Bandolero! (1968) Poster


Raquel Welch: Maria Stoner



  • Dee Bishop : Mace, you think we could make a go of it in Montana?

    Mace Bishop : Dee, there's a town up there called Missoula. Prettiest little place you ever saw.

    Dee Bishop : What about the Indians?

    Mace Bishop : And the Rockies, they're snow-capped, and the slopes are forested. And there are lots of lakes and valleys.

    Dee Bishop : What about the Indians?

    Mace Bishop : And there's deer in Montana, Dee. And antelope, and elk, and black bear. And the...

    Dee Bishop : Mace, what about the Indians?

    Mace Bishop : What Indians?

    Dee Bishop : Ain't there no Indians in Montana?

    Mace Bishop : Well, they - a few.

    Dee Bishop : Ain't the Northern Cheyenne in Montana?

    Mace Bishop : The Nor - well, Northern Cheyenne in Mon - I, I wouldn't lie to you.

    Dee Bishop : And the Crow, and the Sioux?

    Mace Bishop : Well, they're around...

    Dee Bishop : What else, Mace?

    Mace Bishop : Listen, Dee...

    Dee Bishop : What else?

    Mace Bishop : Well, they, they - Blackfeet and Chippewa...

    Dee Bishop : Some Cree?

    Mace Bishop : Yes. Yes, there are Cree in Montana.

    Dee Bishop : And the Shoshone, and the Kutenai, and the Stoney...

    Mace Bishop : Just what are you tryin' to say?

    Dee Bishop : I'm trying to say there's a lot of gosh-darn Indians in Montana, Mace!

    Maria Stoner : [rolls her eyes]  Ooh.

  • Maria Stoner : Mr. Carter, I was a whore at 13, and my family of 12 never went hungry.

    [referring to her younger brothers and sisters] 

  • Maria Stoner : This is the first time I have been in my country since I left.

  • Mace Bishop : How'd you come to marry your husband, Mrs. Stoner?

    Maria Stoner : He bought me, Mr. Bishop. He found me in the backroom of a Cantina. He liked me. And, he bought me. He gave my father 5 cows - and a gun. It made my father the richest man in our village.

  • Maria Stoner : So, the old bastardo is not as tough as he smells.

  • Maria Stoner : From here south - is the Territorio Bandolero.

    Dee Bishop : Well, what's that? Territorio Bandolero?

    Maria Stoner : Bandit country. They kill every gringo they can find.

    Dee Bishop : You don't look too worried.

    Maria Stoner : I am not a gringo,

  • Maria Stoner : I thought he was your friend?

    Dee Bishop : He is, but that don't make him any less disgusting. You take Pop, for instance. He was due to be shot the day he was born. And that heart of his is nothing more but a festering sore.

  • Maria Stoner : Sheriff?

    Sheriff July Johnson : My friends call me, Ju-ly, ma'am. I wish you were one. Well, I tell you what ma'am, I'll be your friend and you just don't bother about bein' mine.

  • Maria Stoner : You didn't have to do this!

    Dee Bishop : I didn't do it, he did it. If he hadn't a done it, I'd a done it.

  • Maria Stoner : How does a man become an animal like you?

  • Muncie Carter : And this is the last one Mrs. Stoner.

    [Maria is signing papers in the bank] 

    Muncie Carter : Well, the unfortunate demise of your husband has left you quite a sizable estate.

    Maria Stoner : What you mean Señor is that the death of my husband has made me the wealthiest woman in this county.

    Muncie Carter : Well, its quite a jump for a little a...

    [Maria glares at him] 

    Muncie Carter : ... girl from south of the border.

    Maria Stoner : I have to be going.

    Muncie Carter : Mrs. Stoner! It might be wise if we discuss the disposition of your ranch.

    Maria Stoner : Disposition?

    Muncie Carter : Yes, several weeks ago I had a discussion with Nathan about a possible sale. I made him an offer, he seemed quite agreeable.

    Maria Stoner : The ranch is not for sale.

    Muncie Carter : But surely you don't expect to live out there... .

    Maria Stoner : [Interrupting him]  I intend to keep it.

    Muncie Carter : But you don't intend to run it! No woman in her right mind would attempt to operate a 150,000 acre spread.

    Maria Stoner : Whether or not I succeed in operating it Mister Carter, is not your concern. I can take care of myself.

    Muncie Carter : I think you overestimate your ability Mrs. Stoner.

    Maria Stoner : Perhaps I do. Good day Mr. Carter.

    [Begins to leave, turns around glaring at Carter] 

    Maria Stoner : Mr. Carter! I was a whore at thirteen and my family of twelve never went hungry.

  • Sheriff July Johnson : [Has spirited Maria away from the main group and brings her to a place where she will sleep alone]  This isn't much but it's the best I could find. You'll be safe here.

    Maria Stoner : I was not worried about my safety.

    Sheriff July Johnson : You don't have to be with them Bishops now.

    Maria Stoner : You know... I like them.

    Sheriff July Johnson : Beg your pardon ma'am?

    Maria Stoner : [Sitting down on the cot]  I said, I like them. Both of them.

    Sheriff July Johnson : [Visibly dejected, July turns to leave but then turns around and takes off his hat and with a hopeful smile addresses Maria]  I'd like to talk to you about something Maria.

    Maria Stoner : You have ridden a long way for nothing July if you have come for me.

    Sheriff July Johnson : Look, I'm stable.

    Maria Stoner : I know!

    Sheriff July Johnson : And I'm reliable.

    Maria Stoner : [Trying to be kind]  I know July, but don't you understand...

    Sheriff July Johnson : Roscoe told me that just 'cause I like you, you don't have to like me back and that's the truth but... .

    [Maria stands up and walks away turning her back to July] 

    Sheriff July Johnson : [Noticeably defeated]  What are you looking for ma'am?

    Maria Stoner : Nothing

    [turns around facing him] 

    Maria Stoner : . I have found it.

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