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Season 5

14 Sep. 1973
Adios, Johnny Bravo
A talent agent signs Greg to become a rock star named "Johnny Bravo." Greg lets his new fame get to his head, until he discovers that he was only signed because he "fit the suit."
21 Sep. 1973
Mail Order Hero
Bobby lies to his friends that he knows Joe Namath, but they don't believe him. So with Cindy's help, Bobby fakes a serious illness in order to get Namath to come to the house and visit him.
28 Sep. 1973
Snow White and the Seven Bradys
Cindy talks the family into putting on a production of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" to raise funds for a teacher's retirement gift.
5 Oct. 1973
Never Too Young
Bobby gets his first kiss and sees "fireworks," but he wants to keep it a secret from his older brothers. Meanwhile, the Bradys get ready for a "Roaring 20s" party.
12 Oct. 1973
Peter and the Wolf
Greg gets Peter to pretend to be an older guy and go with him on a double date, and Mike and Carol prepare to entertain one of Mike's clients from Mexico.
19 Oct. 1973
Getting Greg's Goat
Greg steals the mascot from his rival school the night before the big game, and Mike tries to help him return it before he gets in big trouble.
26 Oct. 1973
Marcia Gets Creamed
Marcia, Jan and Peter each get jobs at the local ice cream parlor, each with varying results.
2 Nov. 1973
My Brother's Keeper
Bobby saves Peter from potential serious injury after he pushes him out of the way of a falling ladder. A grateful Peter offers to become Bobby's "slave for life," something that Bobby takes quick advantage of.
9 Nov. 1973
Quarterback Sneak
The rival school's quarterback suddenly takes an interest in Marcia the week of the football game., and Mike is Jealous when Carol's high school sweetheart comes for a visit.
16 Nov. 1973
Try, Try Again
Jan thinks she' has no talent after not being chosen for a ballet recital, so the family tries to make her feel better and help her find a skill.
23 Nov. 1973
The Cincinnati Kids
Mike takes the entire family on a trip to King's Island amusement park, where he is to submit plans to a client, but the a mix-up causes the blueprints to go missing at the park.
7 Dec. 1973
The Elopement
A series of misunderstandings lead the Bradys to believe that Alice and Sam are up to much more than just bowling on their upcoming Saturday night date.
21 Dec. 1973
Miss Popularity
Jan makes a bunch of promises to be elected "Most Popular Girl" in her class, but backs out of them after she wins the election. Meanwhile, Mike and Carol try to make plans for their second honeymoon.
4 Jan. 1974
Kelly's Kids
A couple Mike and Carol know adopt a young boy, but the boy soon misses his two best friends--one African-American, one Asian-American. As a result, the couple decides to adopt all three boys.
11 Jan. 1974
The Driver's Seat
Marcia battles nerves and Greg's sexist remarks when she tries to get her driver's license. Eventually, the debate over which gender has the better driving abilities leads to a winner-take-all driving test in a vacant parking lot.
18 Jan. 1974
Out of This World
Peter and Bobby believe they are seeing a UFO, which actually is part of an elaborate hoax being played by Greg. The trick backfires though when Peter and Bobby take pictures, which lead to a government investigation.
25 Jan. 1974
Welcome Aboard
Cousin Oliver comes to live with the Bradys. He immediately causes a series of accidents, which lead him to believe that he is a jinx.
8 Feb. 1974
Two Petes in a Pod
A new student at Peter's school could pass as Peter's identical twin, which Peter takes advantage of when he has two dates on the same day.
15 Feb. 1974
Top Secret
After Mike gets a visit from an FBI agent and Sam comes to him with some secret plans, Bobby and Oliver believe that Sam is a spy.
22 Feb. 1974
The Snooperstar
Marcia is angry at Cindy, who has been reading her diary. For revenge, she starts writing bogus entries, which say that talent scouts are interested in Cindy becoming the "next Shirley Temple."
1 Mar. 1974
The Hustler
The Bradys get a new pool table (as a thank you gift from Mr. Matthews for Mike's recent performance). Bobby soon becomes an expert in billiards and - during a family party - beats Mike's boss in a game of pool.
8 Mar. 1974
The Hair-Brained Scheme
Bobby needs money, so he starts selling hair tonic. Greg decides to buy a bottle right before graduation to help his little brother, but it turns his hair orange.

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