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Season 3

14 Sep. 1970
Emmett's Domestic Problem
Martha decides to go into business for herself and open a boutique. Emmett assumes it won't last long but in the first week she does twice as much business as he does. Now he has to deal his wife being a bigger success than he is.
21 Sep. 1970
Sensitivity Training
While on a date a woman tells Howard he's too stuffy and could benefit from sensitivity training. Howard decides to go to an encounter group and afterwards he is so different no one knows what to make of him.
28 Sep. 1970
Goober's New Gas Station
Goober opens his gas station in a new location closer to Mayberry. Things become complicated when dinosaur bones are discovered on the site.
5 Oct. 1970
The New Housekeeper
Sam's cousin, Alice Cooper, is now out of the Army and comes for a visit. She decides to move in and take the place of the departed Aunt Bea but finds it hard to relate to the people in Mayberry.
12 Oct. 1970
All for Charity
When it's time for the Church pageant, Mike is reluctant to play a rabbit. Sam tells him he has to be willing to do his part even if it's personally embarrassing. And then Millie asks Sam to play the role of the dancing Pan.
19 Oct. 1970
Emmett is starting to worry about his receding hairline and considers getting a toupee.
26 Oct. 1970
Millie, the Best-Dressed Woman
Millie is voted "best dressed" woman in Mayberry, so she goes all out on a new wardrobe; only to discover in the end that her own style is best after all.
2 Nov. 1970
Howard's Nephew
Howard invites his nephew Spud to come visit him in Mayberry, not realizing that he's a hippie, and out of place with the locals. Spud wants to live the life of Thoreau and Howard decides to let him try it.
9 Nov. 1970
Goober, the Housekeeper
Mr. Fremont lets Goober house sit for him and have free use of his Rolls Royce. When Goober goes to a fancy restaurant for lunch he meets pretty Diane, and her social climbing mother, and is afraid to admit he's not what they think he is.
16 Nov. 1970
Millie's Dream
Millie has dreams in which bad things happen to Sam and Howard. Sam and Howard don't believe her until things from her dream start to happen.
23 Nov. 1970
Community Spirit
When Sam needs his house painted his friends get together and offer to paint it for free. Sam reluctantly agrees and then worries that he will get exactly what he "paid" for.
30 Nov. 1970
The Harp
Sam's cousin, Alice, finds a harp at an antique shop and buys it. She has plans to learn how to play it for her own enjoyment but her music teacher wants her to prepare for a recital.
7 Dec. 1970
The Bicycle Club
Sam, Goober and Howard want to start a bike club but are afraid to include Emmett because of his age.
14 Dec. 1970
Mike's Project
Sam helps Mike with his school project, only to turn it into a competition with another student's father.
28 Dec. 1970
Howard, the Dream Spinner
Howard gets a big head when he starts hosting a TV show. Goober and Emmett decide to play a trick on him that backfires in a big way.
11 Jan. 1971
Millie's Egg Farm
When an egg farm goes up for sale Millie decides to buy it even though she has no idea on how to run one.
18 Jan. 1971
The Kid from Hong Kong
To everyone's surprise, Mike contributes his money to an overseas charity and becomes the adoptive parent of a young girl in Hong Kong.
25 Jan. 1971
The Moon Rocks
Sam arranges for an old friend from NASA to show Howard some Moon rocks as long as he keeps it a secret. But it's never easy to keep a secret in Mayberry, especially when Goober is involved.
8 Feb. 1971
The World Traveler
Emmett and Martha travel to the UK and Paris. Much to Martha's dismay, Emmett plans to do the trip "on the cheap"!
15 Feb. 1971
Goober, the Elder
After being nominated to serve as a church elder, Goober accidentally gets involved in a gambling game using the church offering.
22 Feb. 1971
Alice and the Professor
Cousin Alice's harp teacher takes a liking to her. Is there a wedding on the horizon?
1 Mar. 1971
Howard, the Swinger
Howard moves to a swinging singles apartment complex in Mount Pilot.
8 Mar. 1971
Mike's Car
Goober sells Mike a car that does not run. Or so he thinks. Mike gets it going & the real trouble starts.
15 Mar. 1971
Goober, the Hero
Goober leads a hike and gets lost in a cave.
22 Mar. 1971
The City Planner
With Sam expecting a city planner to keep him busy for a week, Millie decides to go visit out of town. When the planner turns out to be an attractive woman, everyone worries about them spending so much time together.
29 Mar. 1971
Emmett's Invention
Emmett gets into trouble for bragging about inventing a patent.

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