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Clown show.. and much more
suchenwi5 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Watching this film, I at times felt like watching a silly clown show, most suitable for pre-schoolers. But at other times, it displayed witty satire, be it the repertoire of Russian folk songs ("Kalinka" and "Malinka"), philosophers debating the beginning and end of a wooden stick, and a most hilarious (and unhelpful) fire brigade. A Baba Yaga (witch) who was less impressing than in other Rou films.

At the center, we of course have a boy and a girl, who go through many tribulations. And a little goat who gets quite some screen time (and is worth it - involvement of animals seems to be standard in Rou films). Then there are several laughing-stock tsars: "Bones", the fire victim, the watery one, the one of the coast who sacrifices a virgin once a year to prevent inundation..

All in all, this is a very rich-textured story, cleared in Germany for age 0 and above, but an interesting watch for older persons as well. I was for instance quite moved when the watery tsar learned to read. A nice film, and so far away from Hollywood habits...
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