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It makes virtually no sense, but the costumes are fetishistic gems and the set design trips the light fantastic. A camp classic.
Barbarella is a pure goof -- Vadim called it a kind of sexual Alice in Wonderland of the future -- and Fonda seems to have reveled in every sexy, campy moment.
Slant Magazine
A rambling, shaggy-dog structure as an excuse to flagrantly foreground softcore sexual hijinks tinged with a pungent whiff of social commentary.
Time Out
Terry Southern's dialogue occasionally sparkles, and the imaginative designs, as shot by Claude Renoir, look really splendid.
The screenplay - co-written by novelist Terry Southern - is intentionally ludicrous, but the fashions rule.
Cheerful, kitsch and camp.
It’s at once smirky and tedious, and a missed opportunity to boot.
Comic-strip buffs, science-fiction fans and admirers of the human mammae will get a run for their money in Barbarella and will probably provide Barbarella with enough money for a run. Other moviegoers need take no notice.
The movie, written by Terry Southern and seven other writers and based upon a comic strip, rapidly becomes a special kind of mess. All the gadgetry of science fiction—which is not really science fiction, since it has no poetry or logic—is turned to all kinds of jokes, which are not jokes, but hard-breathing, sadistic thrashings, mainly at the expense of Barbarella, and of women.
Vadim's direction is pretty tedious, and his main aim seems to be titillation.

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