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Great Fun
loufalce8 December 2005
I make no appologies. I LOVE Kaiju films. Period. Godzilla meister Honda- along with special effects guy Tsubaraya are at the top of their form here.After confining the worlds greatest monsters to monsterland- an island where they can run wild yet not do any harm all is not well. It seems that space aliens are controlling their minds and sending them on many city bestroying rampages. Mothra in Beijing, Godzilla in New York, Rodan in Moscow, etc, etc.Meanwhile on the moon-a rocket crew is observing a UFO. Does this have anything to do with the monster attacks? Back at monsterland, the control crew are replaced by the aliens{Who take on human traits} After much intrigue, the alien base is discovered and the fun begins.The special effects are superior. The rockets and UFOs have a pulp magazine quality that was somewhat dated in 1968, but for some reason it works in this film. Especially cool is the tank like vehicle the rocket holds. Even the model work is of the first order and although it would probably would not pass muster with todays computer generated FX fans, it gives this film an immaginative quality that is sadly lacking in most of todays films.And the climactic monster fight with all the genres all time greats is really a blast! Whenever I1m feeling down, I just pop this one in the VCR and bingo! I feel better again.No deep thinking, just fun on a monster size scale.
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Monster free-for-all: fun stuff
MartianOctocretr57 July 2006
Toho decided to throw a block party for monsters in Tokyo, and invited every creature they could get to sign on to do the flick. Their three biggest mega stars are featured: the lovable giant fire-breathing lizard Godzilla, the supersonic bird who stirs up hurricane winds, Rodan; and the evil three-headed serpent King Ghidora. Throw in the talents of several other monsters and you have a Battle Royale that's a feast for the eyes.

Aliens want to conquer the Earth. So they use hypnosis chips on both key humans as well as the giant beasts, forcing them to assist in a sinister scheme. The human actors, although intentionally upstaged by their larger co-stars, make for an interesting invasion from within story. The actors really do a good job showing urgency in this battle for Earth, (in spite of the sometimes questionable dubbing job). The action moves fast and furious, leading to the inevitable climactic monster showdown.

The film incorporates the monster back stories as much as possible; considering how many creatures get in the act, that's quite an accomplishment. It's fun to see them all together; and they put on several good destruction and battle scenes. The TV reporter doing a sports play-by-play in the decisive battle is a great touch, giving us great lines such as, "Listen to the monsters, with their cries of horror and sudden death!"

Fun stuff for Japanese monster movie fans or anyone who likes a good, campy, action filled flick.
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What Final Wars Should Have Been
gigan-9230 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This film was supposed to have been the finale of the Showa series of films, but Toho saw how successful it was and plowed forward. How ironic that they followed this up with one of the, if not THE, worst Godzilla movie, "Godzilla's Revenge". But yeah, this film was the last to feature all four fathers: Akira Ifukbe, Ishiro Honda, Eiji Tsubraya, and Tomiyuki Tanaka When you have them all you know you're in for a treat. One might say the series should have ended here, but then we would've never have seen the creation of some fan favorites, like Gigan and Mecha Godzilla.

I'll start by saying the single blunder of the film; its run time. It's exactly 88 minutes, as long as "Mothra vs. Godzilla'. That film had a total of four monsters. This film has almost tripled that, so how is it possible that they're the same length. Less characterization apparently, the same flaw crippled "Tokyo S.O.S." in comparison to its predecessor "Godzilla X Mecha Godzilla". A factor because this one's heavy on the sci-fi, heavier than usual. Eight minutes in we have our action start with the siege of Monster Land but in the end it won't bother most.

I won't even bother going into detail about Baragon and Varan, two monsters who didn't do sh*t in the whole movie. Although Baragon was supposed to attack Paris…so, Varan, why are you here? Godzilla has a new friendlier look, but it is far better than the laughable 1966 and 1967 suits, and the result is a great suit all in all. Rodan looks terrible in close ups sad to say despite his screen time but otherwise (or rather afar) he's okay. Anguirus looks fantastic and has lots of personality I must say. Kumonga, Mothra, and Gorosaurus pretty much remain the same, but look great. Manda has lost a few of his "Atragon" facial features but I still love him in the movie. Minilla, wish King Ghidorah had killed his ass, but whatever…The characters are pretty legit and the story involves them quite well. Some have called "Final Wars" the 2004 version of this film, but hardly. The human action in that film was Matrix rip-off type crap. Here we simply have the drama of a man and his alien-controlled sister. Plus nice shoot outs, but no over the top sh*t. Plus unlike in 2004, the leader isn't a cheesy annoying pric. This film beats "Final Wars" on that hands down.

Another aspect where the 50th anniversary failed is with the monster action. Godzilla basically killed everyone in a one-by-one killing frenzy. Somewhat cool, but I like what we see here better. Like the Tokyo stomp scenes, or the grand finale at Mt. Fuji. That's what we wanted to see in "Final Wars"!! All the monsters gathered in one spot, fighting the "demon of our galaxy", King Ghidorah! It was F*ckin awesome! Not to mention it's a brutal and bloody battle. The cinematography and SFX are epic for their time. To top it all off, Akira Ifukbe delivers one of the best Showa scores ever. I love this film to death. The end battle can never be topped and so I rest my case.
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Simply tremendous fun,possibly the essential Japanese monster movie
DrLenera22 March 2004
Destroy All Monsters is one of the most sheerly entertaining Godzilla movies. The story,if derivative of Monster Zero,is large-scale and exciting {although the alien invasion idea would soon be done to death},the action is non-stop and the film features almost all the monsters from Toho films made up to that time. There is mass destruction,lazer gun shoot-outs,lots of barmy but cool ideas such as Monster Island,a place where all Earth's monsters are kept by scientists-how can the movie not be terrific entertainment?

There are a few flaws with the film which may not have been present if the Toho of 1964 had made it rather than the Toho of 1968. Although the story has the entire world threatened and several of Earth's cities destroyed,the budget did obviously not extend to allowing much of a depiction of this,bar some brief,unconvincing scenes. Also,a few of the monsters are only briefly shown,such as Varan {The Unbelievable},who appears only in two blink-and -you're-miss-them shots {the suit had been ruined and there was not enough money to buy a new one}. The film may therefore have actually been better with less monsters. However,criticisms of dullness are ridiculous,the film is constant action,which makes up for the lack of interesting human characters,and amazingly,the film is taken more seriously than many of the other Godzilla films,almost achieving the perfection of tone of Godzilla Vs Mothra. Of course,there are a few wonderfully stupid moments,like the sequence of our heroes severing a control device with a lazer which helariously goes on for ages. A shame the final Earth monsters vs Ghidorah fight is too short,but than Ghidorah did not really stand a chance!

Terrific fun,though,with a wonderful Akira Ifikube score featuring two of the most memorable kaiju themes! Not the best Godzilla film,but probably the most essential one to see!
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Monsters, Monsters, Monsters.
jerekra13 September 2008
Destroy All Monsters has more monsters in it than any other Godzilla Film. That is the most famous thing about this film, does that make it a good film? You will hear my opinion.

In the year 1999(do not know why they chose this year over 2000) all of the Earth's Monsters are contained on the Ogasawara Islands. This island they are on is named Monsterland. Giant gas emiting machines and force fields keep the monsters contained. A moon base is present on the Moon and it coordinates with Earth and Monsterland. Soon Monsterland loses power and the moon base goes to Monsterland to see if everything is OK. As it turns out all of the Earths Monsters are no longer on Monsterland and are attacking Major cities. It turns out that a race of aliens known as the Kilaak's has taken control of all of the Earth's Monsters and has let them loose on major Earth Cities. Scientists are able to discover that the Kilaaks are using mechanical devices implemented in the monsters minds to control them, Kilaaks soon start doing this with people as well. Earth must destroy the control the Kilaaks control of the monsters and put them back on Monsterland in order to save itself.

Overall the story in this film works. I could see all of Earth's monsters contained on an island so that they can not escape and cause havoc. It is cool how this film has a sort of futuristic touch to it, with the whole moon base and monsterland things going on.

The Kilaaks are a good evil race. Taking control of all of the Earth's Monsters and setting them loose on various cities is a pretty good plan.

There are 11 different monsters that appear in this film. They include Godzilla, Anguirus, Rodan, Mothra, Kumonga, Gorosaurus, Manda, Varan, Baragon, Minya, and Ghidorah. You would think that with so many different monsters that it would be hard to give them all screen time, they do an OK job with a few exceptions at giving each monster his time.

Godzilla is the main monster in this film. However Rodan, Gorosaurus, Mothra, and Anguirus also appear a lot in this film. Manda only shows up for a little bit during the attack on Japan. Ghidorah appears for one great scene where it is him against Earth's Monsters. Kumonga and Minya only show up for a little to fight Ghidorah.

Now an explanation on Varan and Baragon. I was excited to see this film because Baragon would be in it and he is my favorite monster. However he only appears for a brief second when all of the monsters are marching towards the Kilaak Base, and then for another few seconds when they show him on Monsterland. So my favorite monster only shows up for a few seconds. This is mainly due to the fact that I guess the Baragon suit was in bad shape due to being used in the show "Ultraman". At least they mention that Baragon is in the film, Varan shows up and they never mention him.

This leads me to another part of the film I should explain. After Gorosaurus attacks Paris, the newscaster gives credit to Baragon. Also as Gorosaurus is attacking Paris he makes Baragon's roar. What happened I guess is that Baragon was supposed to destroy Paris but they had to change to a different monster because of how bad the suit was. They left in Baragon's roar though. Why they chose Gorosaurus though, I don't know. It does not seem that he could burrow with his small arms, I would have choose Anguirus but whatever.

One flaw is that there are a lot of monsters, but after the attack all the monsters do on Japan, you really have to wait a while to see them. Waiting for monsters to appear when you know there are a lot is usually bad, but I think that the suspense build up is worth it in this film. SO it is not bad. Just a little odd that with so many different monsters there is a long period of time between them appearing on screen.

The final monster fight at the end between Ghidorah and all of the Earth's Monsters is one of the greatest fights ever in movie history. Although all of Earth's monsters show up, Godzilla, Anguirus, and Gorosaurus do most of the work. Rodan, Kumonga, Minya, and Mothra(damn) all help a little. Manda, Baragon, and Varan do not take part in the fight at all. But this fight is awesome. You get to see one of the most brutal fights, even Ghidorah chooses to use his brute strength more than just using his gravity beams like he usually does. The part where Gorosaurus kicks Ghidorah in the back knocking him down is easily the best part of the whole fight. A major reason this movie is so good is that they have Anguirus and Gorosaurus help Godzilla fight Ghidorah. If they had chose to show Rodan and Mothra help more people would think that they had already seen a fight like this before.

Also well done is the monster attacks on major cities. You get to see a lot of different cities get destroyed like Moscow, New York, Paris, and Beijing. That is cool how a different monster goes after a different city and then they all converge on Japan at once.

So this is the monster film of monster films. You get to see most of the monsters for a good amount of time. Great science fiction style story, lots of monsters, great monster fight, and lots of destruction. One of the best in the series and one that I will always recommend to people.
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Still good after all these years !!
pittro122 July 2018
Still one of my favorite Godzilla Movies but the new English dubbed version is horrible... someone stated in a previous review that the new version is comical..they got that there an old copy out there with the original dubbed version out there..would love to see that version..throw this new version out the
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Great Godzilla and monster film!
Movie Nuttball6 March 2003
This Toho monster film is very good.The all star cast of monsters is great but Baragon and Varan have little or no screen time.The newer version has an all new dubbing and digital recording which makes this serious film funny.If you love Godzilla and other Toho monsters then check Destroy All Monsters out today!
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the ultimate Japanese monster fest
ricmarc20017 March 2005
I remember seeing this film at an all day monster fest at the Elco Theatre in Elkhart, Indiana in 1969.

It still stands as the number one Japanese monster movie of all time in my opinion. After viewing it again after all these years it still can't be beat for ingenuity and all out good fun.

This film has it all, monsters, aliens, typical Japanese special effects of the era, and a plot that will tickle your fancy and leave you begging for more.

This film is the culmination of all the Japanese horror flicks of the time.

All of your major Japanese monsters are here, plus a few you might not have heard of.

The alien angle is a plus, it gives the film an angle that supersedes the usual claptrap of the period.

I recommend this film highly, it ranks right up there with Godzilla and Mothra.
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With such a title, there was surprisingly little monster destruction going on...
paul_haakonsen20 August 2019
I sat down to watch the 1968 "Kaijû sôshingeki" (aka "Destroy All Monsters") as part of my recent binge of watching the old "Godzilla" movies. And with a title as "Destroy All Monsters", then I must admit that I had somewhat of great expectations to the movie, taking into consideration, of course, the limitations imposed from being made in 1968.

This movie wasn't really up to what I had expected. There was way too little kaiju action throughout the course of the movie, which made it feel like I was being cheated out of something that the movie was essentially promising, given the title of the movie.

For a movie made in 1968, I must say that the effects were actually good. They still prove entertaining today, though in a goofy, campy and retro manner, of course.

The storyline in "Destroy All Monsters" is simplistic. So very, very simplistic. It is essentially just about a heap of kaiju duking it out with us humans caught on the sideline.

I was disappointed with the outcome of "Destroy All Monsters" from writers Ishirô Honda and Takeshi Kimura. And director Ishirô Honda wasn't really providing much of any worthwhile for the audience watching the movie. As such, then I am rating the movie a mere four out of ten stars.
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NerdBat1 July 2018
I'm surprised this movie isn't rated higher. I can admit there are a few parts that seem to be a bit confusing, but it's a wonderful movie. I have heard people that feel the film focuses too much on the humans, but I must disagree. I think the main reason this film is as good as it is, is because it does indeed focus more on the monsters. I don't know exactly if I can recommend one specific Godzilla movie which I would consider "the best", but this one has to come close, at least in my opinion. Originally it was going to be the end of the series but I'm glad it wasn't, we had a lot of fun in this film and it's a must see for all monster lovers~
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Entertaining cheesy monster movie
wbruce71418 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Destroy all Monsters is an excellent monster movie for the simple reason that it has everything you are expecting out of a 60s Godzilla movie. Cheesy effects, aliens, and a lot of monsters. Godzilla Gorosaurus(one of my personal favorite kaiju) Baragon Manda Minilla King Ghidorah Anguirus Varan Mothra Rodan and Kumonga all make appearances in the movie, some more brief than others which leaves some fans wishing for a bit more.

The plot of the movie is very similar to the 1965 Godzilla flick Invasion of Astro Monster where aliens attempt to take over the Earth by using mind control on the monsters and sending them to destroy major cities. Most of the movie is the humans trying to figure out a way to stop the aliens known as the Killaks but monster scenes are thrown in so the movie doesn't completely bore you. There are many great monster scenes like at the beginning where it shows you all the monsters living on monster land(a island where the humans keep the monsters contained. There's also a great destruction scene in Tokyo where Godzilla Manda Rodan and Mothra all appear at once completely obliterating the city. However the best is saved for last. At the end of the movie all the monsters team up to fight King Ghidorah which makes one of the best fight scenes in all of the Godzilla series. It's epic! It makes up for all of the boring in between stuff by being so awesome. Definitely worth the wait.

9 stars out of 10 because of the boring human stuff but the monster scenes are fantastic.
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The original and best giant monster mash!
SciFiSheriff18 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
In 1968, Toho had so many popular monsters in their arsenal that they decided to produce one of the greatest ideas in monster movie history! This is my review on Destroy all monsters The plot goes like this; All of earth's giant monsters are captured and contained by the people of earth on a small island off Japan. However, aliens swoop down from the skies and set the monsters lose on the world. As they destroy the major cities, the people of JApan must come up with a plan to stop this alien threat.

Godzilla has been in A lot of good movies but this one is at the top of the list.

Let's start with the story. I have to say, I really enjoyed the plot. It wasn't to deep or mind-boggling, but it was quite interesting with a couple of plot twists here and there. Most of the movie centres around the human's efforts to stop the alien plot. While the story is interesting, it does sag a little, but that is not why we watch Godzilla movies, nor does it degrade this monster flick.

Now onto the monsters. Never has there been such a great monster crossover gathering in all movie history. Rodan, Mothra, Varan, Manda, Baragon,Kumonga, Anguirus, Gorosaurus and King Ghidorah all show up in this huge picture, each with their own unique abilities. Mothra shoots webs, Anguirus spikes his enemies, Gorosaurus with his classic flying kick- the list goes on. My only disappointment is that baragon and varan don't make a big appearance. I was hoping they would join in at the end, but they didn't.

At the end, one of the best monster rumbles in movie history goes flat out, with heat rays, webs and other monsters going every where. The three headed Dragon ,King Ghidorah , shows up to wipe out earths monsters and gets a "warm" welcome. The fight is huge and it still makes me think how they did some of the effect, which thankfully isn't CGI.

One of the best monster movies in history that assembles all the greatest monsters of all time. They should do it again, without CGI and a lot more monsters for us to sink our teeth into. In my opinion, it's the perfect movie to watch with a younger viewer, particularly if you have a son. Just sit down and enjoy this cheesy action romp.

Im giving it a 10/10
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Operation Monsterland (1968)
SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain26 December 2011
Love Godzilla, love other monsters, love aliens, love destruction, love this movie.Destroy All Monsters takes us into the future where all monsters are now confined to Monster Island. All goes well until a race of alien metal people kidnap the monsters. Then, they brainwash them and set them to attack the major cities of the world. After so many Godzilla island adventures, it was so good to see the cities having their asses whooped. Great designs and model work left for a series of inventive attacks. By the end it all descends into a chaotic (and very unfair) fight. However, their were some genuine moments of panic. There was a moment between Anguilas and King Ghiddorah which left me almost covering my eyes. The sheer intensity, and likable monsters made it an engaging affair. We're left to deliberate how creatures instinctively know who their enemies are. This is a greatest hits for all fans of the genre.
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PIST-OFF12 March 1999
This is an entertaining movie. Tons of destruction Godzilla and pals ruin cities and then team up vs a bunch of annoying aliens. Could have been better though. T many people scenes and talk block out the main attraction. And for some reason I find myself hating all the women in this movie.
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The Buddy System
BaronBl00d21 August 2000
What happens when a group of aliens take over Monster Island and begin to manipulate the monsters through radar to do their bidding? Why you have the plot of Destroy All Monsters then, which is, for a Godzilla picture, good entertainment. The story is figuratively and literally far-out, but that does not detract from the fun as we see a band of scientists discover how these aliens exercise their control and then unleash the monster's instinctual powers against them. Godzilla, now a good monster, battles with buddies like Rodan, Manya, Varan, and more, against the aliens who plan on world domination. When the aliens no longer can control the monsters, they send for that outer space monster Ghidrah the Three-Headed monster to fight ALL the monsters. SInce he couldn't win against two or three of the monsters in a previous picture - he is made short work of here. Again this is nothing more than entertainment meant to pass some time away. It has an inventive story and a pretty crisp pace. My only major complaint is that the monsters really do not get too much screen time. Honda had the directorial reigns, and the music by Ifukube is outstanding!
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Kick ass monster movie
S-Reisner27 December 2005
Any movie with 11 monsters is an instant bad ass. I did not see all of this film but it was incredible.

Though it took a while to get to monster action with Godzilla, Manda, Rodan and mothra all invading New York at once, it was an exciting film. Though the narrating sucked and the acting wasn't so great, it was good.

It definitely made the military look like idiots in the first monster scene when they are firing machine guns and missiles at the four monsters in New York. This movie should not be rated G, but pg-13 for monster violence. I advise you to see this film A.S.A.P.
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Loads of cool monsters!
HuggyBear120 February 2003
Is this the one with "Terrible Manda"? What was so terrible about Manda? He wasn't scary - he was a nuisance. He would just wrap himself around bridges and get in the way of drivers.

"Hey, Manda, get out of the way!"


Great fun film with all the monsters converging. If I remember rightly, there are some great explosive scenes in Tokyo (obviously re-built since Godzilla last came to town), where you see Matchbox cars flying in the air, and plastic people falling over.

Great stuff - a must-see!
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I love this movie!!!
inahaboo6 December 2002
One of the first movies i remember seeing as i child and i loved it! Absolutely gripping stuff! Godzilla is awesome beyond belief. I love the funny rubber suit! The prediction of life in the future is only slightly incorrect but i can live with that.
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One of my three all time favorites
igiskos228 June 2004
Do you like Kaiju and classic sci-fi flicks?Then you've definitely watched this one. For the few who already hasn't only one suggestion......hurry up and buy it.

I'm not going to complain about the quality of the DVD release or the dubbing in English. For a Godzilla movie of this magnitude, this sounds a bit pointless. For me this film is the top of all the monster flicks. I,d also like to have it uncut and subtitled but i feel privileged and lucky just to own it in a DVD copy. That way i could watch it as many times as i want without damaging the movie. Now i'm even thinking of buying a second copy just to replace the first one in case something happens to it.

I first watched it at a summer theater when i was young and from that point i fell in love with it. I own all of the Godzilla films since i am a Godzilla maniac but this one surpass every other one, easily. Inoshiro Honda's best movie ever and Ifukumbe's best soundtrack ever.

The story in a few words is the following: Human race confined all the monsters in monster-island using some kind of transmitters with creates an invisible barrier surrounding the island. Aliens with bad intentions are setting them loose and afterwards they control them. Their primary orders are the demolition of every major city in the world. Later on humanity find the way to set the monsters free from the alien control and turn them against the Alien invaders. At that point the aliens have no other choice than to summon the space monster Ghidrah and set this party on fire.

As you all monster-movie lovers probably assumed by the story above, hell breaks lose on earth and we all can be the front watchers of this titanic rampage!! Godzilla saga Definitely at its best moments.The only movie i expect and hope to throw this 1968 flick from the top of my list is Toho's upcoming Godzilla last project, "Godzilla: Final Wars".

I feel the need to express my gratitude to Inoshiro Honda and his crew for making these kind of films(anyone seen "Mysterians" or "Battle in outer space" knows exactly what i'm talking about),which allow you to feel young again and send you on a fabulous journey throughout the boundaries of your imagination. Thanx Inoshiro, you'll always have a special place in our hearts.
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back to basics
SnoopyStyle13 October 2019
Aka Destroy All Monsters. It's the end of the century. UNSC is launching daily missions to the moon base. All the monsters are safely contained on an island until an accident in containment allows them to escape across the globe. It is revealed that it's aliens again.

The franchise goes back to the basics. There is no more silly comedy. It's a sci-fi monster movie. The major drawback is that the monsters initially get scattered. It's not until much later when they are drawn into a giant battle royale. I like the earlier alien designs. This is nothing more than a dress. Overall, the story is a bit muddled with the monsters going back and forth with the rooting interest. It is nice to get the franchise back to its roots.
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Really the best Godzilla movie ? Really the best monster mash?
harrywubbyluke20 July 2019
No this is not the best monster mash Godzilla final wars is in my opinion . But this is not a bad movie at all . There's a a lot of good stuff the effects look really good and monster suits and puppets look good except for one .The characters are ok ,kinda of bland but the actors are doing a good job and even the dub actors are doing a fine job. But you don't go to a movie called destroy all monsters for the humans no no you go for the freaking monsters. You have 11 monsters in this movie you got Godzilla (godzilla Series), mothra (mothra,mothra vs Godzilla,ghidorah the three headed monster ,EBIRAH horror of the deep,Godzilla vs mothra,Godzilla vs space Godzilla,rebirth of mothra trilogy GMK ,Godzilla Tokyo sos,Godzilla final wars ,Godzilla planet eater,and Godzilla king of the monsters ),King Ghidorah(ghidorah the three headed monster,invasion of Astro monster,Godzilla vs gigan,Godzilla vs king ghidorah, rebirth of mothra 3, GMK,Godzilla planet eater,and Godzilla king of the monsters.) ,rodan(rodan,ghidorah the three headed monster,invasion of Astro monster Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 2,Godzilla final wars,and Godzilla king of the monsters ),KUMONGA(son of Godzilla and Godzilla final wars ),MINILLA (son of Godzilla,all monsters attack And godzilla final wars ),GOROSAURUS(King Kong escapes),ANGUIRUS(Godzilla raids again,Godzilla vs gigan,Godzilla vs megalon,Godzilla vs mechagodzilla and Godzilla final wars), manda(atragon and Godzilla final wars), BARAGON (Frankenstein conquers the world and GMK ) ,and VARAN (VARAN the unbelievable ). Most of the monsters get a time to shine except for VARAN and BARAGON which sucks because I really like these monsters but hey but at least baragon would make another movie appearance (GMK).The monster destruction is fun and is really entertaining. The final battle with Godzilla,King Ghidorah,mothra,rodan,ANGUIRUS,Minya, Gorosaurus,and KUMONGA is the one of the best fights in the whole Godzilla series. You feel really bad for king ghidorah because he gets the crap kicked out him. Also in a movie called destroy all monsters only one monster is killed and that's king ghidorah. Let's talk about the monster suit the (1)Godzilla looks good a lot better than the awful Godzilla suit form the previous movie(son of Godzilla),(2)ANGUIRUS looks amazing and looks a lot better than he did in 1955,(3)King ghidorah still looks awesome ,(4)mothra really not that much to say about her,(5) GOROSAURUS is one of the best monster suits out of TOHO's library,(6) KUMONGA is the same as he was from son of Godzilla, (7) Manda's face looks a million times better than it did in Atragon but he still looks the same overall.(8)Minya is the same suit as the previous movie,(9)Rodan face looks pretty ugly and looks like someone smashed it it into ground so hard, (10)BARAGON and (11) VARAN looks fine even though there on screen for two seconds . Before we forget like talk about the Kilaaks the pretty boring and forgettable they want to be take over earth even though they can't stand the cold. They don't do anything but stand there and talk. The XLIENS where much better villain and they feet threatening. Also they didn't have a stupid weakness like the Kilaaks. Also you got see there technology and got to see of there planet and how they operated . You don't get with the KILAAKS. Getting off topic but the blu ray for this movie looks greats there is still some grain but the colors really pop and quality looks good.Despite its problems go right right ahead and watch DESTROY ALL MONSTERS.
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The ultimate godzilla movie
theromanempire-17 June 2019
This is the best of the best. the real deal. if u love Godzilla films this is where u start. in this film u get to see all monsters that paraded through various Godzilla films over the years. except from well known Godzilla subordinate monsters like mothra....ghidorah and rodan u get to see a lot more obscure rarely seen monsters like the great dragon-snake manda and varan the unbelievable among others. all the monsters are here to enjoy them in battle. don't confuse this movie with the failed 2004 final wars movie which also have all monsters but is not worth it. this late 60s version is the one to get

Grade // A +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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Giant Monster free for all
vampi19607 August 2006
Destroy All Monsters when i first seen it was a monster free for all, almost every Japanese monster except gammera(he's from a rival Japanese company)OK heres the cast of monsters;Godzilla,mothra,rodan,Manda(giant serpent)aspiga(giant spider)gorosaurus(a t-Rex)varan(flying lizard) minya(Godzilla's son)angirus(porcupine like monster)those are the good ones,evil aliens come to earth for domination,and have king ghidrah with them.the monsters at first attack all major cities of the world,Godzilla in new york city,rodan Moscow,mothra Peking,gorosaurus Paris,etc; etc;its major chaos.will the monsters destroy the world? will the alien kilaaks conquer earth?will Godzilla run for mayor of new york? find out in this exciting Japanese monster free for all.personally i liked the older American international version better then the re dubbed newer version.its no classic but its a very fun Japanese monster romp,king ghidrah against all the monsters,he's brave.8 out of 10.recommended.
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go go Godzilla
winner552 August 2006
destroy all monsters is the one old school Godzilla film that you must see.

first, of course, It effectively sums up the series to that point, by explaining the inter-connectedness of all the essential toho monsters. it also revealed the deep relationship between the Godzilla films and the toho sci-fi films of the same period - e.g. the mysterians.

however, all this 'interconnecting' did the one thing that really drew the fans of these films all-together, in a way the producers may not have intended - after a decade of debate among film fans, it was no longer possible to maintain that these films were not essentially silly and badly made. which, far from alienating the grounding audience for the Godzilla films, actually brought them all togetrher and gave them an identity - if we could agree on nothing else, we could at least agree that the Godzilla films were absolute trash, and yet funny as hell.

if you still think you have a brain on your shoulders, wait till you see Godzilla and his friends decide - and, yes, they are the ones to make the decision - that earth must be saved from ghidirah, the space monster. wait until you see, for yourself, the marvelous professional wrestling moves these rubber lizards pull on ghidirah - and in tag-team, no less. meanwhile, the earthling heroes debate whether the enemy planet is too hot to land on; but even so, they do land on it, and despite the inevitable destruction of their space-ship - which miraculously never happens - they reduce the aliens to little rock-lizards that are fairly harmless, if kept in the cooler...

oh, bliss - but there is really too much wonder to relate here - you simply must accept that this movie is good for you - and if it isn't, it's fun anyway, huh - of course, the real star of this film is the big green guy - to hell with special effects - 'oh no - there goes Tokyo - go go Godzilla'
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