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2 Jan. 1970
Father of the Year
Marcia wants to nominate Mike for "Father of the Year." But she wants to keep it a secret, which means she'll have to break family rules to get it done. If she's caught, Mike will punish her--which is exactly what happens.
9 Jan. 1970
54-40 and Fight
Since the boys and girls cannot decide on a mutually satisfactory prize, they hold a contest to determine who gets all of the family's combined trading stamps.
16 Jan. 1970
Mike's Horror-Scope
Mike worries over a newspaper horoscope, which predicts that a strange woman will enter his life. That woman is a fussy perfume heiress, his firm's latest client who wants her perfume factory impossibly designed to her specifications.
23 Jan. 1970
The Undergraduate
Greg makes an "F" on a math test, and Mike and Carol discover it's because he has a crush on somebody named "Linda." They set out to find out who she is, completely unaware that "Linda" is actually his math teacher.
30 Jan. 1970
Tiger! Tiger!
The Bradys comb the neighborhood in search of runaway dog Tiger.
6 Feb. 1970
The Big Sprain
The kids must handle all the chores when Alice sprains her ankle while Carol is away, but Alice's sprained ankle also means that she will miss the Meat Cutters' Ball with Sam the butcher.
13 Feb. 1970
Brace Yourself
Marcia thinks she is ugly after she gets braces, and it only gets worse when her date to the school dance backs out because his family is going out of town.
20 Feb. 1970
The Hero
Peter's ego grows wild after he saves a little girl from being crushed by a tumbling wall at the local toy store, and is honored by the newspaper.
27 Feb. 1970
The Possible Dream
Cindy accidentally mixes in Marcia's diary with other books for a book drive. Marcia immediately freaks out, because she's worried that someone else will read it and learn about her secret crush on TV star Desi Arnaz Jr.
6 Mar. 1970
To Move or Not to Move
The kids think the house is too small for their needs, so Mike decides it's time to sell it. But then the kids have second thoughts and launch a plan to make him change his mind.
13 Mar. 1970
The Grass Is Always Greener
Mike believes that teaching the boys how to play baseball is more rigorous than helping Marcia earn her cooking merit badge. Carol believes the opposite is true. Therefore, the two decide to switch roles for the day to prove their point.
20 Mar. 1970
Lost Locket, Found Locket
Jan gets a locket from a secret admirer. As the family try to determine who anonymously sent the locket, they're momentarily distracted when Jan loses the locket (after the clasp becomes loose and it falls off her).
25 Sep. 1970
The Dropout
After a visit from Don Drysdale, Greg lets his obsession with becoming a Major League Baseball pitcher get to his head. But he eventually learns the hard way that he's not the star he thinks he is.
2 Oct. 1970
The Babysitters
Greg and Marcia are left in charge of babysitting their younger siblings for the first time, but Cindy's sniffles cast a pall on Mike and Carol's planned night at the theater.
9 Oct. 1970
The Slumber Caper
The famous tale of Marcia's first house party, which almost doesn't happen after she is accused of scrawling an unflattering picture of her teacher in class. Marcia's brothers conspire to ruin the party, with the predictable result.
16 Oct. 1970
The Un-Underground Movie
For an American history class project, Greg enlists his family to create a documentary about the First Thanksgiving.
23 Oct. 1970
Going, Going... Steady
Marcia goes gaa-gaa over her first steady boyfriend, nerdy insect collector Harvey Klinger. Things progress so quickly they decide to start thinking about their future, leading Mike to subtly intervene.
30 Oct. 1970
Call Me Irresponsible
Mike gets Greg an after-school job at the architectural firm where he works, but Greg loses his job on the first day after making a very costly error.
6 Nov. 1970
The Treasure of Sierra Avenue
The boys find a wallet with $1,100 in it and no identification. The boys want the money for themselves, the girls want the boys to split the money with them, but Mike turns to the police to help the owner find the wallet.
13 Nov. 1970
A Fistful of Reasons
School bully Buddy Hinton makes fun of Cindy for her lisp and then gives Peter a black eye for trying to defend her. When Mike and Carol can't get Buddy's parents to listen to reason, Mike encourages Peter to defend himself and fight back.
20 Nov. 1970
The Not-So-Ugly Duckling
Jan is crushed because her crush is more interested in Marcia than herself. The family plans a surprise party to cheer her up, but she creates a fake boyfriend, "George Glass," to cheer herself up.
4 Dec. 1970
The Tattle-Tale
Everyone is mad at Cindy because she is a tattle-tale, but she doesn't learn her lesson until her tattling accidentally gets Alice in trouble with Sam the Butcher.
11 Dec. 1970
What Goes Up...
Bobby falls while climbing into a treehouse. He hurts his ankle and develops a fear of heights. However, he doesn't want to tell anyone the truth, so he uses his injury as an excuse.
18 Dec. 1970
Confessions, Confessions
Peter is going to miss a big camping trip after he breaks Carol's favorite vase. Each brother and sister confesses to keep him out of trouble. Mike and Carol figure out the truth and respond with an appeal to Peter's conscience to confess.

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