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4 Jan. 1973
Run, Lincoln, Run
Linc tries to save his cabby friend from loan sharks.
18 Jan. 1973
Don't Kill My Child
A father is suspected of beating his own son.
25 Jan. 1973
Death in High Places
The trio's investigation of a cover-up in a construction-site murder leads them to a pair of bad heavies.
1 Feb. 1973
Put Out the Welcome Mat for Death
The trio investigates a euthanasia that may turn out to be murder. The accused man, who killed his terminally ill wife, claims she was in intolerable pain, but doctors say she was receiving too much morphine to be suffering that much.
8 Feb. 1973
Scion of Death
The parents of a kidnapped young man give the trio a hard time with their silence.
15 Feb. 1973
The Night Holds Terror
Julie is trapped in a strange house with an escaped lunatic.
22 Feb. 1973
Cry Uncle
The visit of Captain Greer's uncle, a painter, may have something to do with a series of art thefts.
1 Mar. 1973
And Once for My Baby
An imaginative thief plots a spectacular heist. The trio hopes to stop it before it happens, but they learn of another urgency.

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