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1 Jan. 1969
After a Dream, Comes Mourning
Biddy and Clancy talk about the first days of the brides arriving in Seattle. When the brides arrived, there was no housing for them, and the men had to build it overnight.
8 Jan. 1969
The Log Jam
The other men feel the pressure when news spreads of Jeremy's proposal to Candy.
15 Jan. 1969
The Firemaker
The Bolts and Stemple want a log flue built in a location that would help their own interests. They decide the way to settle it is to see who wins the hand of a bride. Lulu has kept one of Stemple's men and one of Jason's men dangling.
22 Jan. 1969
Wives for Wakando
Local friendly Indians want brides of their own. Since the town wont sell women, the Indians take them.
29 Jan. 1969
A Kiss Just for So
Jason falls for an Amish girl in a wagon train party that has stopped over in Seattle. He must commit to the peaceful, non-violent Amish way of life if he is to pursue her, but finds it difficult when an extortionist threatens to provoke a union strike and attacks him outright.
5 Feb. 1969
Democracy Inaction
The government wants to build a road through Seattle to connect towns. Aaron complicates the issue by buying land that crosses the road and dormitory. The government agent says they need a mayor to settle the issue. An election ensues.
12 Feb. 1969
One Good Lie Deserves Another
A former boyfriend of Lottie's comes to town and manages to sweet-talk everyone into selling him share of their business. The people realize he swindled them, and find a way to get their property back by out-conning him.
19 Feb. 1969
One to a Customer
A Mormon man comes to Seattle with the intent of marrying several brides. Since the loggers know the brides will not marry him, they laugh at the idea. The brides decide to play along with the marriage idea, but things backfire.
26 Feb. 1969
A Dream That Glitters
Candy's grandfather visits Seattle to mine for gold. The mines have never proved valuable before but the grandfather says he has a dream. He is injured when the mine collapses. Candy & Jeremy salt the mine to give him hope when he recovers.
5 Mar. 1969
The Crimpers
Jeremy and Joshua visit a nearby town with another logger. When Jeremy and Joshua are kidnapped, Corkie returns to camp to tell Jason. Jason, Stemple, and Clancey make plans to rescue the men. Candy and Biddie stow away on the ship to help.
12 Mar. 1969
Mr. & Mrs. J. Bolt
One of the brides, Peggy, ran away from New Bedford after forging the papers. Her guardian, Uncle Jebediah, is on his way to Seattle. The only problem is, he won't let her stay there unless she is married, which is why she wrote home to him to tell him that she had married Joshua Bolt. The uncle sees this as an opportunity, and outsmarts Jason to lose the mountain!
19 Mar. 1969
A Man's Errand
The Bolt brothers have a chance to bid on a job in San Francisco. An inexperienced Jeremy goes to place the bid. He & Candy part on angry words. A new man in town tries to help Candy over her sadness, and the town wonders what will happen.
26 Mar. 1969
Two lawyers visit Seattle with plans to stir up legal issues, assessing fees to help the residents. This happens as Joshua has an idea for changing the family operations. The lawyers pit brother against brother, with Stemple on the side.
9 Apr. 1969
Marriage, Chinese Style
When Jeremy is in Tacoma picking up supplies, he saves a Chinese woman who is in town to meet her arranged spouse. Since Jeremy saves her, she says she now belongs to Jeremy instead of the intended husband.
16 Apr. 1969
The Deadly Trade
A logger is accidentally killed by a log when the team is joking around. His father comes to Seattle to avenge his death.
26 Sep. 1969
Far Cry from Yesterday
Clancey returns to Seattle with Candy's brother & sister, as well as an engagement ring Jeremy requested for Candy. When Candy learns her mother died and her siblings need to stay in Seattle, she tells Jeremy she cannot accept his proposal.
3 Oct. 1969
The Wealthiest Man in Seattle
Clancey receives a visit from his brother Ned, a priest whom he has convinced that he owns most of the businesses in Seattle. More chaos follows when a band of thieves hear of Clancey's supposed wealth.
10 Oct. 1969
The Soldier
When the town folk hunt for an aggressive bear, Jeremy sees a bear and kills it. However, it was a trained, gentle bear, and the soldier that trained the bear wants revenge against Jeremy. Jeremy tries to find a way to repay the man.
17 Oct. 1969
Next Week, East Lynne
After the departure of a visiting Shakespearean troupe, town residents discover they've been robbed.
24 Oct. 1969
A Wild Colonial Boy
Irish visitors to Seattle are interested in the town and surrounding mountains. They plan to fight the British fleet nearby. Joshua escorts the daughter of the leader around Seattle.
31 Oct. 1969
Hosanna's Way
An Indian family is murdered by trappers, leaving only a young son alive. The Bolt brothers befriend him, teaching him to speak English, learn how to fit into society, and then find him a home to live with his own tribe.
7 Nov. 1969
The Road to the Cradle
Lottie & Jeremy travel over rough roads to an Indian territory to help a woman ready to give birth. A desperate man trying to escape to Canada joins their wagon.
14 Nov. 1969
The Legend of Big Foot
Is Big Foot roaming around the mountains of Seattle? A townsman claims to have seen him, and the town is caught up in fear. Everyone starts to see and hear Big Foot whenever there is a noise.
21 Nov. 1969
Land Grant
The Bolt brothers find some Greek immigrants living on their property. The Greeks show they have a deed to own the land, and nothing the Bolts can do will convince them to leave.
28 Nov. 1969
The Eyes of London Bob
While checking a remote area of the Bolt property, Jason runs into an escaped convict. The convict holds Jason captive to help him further his escape since he has limited vision.
5 Dec. 1969
The Fetching of Jenny
The town wants a railroad built through Seattle and plans to invite the governor into town to see the need for the railroad. To entice the governor, the town wants Jenny Lind to perform at a celebration, knowing the governor will attend.
12 Dec. 1969
His Sister's Keeper
Aaron's sister Julie is determined to romance with Jason knowing that will upset him. Julie cannot get her inheritance unless Aaron approves of her selection for a husband.
19 Dec. 1969
Lorenzo Bush
An unseen person starts shooting at the men working on cutting trees. He claims that he owns the land and the forest. The Bolt brothers must fight to keep their rights.

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