, we have a filmmaker who has worked in a variety of genres in Europe and Hollywood. His creative, multifaceted boldness and his willingness to experiment are reflected in the spectrum of his works,” said Dieter Kosslick, director of the Berlinale.

Verhoeven was nominated for an Oscar in 1974 for his erotic thriller “Turkish Delight.” He also directed the 1992 sexual thriller “Basic Instinct” with Sharon Stone, which sparked controversy over its storyline and use of nudity.

Verhoeven’s entertainment career began in the 1960s with the Dutch TV series “Floris.” His first feature film, “Diary of a Hooker” (also known as “Business Is Business”) in 1971, focused on the aspirations of two prostitutes.
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The Lrm Interview with Elle Director Paul Verhoeven

If you were alive in the ‘80s or ‘90s, it was impossible to avoid the ever-presence of Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven, whether it was science fiction hits Robocop, Total Recall and Starship Troopers or his erotic thriller Basic Instinct. His 1995 film Showgirls has alternately been cited as a campy classic and one of the worst films ever made.

After 2000’s Hollow Man, Verhoeven turned his back on Hollywood, in a sense, by returning to Holland to make the World War II film Black Book with Carice Van Houten (Game of Thrones), but now Verhoeven is back with Elle, a French revenge thriller starring French femme fatale Isabelle Huppert as a woman raped in her home who decides to get revenge in a rather unconventional way.

Lrm sat down with the veteran filmmaker to talk about his new film—and there’s a mild Spoiler Warning here, since he does allude
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'The Simpsons' boss worries Sunday’s major death may be overhyped: We never said we’re killing off an 'iconic' character

  • Hitfix
'The Simpsons' boss worries Sunday’s major death may be overhyped: We never said we’re killing off an 'iconic' character
The Simpsons” boss worries Sunday’s major death may be overhyped: We never said we’re killing off an “iconic” character “I’ve done everything I can to temper any disappointment by saying that, although the press is claiming this is an ‘iconic’ character, we never said that,” says executive producer Al Jean, in an interview with TVLine. “We just said it’s a ‘beloved’ character. I think it may have become overhyped, though I’ve never heard the term ‘underhyped’ before. Either way, it’s an emotional story, and it’s one we’re really proud of.” Plus: What TV critics said of “The Simpsons” when it debuted, and how “The Simpsons” looks at night -- illustrated. “Family Guy’s” crossover with “The Simpsons” is alternately fascinating, frustrating, amusing and annoying In other words, it’s your typical “Family Guy” episode. “Family Guy” Season 13: Stewie will get pregnant
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Everyone's Favourite Dutchman: The Cult of Rutger Hauer

Tom Jolliffe with a retrospective on the career of cult actor Rutger Hauer...

In a career that has encompassed indie, cult, mainstream, and cinema from a range of different countries, Rutger Hauer has offered movie audiences a vast array of characters, in an eclectic grouping of genres. Born in Holland, Hauer was something of a scallywag as a youth. Troubled, rebellious, unpredictable. Stints in the army and in psychiatric institutions followed his young life before becoming an actor. As an actor too, he’s remained somewhat rebellious and unpredictable. His choices have raised eyebrows. As for his on set antics? He’s well known for his intensity. Very much a method actor, Hauer gets under the skin of his characters, bringing to his roles, especially his most memorable turns a depth beyond what’s on the page. Often his fellow actors have felt actual intimidation when Hauer gets in the shoes of his darker characters.
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Paul Verhoeven: The "Starship Troopers" Hollywood Flashback Interview

Director Paul Verhoeven.

This is the first of two conversations I've had with director Paul Verhoeven, the second being for his Ww II drama "Black Book." When I met Verhoeven in the Sony Pictures commissary for lunch in October of 1997, I had been a fan of his work since seeing the classic "Soldier of Orange" in 1979. The manic energy that Verhoeven is renowned for was evident throughout our chat, and was infectious. By the time our all-too-brief lunch was over, I found myself waving my hands while I spoke in rapid clips, and using more bounce than usual in my stride, to the point where a few friends suggested I switch to decaf.

The other memory that remains vivid is the passion and high hopes that Verhoeven had for "Starship Troopers." Like the director himself, I thought this would be a groundbreaking movie event and that the world would embrace
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