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19 Feb. 1996
1696: Transformations
Storyteller Gay Ducy shares one of her favorite tales. Mister Rogers tells children that things may change on the outside, but what's essential is on the inside and that doesn't change. A mysterious package is delivered to Make-Believe.
20 Feb. 1996
1697: Transformations
A juggler on a unicycle delights Mister Rogers who watches closely while she performs. In Make-Believe, a magical package keeps appearing and disappearing. And Mister Rogers shows a video about how things change in nature.
21 Feb. 1996
1698: Transformations
Mister Rogers wears a wig and glasses and helps children know that he's still himself inside. He shows a "funny, fast film" of how his television house is set up in the studio. In Make-Believe, Lady Aberlin is wearing a wig and glasses too.
22 Feb. 1996
1699: Transformations
Mister Rogers shows how sheets of metal can be transformed into wagons in a factory where people make wagons. In Make-Believe, Purple Panda is visiting. Mister Rogers shows the drains and pipes in the bathroom of his television house.
23 Feb. 1996
1700: Transformations
Mister Rogers helps children understand growing and changing when he visits with baby ducklings at the McFeely's and shows a video of how they are born. In Make-Believe, there's a mysterious package that brings a loving message for all.
22 Jul. 1996
1701: Helping
Mister Rogers talks about helping when he visits the McFeelys who are helping a neighbor by puppy-sitting. He shows a video of ways people are helpers. In Make-Believe, Lady Elaine is afraid of vacuum cleaner noises but won't ask for help.
23 Jul. 1996
1702: Helping
Mister Rogers shows how people make vacuum cleaners and visits with Jabali Afrika, a dynamic musical group from Kenya. In Make-Believe, Lady Elaine has a nightmare about sweepers and is determined to rid the world of them.
24 Jul. 1996
1703: Helping
Mister Rogers visits B. Smith at her restaurant in New York and meets others who work there, too. Together they make a sweet treat. In Make-Believe, Lady Elaine has been gathering up every vacuum cleaner so they can't scare her.
25 Jul. 1996
1704: Helping
Mister Rogers draws with chalk and shows a video of how people make chalk. He goes to visit a calligrapher who helps him learn some basic techniques. In Make-Believe, the neighbors want to help Lady Elaine with her fear of vacuum cleaners.
26 Jul. 1996
1705: Helping
Purple Panda sings a song that helps Lady Elaine overcome her fear of "vacuum sweepers". Rogers' visits an inner-city arts center for children in Los Angeles.
26 Aug. 1996
1706: Brave and Strong
Mister Rogers helps children know that real bravery comes from inside. He visits a tae kwon doe class to see how the children learn self-defense. There's a video of how people make cereal, and In Make-Believe, it's snowing cereal.
27 Aug. 1996
1707: Brave and Strong
Rogers' friend Brad Brewer, a knitter and puppeteer, talks of the puppets and puppet shows he has performed in. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Elsie Jean Platypus explains that the cereal stopped falling on the Platypus Mound when she wasn't afraid of it. But Daniel is afraid of the cereal snowfall on his Clock.
28 Aug. 1996
1708: Brave and Strong
Rogers visits the McFeelys' house to see the lambs they are babysitting. Mr. McFeely plays a videotape on how lambs are sheared. The Neighborhood of Make-Believe sends armor-clad King Friday to the Clock, where he will attempt to command the cereal to stop falling. But only Daniel's presence at the Clock can stop the downpour.
29 Aug. 1996
1709: Brave and Strong
Mister Rogers gets an immunization and helps children with feelings about going to the doctor and getting a shot, encouraging them to play about it. In Make-Believe, Daniel's friends help him find the courage to stop the snowing cereal.
30 Aug. 1996
1710: Brave and Strong
With the crisis at the Neighborhood of Make-Believe over, Daniel asks that his pile of fallen cereal should be distributed to the people who need it most. A forklift is just the tool to cart boxes of cereal from the Clock.

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