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BandSAboutMovies25 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
We covered this movie in July of last year, referring to it as "filthy, grimy, messy and completely wonderful." It's also one of Joe Bob Briggs' Sleaziest Movies in the History of the World (keep in mind, ten our of the fourteen movies on that list came from Herschell Gordon Lewis). Now, Arrow Video has released it along with Just for the Hell of It on one blu ray, so you don't have to shell out the big bucks for the Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast Box (but you totally should).

Arrow Video has lent their typical master's touch to this release, with both movies presented in high def 1080p and filmed introductions from Lewis for both films. As the Godfather of Gore states in that intro, this is the one movie that rivals Blood Feast for box office and was his answer to the question, "Why don't you stop cutting up all those girls and kill some men?"

This time through, I watched the film with commentary by H.G. Lewis and Something Weird's Mike Vraney. This commentary track is a real joy, with Lewis quite honest about his faults as a filmmaker while giving tips for would be exploitation creations for how to film things properly. I wasn't sure how much more I could love this movie, but this release exponentially increased my ardor.

Filmed with a legitimate cast of biker riding women, this movie is years ahead of its time. Heck, it's years ahead of its time now. These women outride, outfight and dominate every man they meet with no apologies whatsoever. Even Karen, our would-be protagonist, after being forced to kill a lover by dragging him behind her hog, still stays with the Maneaters. They terrorize Florida and every human being they meet because they're outside of the scope of humanity. They're superheroes - well, supervillains - who can't be stopped.

I love that Lewis realizes that adding on a post-credits scene in 1968 was a mistake. It was often trimmed or audiences left before they saw it. The film can't end with the Maneaters in jail. They speak almost directly to the camera, promising more chaos. It's as if they're the biker gang Avengers years before anyone would think to film such a sequence.

I also love that Karen rejects the straight world and her ex-boyfriend Joe, who wants things to be the way they always were. The women in this movie reject the roles their gender has enforced upon them and instead have no issues slicing, dicing, tearing and maiming their way through their rival gang, led by Joe Boy. The fact that he's a slice of mom and pop Americana, with bleached blonde good looks and it's astounding - not to be a broken record - that the film ends with her rejecting white picket fences and a certain future.

H.G. Lewis made 33 films between 1962 and 1972. Those films would run in drive-ins for years before the adventure of the VCR and Something Weird would bring them back to viewers. Most of these movies had lower budgets than this and less time ($60,000 spent over two weeks), but they all exhibit a zeal and love for shock and showing you something different than you've ever seen before. Lewis remains affable and happy throughout the commentary, the kind of uncle you wish you had who'd done some crazy things in his past and wasn't shy about sharing them with you. The loss of both he and Mike Vraney are palpable.

Needless to say, this movie has my highest possible recommendation.
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We are the hell-cats nobody likes!
bakerjp10 January 2001
The theme tune of this classic was appropriated by the Cramps (who also did a version of Faster Pussycat Kill Kill) - although I like the originals better.

This film comes under the "so bad it's good" category - odd, half-mumbled dialogue (apparently they were trying to get a mainstream rating so the actors had to fumble the swearing) and only a minimum of nudity. The actresses were bikers first and actresses second - and I think it shows. They can all ride bikes at least. The two leads - Betty (Queenie) and Pat (Whitey) are great anyway. The concept of the "stud-line" is very amusing - and everyone at least seems to be enjoying themselves. Check out Queenie's leopard skin waistcoat and silver go-go boots. I got this film on DVD under the Something Weird label in the Virgin Mega Store New York (Times Square) - there were loads of copies in the cult section - This film is due for a massive revival. The DVD version has commentary from Herschell Gordon Lewis, as well as the groovy trailer, and a weird short film about biker gangs, where a straight-as-they-come narrator hilariously attempts to use hep dialogue "these cats are really cool.." etc and the biker member gives a long incoherently rambling narrative about what it means to be in the gang. Recommended!
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A classic
funkyfry3 November 2002
Classic she-exploitation. What can I say about a film where girls lick blood off each other and kiss as initiation rites into a biker cult? Men are beaten, dragged behind bikes, f*#$ed, and decapitated. Good acting from a few of the leads. Terrible script with no story provides opportunities for humor and visceral violence. No nudity.

Not as gory as other Lewis films, but more fun than most.
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Legendary biker babes flick!
Casey-5230 April 2000
No one has commented on this? It's a classic! I love it! Betty Connell is Queen, leader of the Man-Eaters, a female biker gang with a lust for violence and sex! Sounds good, doesn't it?

This was my first H.G. Lewis movie I had ever seen and to tell you the truth, it's not as controversial as it sounds. There's scenes leading up to sex that doesn't happen, the violence is mediocre compared to what Lewis did in "Gruesome Twosome", "Blood Feast", and "The Wizard of Gore"! There's a great decapitation scene, mutilation by chain, a beaten girl with a bloody nosering with a note attached, and a fight between the Man-Eaters and a male biker gang that results in bloody chain whipping and lots of gutpunches! Great stuff! The dialogue is priceless ("Man-Eaters is right! Half our dues are spent cleaning the sheets around here!"; "We treat men like pieces of meat. It's about as romantic as buying a hunk of bologna.") and would sound great as sound effects on your computer! The music is either lifted from "Gruesome Twosome" or original stuff that would make a great soundtrack CD! So go check out "She-Devils On Wheels", it's a whole lot of fun!
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gridoon17 November 2002
Shoddy, crudely filmed biker movie with interesting role-reversal concepts, which it completely misuses (like so many other movies). It reminded me a bit of "Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!", but it is much worse. About half the dialogue is literally impossible to understand. The decapitation scene is so bad it must be seen to be believed; thank God someone at least remembered to put the glasses back on the severed head after it had fallen on the ground. (*1/2)
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Get off the road!
Hey_Sweden11 December 2016
Master exploitation filmmaker Herschell Gordon Lewis tries his hand at the biker genre that really took off the following year with "Easy Rider". Here he gets fair results, with a screenplay credited to his then-wife, Allison Louise Downe. It functions more as a series of bits than a real story, and overall it's kind of mild. Those people expecting the fireworks produced by his renowned gore films will be disappointed.

The Man-Eaters, the all-female motorcycle gang depicted in this non-epic, are never terribly threatening or much of a danger to society. Mostly they love to recite poetry, help themselves to an assortment of studs, and race. One of their number is Karen (Christie Wagner), who joined a while back despite the objections of her boyfriend Ted (Rodney Bedell). Their "mascot" is a sweet faced, upbeat gal named Honey Pot (Nancy Lee Noble). And the official leader of the gang is the swaggering Queen (Betty Connell). They cause trouble for themselves when they rumble with a male gang led by Joe-Boy (John Weymer).

We do see the aftermath of some rather nasty violence, but the only hilarious bit of gruesomeness comes from a decapitation near the end. The movie offers some fun, but it never reaches the lunatic heights of HGLs' best known work. This viewer can see why some trash lovers - even those who are fans of HGL - might consider it boring.

The acting is pretty rough and amateurish, but the performers are entertaining enough to watch anyway. Connell does have some charisma, and corpulent Pat Poston some screen presence.

This is lesser HGL, but even lesser HGL is not completely without entertainment value.

Six out of 10.
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Florida Bore: All Men Are Mothers
Tromafreak3 February 2011
Look, I'm not saying that Herschell Gordon Lewis should have just "stuck to what he knew", and just do nothing but gore flicks, because Moonshine Mountain was awesome, and This Stuff'll Kill Ya was also quite good, and, well, come to think of it, that's pretty much all I have to say about Lewis's non-gore. However, it seems I have just committed myself to a review of She-Devils On Wheels...*sigh*... OK, fine.

This is what I'm talking about. She-Devils On Wheels is a prime example of the 60's gore flick without the gore. And then, what are we left with? That's right. Just boring a pile of blah blah blah. Yes, I realize that this film, and films like Just For The Hell Of It is apart of its own genre, separate from gore. Yet, exactly what that genre is, escapes me.

The first thing I hate about this movie is the man-eaters theme song from the beginning. Fingernails on a chalkboard. The second thing I hated was the fat, loud chick. There's nothing I hate more than someone who thinks they can push others around just because they're fat. As if somehow all that fat makes them super-strong. I don't know, maybe it's like that for chicks. After that, I really hated on that pointlessly-PG orgy, or whatever that was supposed to be. Enough rambling. I gotta tell you what it's about sooner or later.

The Man-Eaters (shouldn't they be called the She-Devls?), a motorcycle gang, are an ornery bunch of gals, just lookin' for trouble. When these chicks aren't terrorizing the locals, they're usually out somewhere holding motorcycle races, to determine who gets first dibs on any available men, although, none of them really think too highly of men. And yes, this is where these so-called orgies come in. But there ain't much huggin' and kissin' when a rival all-male gang starts some trouble. Good thing these gals got the fat one on their side... Wait, nevermind.

Herschell Gordon Lewis once said that he sees filmmaking as a business, and pitys anyone who sees it as an art-form. Now, I'm not exactly sure how that is relevant to this anti-She-Devil review, but those words do sorta sound like they came from a man who makes incredibly boring movies (from time to time). It seems like Herschell was kinda trying to go semi-mainstream. Unfortunately he wouldn't learn his lesson so easily, as for the next few years, the non-gore would greatly out-weigh the gore. It's OK, because The Wizard of Gore was amazing.

I would suggest pairing this up with something awesome like Werewolves On Wheels, but perhaps one movie would be enough, because this movie sucks, and there's Just no way around it. Sorry, H.G., it hurts to say such harsh things about a film that you are so obviously proud of. And you should be, sir, because She-Devil's On Wheels is more than most of us accomplish. So, as usual, my rating of a Lewis film will be more than fair, considering Lewis is the man and all. But I really hate this movie. I really, really do. 6/10
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Unbelievably lame female biker movie.
Infofreak26 May 2002
'She-Devils On Wheels' is quite a change of pace from Herschell Gordon Lewis , the gore pioneer best known for movies like 'Blood Feast' and '2000 Maniacs'. Apart from a guy getting dragged by chains behind a motorbike and later, a decapitation there is very little blood or violence in this campy and surprisingly lame look at a "wild" all female biker gang The Man Eaters. The girls spend most of their time racing each other to see who gets first pick in the "stud" line, with limerick reciting and stealing candy from children for a bit of variety. This movie of course is awful, but still worth a groan or two if not an actual chuckle. The best thing about it (apart from the fantastic title, which it cannot possibly live up to) is the catchy and ineptly performed theme tune, later covered by The Cramps.
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The Cinema of Herschel Gordon Lewis: She-Devils on Wheels
Captain_Couth28 February 2009
She-Devils on Wheels (1968) was Herschel Gordon Lewis' entry into the "hot" bikersploitation film craze that was occurring in the B-movie circuit. I guess the gory set piece movies were out and the biker films were in. This movie is something else, what is it I still haven't a clue. A man hating motorcycle club called The Maneaters drive around looking for trouble, getting in trouble with other clubs and fighting amongst themselves. But there's trouble a brewing within in the club. Can these She-Devils rule the road? Will the law catch up to them? Why does that camera shake so much? You'll find these answers when you watch "She-Devils on Wheels".

Not an entertaining film. But if you're a die-hard Herschel Gordon Lewis fan then you'll want to grab a copy of this flick. Others need not apply.
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"Oh go fumigate yourself , crap-head"
alanmora24 November 2006
One of the most famous lines in the history of exploitation cinema is that line which is uttered by the hefty biker babe "Whitey" in Herschell Gordon Lewis' "She Devils on Wheels"..."Oh go fumigate yourself, crap-head!". This film is much different than most "biker chick" flicks of the time period. In fact, aside from "Blood Feast", this is the highest grossing film Mr. Lewis has ever made and it is the only one of his films to be picked up by a major motion picture studio (American International Pictures). Aside from 2 legitimate actresses, Mr. Lewis used actual biker gang members in this film. Unlike many of his other features, there are only 2 "gore" sequences in it and these are extremely tame in comparison to those in "Blood Feast" or "2000 Maniacs". Still, this film is a great deal of fun and is reportedly in the process of being re-made by the same team that is producing the re-make of another Herschell Gordon Lewis classic, "The Wizard of Gore".
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She-Devils on Wheels
Scarecrow-8819 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
"Sex, guts, blood & men are all mothers!"

If you are looking for finesse and polish, then you might wish to look elsewhere for your entertainment because Herschell Gordon Lewis' SHE-DEVILS ON WHEELS is lacking in regards to overall quality in style, acting, and proper pacing. I think this kind of movie might appeal to biker movie aficionados rather than the typical genre fan for the premise concerns an all women gang on motorcycles(..called The Man-Eaters) who love to stir up trouble and control men(..treating them as little more than studs or slabs of meat to chew up and spit out once they are done with them). Indeed this was against the grain in regards to the typical male-dominated biker movie where the women were merely a babe on their arm, obedient to their command. The movie concerns the Man-Eaters who find themselves in a war with a group of male thugs after one of their girls is kidnapped and beaten. These girls are not to be messed with and the guys find this out the hard way. Pretty violent at times, but tame in other areas(..the women chose what man they want to sleep with as the result who finishes their race, but the sexuality and erupting orgy remain clean, without nudity).

A sub-plot features suburbanite Man-Eater Karen(Christie Wagner)having difficulties with her fellow gang, getting too cozy with a selected stud. Soon an ex-boyfriend(..wishing to be her savior)attempts to talk her into splitting from the gang. In a startling scene( prove her loyalty to the Man-Eaters)she must drag a stud( she was emotionally involved with, which is a no-no) attached by rope to the end of her bike. The cutie-pie Honey Pot(Nancy Lee Noble)serves as the group's mascot, eventually allowed into the biker sisterhood(..we witness her initiation through a blood pact with the gang, who follow by a smooch on the lips, and a "syrup-bath"). Honey Pot is the one the male goons kidnap as the result of a violent altercation between them and the Man-Eaters(..a show stopping highlight as we watch the girls beat the crap out of them, displaying just how tough these broads are), leaving her practically dead. In revenge, the girls use a wire to behead one of the boys which HGL's gore fans should appreciate.

I can't say I'm a fan of this one. I didn't particularly like how a great deal of dialogue is barely recognizable. Many of the jokes often spoken by the girls(..they seem to be enjoying each other's company despite the fact that I found them mostly repellent)aren't exactly giggle-inducing. The orgies lack authenticity(..I can understand HGL's desire to appeal to a wider, more general audience, but it's hard not to roll your eyes at such an unrealistic scene of bodies rolling around, clothes on for the most part)and characters are pretty bland for the exception of a few who get most of the dialogue. Betty Connell fares best as the leader of the gang, Queen, who doesn't take crap from anybody(..she uses this belt chain to assault a bartender for the whereabouts of the male leader of the gang she's pursuing). Noble and Wagner service the film as eye candy(..Wagner is pretty enticing in her tight green short-shorts) Most of the film takes place on an airfield or in this cramped room, so the limited locations become a bit stale. The camera(..even worse than past HGL movies)is all over the place and the editing is at times maddening. Still, I'm guessing the movie might just appeal to the drive-in crowd for which this was targeted towards. I think it lacks punch, though.
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Crazed horny amazon biker chicks running amok, oh dear!
planktonrules20 January 2009
This supposedly hot and crazy exploitation film about a group of very sexually obsessed female bikers turns out to be not nearly as crazy and wild as you might think. While these ladies talk non-stop about sex, they never really get around to doing much of anything--even though they supposedly see men as having one and only one purpose and that's to serve their many, many sexual needs. Plus, for sex-crazed bikers, they sure aren't very sexy and many look like they can barely drive their motorcycles. When they are having a race, the fastest bike looks to be doing about 30 miles an hour--wow, THAT'S crazy, man! I also like how a couple of the ladies actually drive a moped! What wild chicks! What she-devils!!!

This film was the product of one of the all-time worst film producers, Hershell Gordon Lewis--one of only 3 or 4 directors that can possibly be worse at his "craft" than Ed Wood, Jr.. His movies are usually so bad that they are silly and very watchable for their camp value--and this one is no exception. The acting is strictly amateurish (at best), the song at the beginning is completely flat and the overall look is that of a home movie with a lot of friends mugging for the camera. It's bad folks...REAL bad! But therein lies some of its charm--making it a great film for a party, so you and your friends can laugh at its ineptness.

Considering that EVERYTHING in the movie revolves around sex, it's amazing how little the film actually says or shows. Heck, you could almost show this film to a Sunday school class--even if you don't remove the severed head scene! Again and again when they are cursing, it turns out to be like Ralphie from A Christmas STORY--you know, when instead of the f-word, he says "Oh, fuuudge"! So, it's a pornographic and violent biker film with no skin, no cursing and silly violence (when present at all)! It's always pulling its punches and there is much more implied than explicitly shown or stated.

Look carefully during the "sexy" shower scene--you can see she's wearing a bathing suit! Also, while this movie was entertaining, I sure would have loved to see John Waters' perennial stars, Edith Massey and Divine, in the film as biker ladies--it would have really, really improved it immensely and helped this movie to reach even greater heights as a cult film.

By the way, I want to end with a bit about my rating of 2. By any objective measure of quality (except one), the film is just awful--terribly written, horribly acted, indifferently directed. So aesthetically, comparing it to other movies is like trying to hang a velvet Elvis painting in the Louvre. However, I must admit that despite being a giant pile of dung, the film sure is fun to watch and so I'll give it an extra point for watchability (sort of like a train wreck, by the way).
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Feels like a Russ Meyer film but without the cleavage...
Coventry9 September 2004
This angry female-biker flick was my first acquaintance with the legendary director Hershell Gordon Lewis. I'm much more looking forward to seeing some of his most controversial films like 'Two Thousand Maniacs', 'Blood Feast' or 'The Gruesome Twosome' but I consider this to be a reasonable appetizer. It's not nearly as shocking or offensive as it might look and the script contains very few material to make a movie of. Loud-mouthed bitches who drink and race all day, while they consider all males to be…mothers! They live by strange rules (for example: when you donate too much attention to the same guy, you're out of the group) and organize orgies with a cabin full of studs! A couple of persons get severely mutilated and one of them even loses his head but, other than this, there isn't much gore or action to detect. Best aspects about this film actually are the sleazy-sounding title and the opening song, entitled 'Get off the Road'. Lewis' She-Devils on Wheels is a very campy film! Some of the dialogue is really hilarious, but almost literally impossible to understand.

This film decently represents the she-exploitation subgenre. But not nearly as good as Russ Meyer's legendary 'Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill' which was made 3 years earlier. The shrews in this particular film were a lot meaner, relentless and – most importantly – sexier.
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Entertainingly tacky feminist biker schlock
Woodyanders22 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The vicious all-female biker gang the Man-Eaters terrorize a small town, treat guys like tasty slabs of prime beef, and engage in a fierce turf war with a rival bunch of male hot-rodders. Boy, does this wonderfully wretched cinematic swill possess all the right wrong stuff to rate highly as a choice chunk of lovably low-rent celluloid refuse: the fumbling (mis)direction by legendary goremeister Herschell Gordon Lewis, gaudy psychedelic segue-ways, ragged editing, rough, unpolished cinematography, limply staged action scenes, badly recorded dialogue that's occasionally incomprehensible, coy euphemisms ("mother fuzz"), implied lesbianism, some truly dreadful impromptu poetry, lots of gut-busting cheesy lines ("Go fumigate yourself, craphead!"), a decent smattering of splatter (a grisly barbed wire decapitation is especially awesome and impressive), a couple of uproariously lame'n'tame orgies (everyone keeps their clothes on!), and hilariously horrendous acting all ensure that this film is frequently amusing and always enjoyable in its jaw-dropping shoddiness. The gals who portrayal the Man-Eaters all give endearingly awful performances, with stand-out stinky turns by Betty Connell as hard-as-nails leader queen, Pat Poston as the dumpy and brassy Whitey, the incredibly cute Nancy Lee Noble as eager and adorable newbie Honey Pot, and Christie Wagner as the sweet Karen. Larry Wellington's gnarly reverb surf guitar blastin' score and the insanely groovy theme song "Get Off the Road" both hit the right-on rockin' spot. A total cruddy hoot.
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A Slight Lewis Detour
gavin69424 November 2016
An all-female motorcycle gang, called 'The Maneaters' hold motorcycle races, as well as terrorize the residents of a small Florida town, and clash off against an all-male rival gang of hot-riders.

I don't know whether it was the original camera used or the way the negative was preserved, this is one of of Lewis' best-looking films in terms of cinematography. To be fair, some (like "Gruesome Twosome") have completely deteriorated, but "She-Devils" shows that these movies may not be quite as bad as they're often made out to be.

Already near the beginning, we know this is not going to be your usual "female biker" film (if there is such a thing). We have what can only be described as an "orgy" scene, where the women apparently keep a stable of men for pleasure purposes, no romance allowed. How a feminist would interpret this is beyond me -- empowering, or male wish fulfillment?
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Tame Devils on Wheels
Michael_Elliott30 September 2016
She-Devils on Wheels (1968)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

A female motorcycle gang known as the Man Eaters cause destruction wherever they go. Their leader loves to party with men but the group is also known for destroying them. One member of the crew decides she wants out but doesn't know how to do it.

Herschell Gordon Lewis adds the motorcycle flick to his endless genres that he managed to work in during his career. After the success of THE WILD RIDE we got a whole slew of low-budget motorcycle pictures but there's no doubt that this here isn't one of the better ones.

As with a lot of Lewis' other films, their low-budget charm is on full display but it just doesn't add up to what you'd consider a good movie or a very entertaining one. It's really amazing that he started off in rougies before moving to nudies and then his infamous gore films. Later in his career he would make films like this, which were rather lame and tame. Sex is a big subject here yet we only see people kiss. There's no sex or nudity to be had.

The film offers up the type of performances that you'd expect. There are some bloody bodies on display, although they don't reach a BLOOD FEAST type of level. The group of women add a little fun to things but SHE-DEVILS ON WHEELS just doesn't have enough going for it.
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Disappointing effort from HG Lewis
The_Void7 February 2008
Herschell Gordon Lewis earned the title 'The Godfather of Gore' for his gory horror films, and as something of a fan of the schlock director; I like to see Herschell doing what he does best. She-Devils on Wheels generally doesn't get a good word said about it even among Lewis' own fans, and that's hardly surprising as this isn't Herschell at his best or doing what he does best. In fact, it seems more like Herschell was trying to rip off the great Russ Meyer - the only difference being that Meyer did this sort of thing well and HG doesn't! The plot revolves around a gang of man-hating female bikers that ride around and terrorise a town. This isn't bad as a premise, but Herschell fails to implement much action, gore or interest into the film. Meyer would have added some breasts which would have at least spiced it up a little; but sadly the film is lacking even that most basic element. It's really hard to believe that this effort is from the same director who bestowed on us legendary trash classics such as Two Thousand Maniacs and The Gore Gore Girls. She-Devils on Wheels is a completely disappointing experience and doesn't come recommended!
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Not Your Average Female Motorcycle Club
Uriah4323 May 2016
Not Your Average Female Motorcycle Club "Karen" (Christie Wagner) is an attractive young woman who lives with her mother and had, until recently, been dating a boyfriend named "Ted" (Rodney Bedell). Although her mother believes that when Karen leaves the house she is simply having a good time with her friends the reality is that she belongs to an all-female motorcycle club known as "the Man-Eaters" and they are anything but innocent. Quite the opposite as not only does this particular motorcycle club engage in racing against one another but they are also involved in violence and weekly orgies with any man that strikes their fancy. So much so that the local police have taken a special interest in them-as has another group of men who nurse a special vendetta all their own. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was a low-budget production with bad acting and a totally unrealistic plot. Yet in spite of all of that it was still somewhat interesting and managed to keep my attention for the most part due to the fact that it was so unique even for the particular time it was produced. That's not to say that this was a good movie by any means but I liked it to a certain degree and because of that I have given it the benefit of the doubt and rated it as just slightly below average.
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Oh my god, I can't believe I watched this!
lastliberal7 October 2008
I am waiting for my copy of The Wizard of Gore to arrive in the mail, so I thought I would check out this Herschell Gordon Lewis work. Having on seen Blood Feast and Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat, I wasn't prepared for the total lack of anything worthwhile in this film.

So bad it's good? No, this film is just plain bad. The dialog was laughable, the fights were pathetic, and the orgies? Well, I imagine a room full of middle schoolers would put on a better show.

If this was someone's imagination of what a female biker gang was like, then I will skip them in the future. The worst thing they did in Hedley, Florida was take a soda away from a little girl. Some tough broads! They wouldn't last five seconds there today.

I am so disappointed at Lewis. I sure hope that The Wizard of Gore is not as bad as this film.
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Awful.....but in a GOOD way!
The worst movie I've seen in a while...and the most entertaining!! While there is nothing really great about this film from the acting to the plot, it's insanely amusing! This is another film that falls into the 'It's so bad that it's good' category. You think the theme song is bad? Wait till you get a load of those 'Maneater' vests! They look like a gang of 9 year olds made them! The plot is almost too simple to even be called a plot. The sex and violence are so fake that it's embarrassing. As usual in these kind of youth-sploitation films, the bad ass teens are totally laughable. With all that said...I still found this movie extremely amusing to watch and I actually enjoyed every minute of it!! It's one of those movies that I'm sure I'll enjoy more each time I see it! So bottom line, when I say it's the worst I've seen in ages, what I really mean is that I loved it! Now go out and watch it!!!
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She-Stinks Out the Place on Wheels
This 1960s she-gang biker flick is one word.......STINKS! This must rate as the worst acted and worst written of the long line of 1960s biker movies which packed the drive-in theaters. The cast looks like a bunch of "second-string" strippers and that includes the male cast as well.

Filmed on a shoe-string budget, any junior-high film student could do a more professional job. The special effects are terrible. The camera work is terrible. The script is terrible. The musical score is terrible. The acting is terrible. In other words, the film is terrible.

However, if you are having trouble sleeping, you can rent this movie and in a matter of minutes you will be snoozing away.
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If you must go ahead but don't expect much.
mikecanmaybee14 December 2019
Other then the historical significance of being the first all girl biker gang movie this one isn't great. All the bikers, both guys and gals, think every inane double entente is the most hilarious thing they have ever heard. The action scenes suck, the acting sucks, the writing-you get the picture. I try to be a good sport with "B" movies, but this one decapitated itself.
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The mighty HG Lewis at his deadly dumbest!
cjlines17 June 2002
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** Ahh...

It would be no exagerration to liken "She Devils On Wheels", an epic HG Lewis tragedy, to the writings of Shakespeare. It is quite possibly the "Godfather of Gore"'s masterpiece, his "Hamlet" and his "Romeo and Juliet" in one.

The plot revolves around the Maneaters, a gang of motorcycle riding women, bent on smashing their gender roles, treating their menfolk like slaves and riding hard on 'the strip' (they may ride hard but certainly not fast... the girls' bikes move at a leaden, snail-like pace - no doubt a sly metaphor to represent that although the girls may appear to be riding fast, their lives are, essentially, going nowhere). There are many deep-running conflicts within the Maneaters, too complicated to go into here in full detail, but most notably the feud between leader Queenie and fairly recent member Karen is the one that creates the most tension. It's obvious that Queenie is jealous of the younger, more glamorous Karen and when Karen keeps winning the Maneaters' races, Queenie decides to put her in her place with a scene easily as devastatingly powerful as anything from Shakespeare's "Titus Andronicus". Karen, it seems, has fallen in love with one of the 'Studs' (a group of highly inbred-looking 'men' that the Maneaters keep at their shack as sex slaves) and when Queenie finds out, she ties him to the back of Karen's bike and issues the ultimatum - either Karen rides across the strip with her lover tied to the back of her hog, or Queenie rides across the strip with Karen in tow! As the bewildered Karen drives across the strip, her lover turning to a bloodied pulp in gruelling detail, I swear there isn't a dry eye in the house. It tugs at the heartstrings, readers, let me tell you that... Christ, I'm choking up just writing about it.

As the plot unfolds from this pivotal scene, a rival gang, led by the evil misogynist Joe-Boy, get into a fierce argument with the Maneaters over who owns 'the strip' which escalates into a war of violence, betrayal and eventually, murder in clearly a homage to Shakespeare's Montague/Capulet feud. What makes it more complicated is that one of the male gang's brothers is Karen's ex-boyfriend who still holds a flame for her and is heartbroken to see her throw her life away with the Maneaters. As I say, we're talking a seriously tangled web of complexed, strong emotions here - the parallel to the Bard's work is especially hammered home as a variety of scenes are delivered using poetry and verse. Whilst Shakespeare will be forever renowned for his masterly sonnets, Lewis prefers to use the more unorthodox, less highly rated poetic technique - the limerick. Witness one Maneater recount a slightly modified version of a classic, as Lewis pays tribute to great limericks of a forgotten age - "There was a young girl from Calcutta / Who covered her (cough cough) in butter / She thought it too greasy / But it slipped in easy / It's a trick that she learnt from her mutha"... ahh, the greats.

Despite being rife with stark imagery (who can forget the sight of the seemingly endless footage of the girls "trippin'" down a single carriageway at 30mph in a zone clearly marked 55mph?) and clever, sharp dialogue ("We ain't no daisy pickin' broads, we're the Maneaters!"), Lewis' film is ultimately nihilistc, carrying a very dark tone as it explores the fractured psyches of its tortured lead characters. It touches on the emptiness of sexual relations; a recurring theme enforced by the clever directorial trick that no-one even gets into any state of real undress, let alone actually has sex, despite constantly talking about it. Again, it reinforces the point that the shallow goals which drive the main characters to their actions will essentially be disappointing and leave them with nothing - the sheer futility of it all is presented as bleakly as possible with the stunningly grim finale - a horrific centrepiece in the form of a surprise decapitation followed by an ambiguous 'ending' which makes us ask the question: "WHY!?" WHY, DAMNIT, WHY!? There is no triumph of good or evil; no heroes in this film... Two of the girls return, post-credits, with what may well be the answer, in the form of a limerick, naturally. Truly one of the great classics of 20th century cinema, "She Devils on Wheels" holds its own easily against the works of Kurosawa, Godard and Bergman.
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A Terrible Film
ferbs5415 October 2007
A comparatively goreless departure for the "Wizard of Gore," director Herschell Gordon Lewis, "She-Devils on Wheels" (1968) still proved pretty tough for me to sit through. From its lamely catchy "Get Off the Road" opening-credits rock 'n' roll number ("Get off the road before we get crossed/Or you're like to get your rear end tossed") to its abrupt headscratcher of a finale, the film disappoints at nearly every turn. The picture tells the story of the Man-Eaters, a female biker gang in Florida that does little but race around, has orgies with their male counterparts (fully clothed, dry-humping, safe-sex orgies, apparently), brawls with a gang of hot-rodders, and recites terrible dirty limericks to one another. With their battle cry of "Sex, guts, blood, and all men are mothers," the Man-Eaters are a pretty pathetic and repugnant bunch, albeit still tough enough to beat the crap out of the boys. Actually, the loathsome characters and virtual lack of plot (at least half of the film seems to consist of shots of the gals tooling down the highway...BORING!) wouldn't be so bad if Lewis' direction weren't so lackadaisical, if the sound weren't so bad and the editing so lame. With no nudity, little action to speak of, and not even much of Lewis' patented gross-out scenes (a few bloodied-up bodies and an admittedly memorable decapitation excepted), the film really doesn't offer much, even to lovers of bad cinema. The picture turned out to be only 85 or so minutes long, not the stated 104, a development for which I was indeed grateful. Oh, heck, why mince words? This is a terrible film.
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THE worst movie ever made.
coltsw-1080318 March 2021
Look no further, a movie cannot get any worse than this one!

I'm not one of those hipsters who thinks it's cool to express admiration for complete schlock. This steaming mess features the absolute WORST writing, acting, stunt work and directing I've ever seen. It's not even fun to be amazed at its awfulness. The one possible exception and the closest thing to entertainment is the all-female motorcycle club's "Stud Line", wherein they line up their stable of boy-toys and the winner of that week's motorcycle race gets first choice of her sex partner for the night. This stable of "studs" is actually hilarious, though these scenes were meant to be taken seriously and to establish this bunch of female "bikers" as a real and dangerous motorcycle gang. But the "studs" all look like a bunch of underdeveloped, unhygienic clowns in their sixties "threads", especially when each one gets to leer directly into the camera to give the viewer a look at what the "lucky" girl is seeing.

There is no actual plot to speak of, just a bunch of thrown-together gibberish. The actors deliver their dialogue with the same heavy emphasis on every third or fourth syllable (like an untrained child does), but it doesn't matter because the dialogue doesn't mean anything anyway. And the dirty limericks are supposed to be cool, but they're just idiotic.

The "action" scenes, mostly cheesy fight scenes wherein the lady bikers easily beat up much larger men, are very poorly executed. There was obviously no money wasted hiring things like second units, stunt coordinators and stunt people. There also was no money wasted on costumes. The very colorful motorcycle gang vests are laughable and appear to have pieces of felt cut out in letters and glued on to spell "Man Eaters". The center patch is in the shape of an ugly cat.

A few of the old motorcycles were nice to see in their stock condition, especially the old Harleys, but that's the only positive thing to come from this waste of time.

There's not a single capable actor in this entire mess. The worst ones are "Queen", the gang leader, played by somebody named Betty Connelly (who should not have been wearing such tight clothes) and the oversized blond, "Whitey", whose great heft is supposed to provide menace and comic relief - it accomplishes neither. These two really ham it up and act like untalented adolescents in a middle school play. No wonder neither of them ever appeared in another movie.

So, unless you are one of those hipsters who thinks it's cool to pretend you love junk like this, avoid this useless mess.
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