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A series NOT of its time
Ripshin22 November 2005
Recently, I watched the four-DVD set highlighting episodes from the several seasons of this show. Considering that the final years of this ratings winner ran concurrently with such sophisticated CBS series as "Mary Tyler Moore" and "Bob Newhart," it is surprising that it lasted as long as it did. I suppose it filled a void, but seeing Lucy cavort in what is basically a fifties-format sitcom that played in the turbulent 60s/70s, is still a bit of a shock.

Granted, the production quality is great, and the near-Technicolor hues are beautiful, but the plots are hackneyed, at best.

Lucy would once again rehash the format in the disastrous "Life with Lucy" misfire of the mid-eighties.

This series plays better than its previous existence as "The Lucy Show," which itself was a mutation of "The Lucille Ball Show." Business considerations in 1968 required Lucy to reformat the show, in order to maintain ownership. Plus, she finally made it a total family affair. Lucie and Desi Jr. are fine in their roles, albeit with a tendency to over-emote. Gale Gordon is an acquired taste, although he is always the consummate professional in whatever shenanigans the script requires.

The "extras" on the DVD set are quite revealing. Lucy was known as being tyrannical on the set, and it is quite evident in the outtakes and behind-the-scenes bits. Also, it is quite disconcerting to watch Lucy blatantly read the cue-cards in almost every episode.

Vivian Vance and Ball always had great chemistry, and the episodes joining the two are among the best. The guest-star format got a bit ridiculous in this series, with seemingly 75% of the episodes revolving around a celebrity.

Gary Morton, Lucy's husband, executive produced the show, as he did its previous lives throughout the 60s. He was also the warm-up for the show, as seen in the DVD extras. I hate to say it, but there was a reason he didn't find the success that many of his fellow Borscht Belt comedians enjoyed. Obviously, Lucy wanted a producer she could control. In the outtakes, you see her yelling "cut" time and time again, and believe me, that practice isn't kosher in the business.

Certainly, I recommend catching a few episodes of this series, if only to see how a top-notch comedienne manages to strait-jacket herself with a format that limits her own talents.
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Follow The Funny Dancing Doll!
happipuppi1330 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I had the wonderful luck of finding the 24 episode/4 DVD package of "Here's Lucy" at my local library this week! Overthe past 3 days I have watched each included show and the DVD extras. I had not seen a "Here's Lucy" episode since 1978 and it was great to see the ones i have never seen! I'll tell you all out there this much,if i had to rate "Lucy" series in a top 5 list,this would be an extremely close 2nd to "I Love Lucy".

The shows are somewhat topical (for late 60s-early 70s TV) and very well written. No,they're not Shakespeare or a toned down All In The Family",but the shows are simply just "funny". If you don't laugh when you watch this,you may want to see your Dr. to find out if he removed your funny bone or heart! There are plenty of "guest stars" to see and not only do they do the old "Run,it's that red-head" routine,they also do shows that they team up with her and her kids and entertain with song and dance.

Believe it or not,the show is not corny at all! 100% wonderful. I have to say the only odd episode is where Lucy,Uncle Harry,Kim and Craig travel to an Air Force Acedemy in Colorado to see about it for Craig. Very bizarre! Loook for re-runs or the DVD. Well worth it and I give "Here's Lucy" 10 stars!
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not as fun as "The Lucy Show," but still interesting
jgepperson22 December 2005
I recently watched quite a bit of a 4-DVD set of "Here's Lucy!" episodes including extras such as rehearsal footage, syndication sales tapes, Thalians award show, commentary by Lucie and Desi, Jr., etc.

In spite of Lucy's neediness, bitterness, volume and high vocal pitch, I quite enjoyed her honed technique, especially in the Burton/Taylor episode where she seems to really give a damn.

Also, her clothes are very chic for the most part (nicer than all the other actors' costumes) and I especially loved the once-familiar "fallout shelter" sign in the hallway outside Uncle Harry's office! The dance number Ann-Margret does with Desi, Jr. is something to behold. The Wayne Newton episode, believe it or not, is fun. And Lucy, Lucie and Ginger Rogers dancing the Charleston is cute. Lucy loved a Charleston!

The animated Lucy puppet during the credits is adorable, but you get sick of it if you watch too many episodes!

What I really want to see are "The Lucy Show" (before "Here's Lucy!") episodes and extras, when Viv was Lucy's housemate and there were three kids living with them (not Lucy's own kids).
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Keep Your Memories: Don't Watch It
pfeffermuse11 August 2008
If you have fond memories of "Here's Lucy" from your childhood, the easiest way to retain them is never to re-watch this series. The plots are trite; the jokes are flat; and the overacting by both Lucille Ball and Gale Gordon is painful to watch.

At one time, Lucy had been the queen of television comedy, but that had been with the benefit of talented writers and a brilliant cast. Without those, Lucy is left to rely only on physical comedy, and that alone cannot carry a show, no matter the laughtrack volume.

I'm convinced that the only reason this series was a ratings success on CBS was that viewers had been watching some version of Lucy on Monday nights since the early '50s, and they were unaware that they could change the channel.
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I love this show.
larrymp1 May 2002
I have always been a fan of Lucille Ball. She is the greatest commedienne of all time. To see here working with her own children was wonderful. Gale Gordon and Lucy had chemistry. You do not find that too often in a lot of television shows. This by far one of the greatest shows since "I Love Lucy."
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A child watching "Here's Lucy" .... and loving it!
lambiepie-215 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I was a mere child when "Here's Lucy" aired first run on television and I loved it. But here's the thing: my mom and dad...hated it. Why? They were BIG fans of "I Love Lucy" and by the time this came on, they thought Lucy was all worn out without Ricky and the Mertzes, and it was time for her to go to pasture. Me? I never saw "I love Lucy" (A few years later when I entered grade school and would come home for lunch, it would be on in repeats and that's where my interest for that show came in!) so I had no previous opinion of her work.

But not me - I was a child and this appealed to me like Saturday Morning Cartoons. I loved the little dancing doll of Lucille Ball. You ask me, the whole show should have been that dancing doll at my young age.

I loved the overblown colors, I didn't get ALL of the humor but I liked watching Lucy, and her teen children. That's what appealed to me the most:The teens. As a child who had quite a bit to go towards teen-hood, watching these teens interested me as adults did at the time. And if you ask me, that's basically what this series was about: a single mom trying to raise her "hip" teen children and having a really crappy job with a really crappy/silly boss. It was the "sign of the times" and "Here's Lucy" was reflective of it.

Now here's the thing: I don't quite remember the "guest stars" - maybe that could be because I didn't know WHO they were. My parents knew ALL of them and maybe that is what influenced them the most about this show - where it did nothing for me.

There's the 'generation gap' for ya - those that know and have established views and those that don't and like what they see for the first time. For my generation, this was fun for its time - even though re-watching it NOW, as an adult...I can see what my parents were talking about. But even so, I still loved that dancing doll of Lucille Ball.
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Thank you Luci and Desi Jr. for the DVD set!
big_bellied_geezer13 October 2005
I highly recommend this set to Lucy fans. I think it is very well produced and I appreciate the voice over's done by Luci and Desi Jr.

However.....If I were to suggest a few things, I would rather have this show released in a complete season by season format instead of selected episodes. For instance, the Mary Tyler Moore shows would be a good example of how to release this as they are being released (although very very slowly) in a season by season packaging format. I'm not sure this will happen with "Here's Lucy" but it would sure be here's hoping for some future volumes of this great show on DVD. Highly recommended to all even though I wished they would release ALL the shows instead of selected episodes. I give it 10 stars!
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"Nude Painting" fiasco or the first I saw 'Here's Lucy'
Baldach29 May 2003
Recently I was volunteering at the local library sorting used donations. These used items are resold to pay for community programs such as guest speakers. Volunteers have first chance to purchase donated items. I was intrigued when I came across a VCR tape with the written title "Nude Painting". I was intrigued and purchased the tape thinking it was a program on how to paint nude models. However, I was treated to an 'Here's Lucy' episode where Lucille models to help a frustrated painter sell his paintings. The painter was portrayed by Danny Thomas. This was first time I had seen the show 'Here's Lucy' and I was impressed. I had expected a corny outdated show instead I was treated to a pretty good comedy show that made me laugh. Whether I was laughing at myself for being fooled, or at the comic routines I don't know.
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bigfoot12711 July 2007
I am lucky where I am they air "Heres Lucy" on weekdays so I have seen many episodes. Here's Lucy isn't as good as "I Love Lucy" but it does have its laughs. I am a fan of Lucille Ball, and Gale Gordon, and I think they did a good show. The only thing which I dislike about the series is the singing and dancing acts. Also the show relies a lot on guest stars. There are episodes which will make you laugh and others which aren't as funny. It is nice seeing Lucy work with her kids though. I can't really compare this show though to "The Lucy Show" since I have only seen about thirty episodes most of being color. But overall this series is very well done. Not as good as "I Love Lucy" but its still worth watching.
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More Classic Lucy
earlytalkie2 October 2011
"The Lucy Show" ended in 1968 after Lucille Ball sold her beloved Desilu studios to Paramount. With the studio went the property known as "The Lucy Show". But Lucy still wanted to entertain us, so she commissioned a slightly different format which would include what was the "Lucy Carmichael" character, with a slight change of name to "Lucy Carter", with the happy inclusion of her real-life children, Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz, Jr. This is what Lucy truly wanted, to make her show a "family affair". The series continued it's "guest star" format from the later "Lucy Shows", and returned the star to playing a mother, which was somewhat reminiscent of the early "Lucy Shows". While I haven't seen "Here's Lucy" for many years, due to the fact that the shows rerun rights are owned by a different company than the previous "Lucy" series, I have seen the sparkling restorations on DVD, and the show holds up very well, indeed. It is bittersweet indeed to witness Lucy in an episode with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton and realize that they are gone now. Lucy is a legend, thank god she has left us such a legacy of laughter.
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I want this show on DVD in season sets!!
sigmapi3023 January 2008
Lucille Ball is the greatest comic of all time. Here's Lucy was a fun, campy show. It was great to see Lucy, Gale, and Lucy's kids all acting together. Fans now have the complete series of I Love Lucy and The Lucy Desi Comedy Hour. I would love to see Here's Lucy released as season sets on DVD. I hope to see complete series releases of The Lucy Show, Here's Lucy, and Life With Lucy. All of these shows are important parts of Lucy's television history. If you haven't voted yet, please do so at Maybe we will get some good news on a future release!! The more votes, the more fans can show their enthusiasm!! Can you imagine owning all the Lucy shows in your own collection?!?!?
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Lucy, you can't do the show!
Stvdel229 January 2018
If you loved I Love Lucy, then you probably watched this. Both shows starred Lucille Ball, but that's where the similarity ends. I love Lucy was a nutty, hilariously funny, ground breaking show. Here's Lucy was a tiresome, vapid, 3 camera bore featuring a 60 year old woman acting like an idiot. Her marginally talented children added nothing to the show. This show was so bad, that The Lucy Show was enjoyable in comparison. Watch Ricky and Fred instead.
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stronzetto19 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
My partner got this on DVD before we moved in together. After watching four episodes (those with "Shelley Summers," Liz 'n' Dick, Ann-Margret, and Wayne Newton), I was ready to go into relationship counseling.

What were the audience members laughing at? Why did Lucie's lip-synch of "Danke Schoen" elicit wild applause from the audience--was Lucy pointing an uzi at them? Who thought that Lucy's tired old schtick when she couldn't get Liz Taylor's ring off her hand (yes, folks, it was the hand-behind-the-curtain bit, older than moon rocks but only half as funny) was anything other than wince inducing?

What am I missing here?

I am I too jaded? Did I spend too much of my life watching sophisticated, socially relevant sitcoms like Maude, All in the Family, Murphy Brown, Roseanne, Sports Night, Arrested Development, and the Simpsons? Why can't I enjoy this show? Heck, as a native Upstate New Yorker, I *should* be cheering for my country(wo)man.

My sister and partner call Lucy a "comedic genius." Who would have thought that I would be in an LTR with someone who refers to her as "The Divine Ms. Ball"? I concede that I'm in the minority, but, like Cassandra, I have to tell the truth. For me, there is no questioning it: this is television's lowest point.
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Lucille Ball And Her Kids Were Awful
Dalbert Pringle16 May 2018
OK. I agree. Back in the 1950s - Lucille Ball may have been the funniest woman on television.

But - Hello!?? - In the late-1960s (with her pushing 60) - Lucille Ball (and her predictable hair-brained schtick) was downright stale, irritating, and, yes, an utter bore like you wouldn't believe.

And, to make the matter of comedy worse - In "Here's Lucy" - Ball's 2 real-life children, Desi and Lucie (both in their teens) played key characters in the show.

And, to say that these 2 whippersnappers had no talent as performers in TV comedy would truly be an understatement like no other.

Anyway - "Here's Lucy" is yet another one of those tired, mediocre TV shows whose endurance defies common sense, as it actually lasted for 6 seasons.
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That Dancing Doll...
Jay Thompson25 March 2006
Yes, it's me again. The boy from Melbourne who reviews trash he watched in his childhood, perhaps for catharsis or to kill spare hours...

As for 'Here's Lucy'... I haven't seen this programme since 1992, when it last surfaced on free-to-air television in Australia. And I thought (hoped) the memories were fading when this show popped up in a conversation.

And that's when it happened. When I realised those memories weren't far away ...

The garish colours, the guest stars, Gale Gordon's bluster...Lucy's red hair, Lucie's screech, the musical numbers ... the dancing doll, Desi jnr, (very) dated humour ...

At the time of HL's 1992 Australian broadcast, one reviewer compared it to the after-effects of a carbohydrate-heavy meal. I agree with this reviewer. I'm not a fan of Lucy B.'s humour, and esp not this programme. But I'm glad i caught it all those years ago, if only to say i saw one of the most outrageously and unapologetically kitsch shows ever to haunt the history of television.
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Lucy Grows Up & So Do Her Kids
DKosty12319 September 2008
This was to be the least successful of Lucy's series but yet is not a big loss from the Lucy Show. It actually kind of spun in from the old show with almost no break. The difference is Lucy is finally considered more mature in her role here.

A lot of the same folks who worked on her previous series as writers and guest stars (Milton Berle for example) are here too. Lucie Arnez and Desi Jr. came on board here with mom. Some of us teens thought Lucie Arnez was pretty attractive when we saw her. She never got the chance to try as much comedy as mom was still the star.

While this is not quite as strong as the earlier series, it still has some great moments. The divorced mom character struck a cord as in real life this woman was becoming more common. The only thing is most divorced moms in real life were bitter while Lucy was funny. I take funny over bitter myself, but that is why this show like many situation comedies put a little realty in, but still were living in a never-never land.
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jsosa-114 November 2006
It bewilders me at the thought that Lucy still wanted to bring back her wacky and zany character after 6 years on "I Love Lucy" and several years on "The Lucy Show." "Here's Lucy" is more of the same. The box set that is available now is a best of, from all the shows. Which is better idea than actually releasing all the episodes considering many of them were mediocre---at best. The special features in the set is worth the price alone with bloopers and home movies from the show. A rare glimpse into Lucille Ball as a performer and producer.

This show is not "I Love Lucy." It will not make you laugh the same way. "I Love Lucy" made you laugh out loud. All the sitcoms that followed will have you snicker and giggle at most. The reason why is because there very few jokes and funny dialogue between the characters. It is heavily depended on physical comedy by Lucy. A lot of bits and scenes are updated or revised versions of classic scenes in "I Love Lucy." Gale Gordon's character is tired and worn. Lucy's kids make this show a little more entertaining. But without them, this show would not have lasted as long as it has.

Don't expect much here. This show is a C+.
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