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5 Jan. 1970
Episode #3.16
Guest James Garner appears as a police officer, an Indian, and someone thrown into jail. The cast finds the voice of the "Silent Majority." Mod World focuses on the American Indian.
12 Jan. 1970
Episode #3.17
Jonathan Winters becomes Maude Prickett who visits the Farkle family. Later Maudie is on the park bench with Arte's old man and Buzzi's purse woman. Mod, Mod World looks at the American tourist. Arte addresses militant Eskimos.
19 Jan. 1970
Episode #3.18
Peter Lawford appears as a telegraph messenger who is sent th the Farkle household. He then portrays George Washington and a British Colonial Officer. General Bull Right expresses his opinion on today's youth.
23 Feb. 1970
Episode #3.23
Ringo Starr is forefront in a number of skits. Arte Johnson as little old man buys a wedding ring for Gladys Ormsby played by Ruth Buzzi. Henry Gibson is an inept skyjacker. The Pentagon wins Fickle Finger of Fate for the third time.
2 Mar. 1970
Episode #3.24
Guest Danny Kaye is a rival chef to Arte Johnson in the Italian king's kitchen. Then Kaye is the bride's father to Ruth Buzzi's Gladys. The cast looks at the generation gap. Ernestine places a call to LA mayor Sam Yorty.
14 Sep. 1970
Episode #4.1
Sketches include Intro to Lily's tasteful lady and Ruth's friendly lady (hooker), Art's employment agency, Cocktail party, Tyrone F. Hornie and Gladys, Dick Martin swizzlers, Sneak a peek at stiffie, Art and the electric chair, News of the past, present, and future, and Jilly says goodnight. Featuring Art Carney, Chet Dowling, Jilly Rizzo, and Carol Ann Richards.
28 Sep. 1970
Episode #4.3
Goldie Hawn returns. Ruth Buzzi, Lily Tomlin, Alan Sues, and Goldie sing a song regarding the rumors about Goldie's life. The cast takes a look at women's lib. Goldie as Sparkle Farkle brings her fiancee to meet the family.
5 Oct. 1970
Episode #4.4
Guest Ken Berry portrays a tap dancer, a stockbroker, and King Henry VIII at his worse in various skits. The entire cast takes a humorous look at the funeral business. The Department of Interior is awarded the Fickle Finger of Fate.
12 Oct. 1970
Episode #4.5
Special guest Tim Conway is a caveman, a ballet dancer, and a hard hat in various sketches. The theme of the show is the world of alcohol. The Farkle family returns, welcoming Flipper as portrayed by Mr. Conway.
26 Oct. 1970
Episode #4.7
Halloween special Boo-In sketches include Things that go bump in the night song, Ruth the fortune teller, Orson and Alan's monster sketch, Spooky cocktail party, Vincent on the joke wall, Trick or treat runners, Orson goes to the dry cleaner's, and Witch burning. Featuring Orson Welles, Billy Barnes, and Vincent Price.
9 Nov. 1970
Episode #4.9
Guest Carl Reiner portrays William Shakespeare and the first occupant of a honeymoon suite. He appears as Marty Farkle in a Farkle family skit. The Mod Mod World looks at the news media.
23 Nov. 1970
Episode #4.11
The show welcomes Desi Arnaz who plays a sky jacker and a bum. Arte Johnson tries to fix a sink which refuses to work. The cast features the world of brevity. Dennis as Eric Clarified discusses troop withdrawal.
14 Dec. 1970
Episode #4.14
Guest Debbie Reynolds portrays Charlie Chaplin and a circus knife thrower. She plays a flight attendant for Burbank Airlines. The Farkle family welcomes Fifi the black sheep who's Debbie. The cast parodies old time movie stars.
28 Dec. 1970
Episode #4.15
Sam Yorty, mayor of Los Angeles, has his story portrayed. The cast does a year end review of 1970. Political conservative William F. Buckley offers commentary on women's lib and the population explosion.

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