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Season 7

24 Sep. 1974
Camp: Part 1
The officers respond to a potential break-in catching a man leaving the building and finding a young boy inside hiding in a locker. The boy has no record and his single mother says this is his first time in trouble. Malloy decides to give the boy a break and releases him to his mother. On patrol they pull over a taxi driving erratically. They find the driver is being robbed by a passenger and thought he had a gun. While at the station Mac informs them that the young boy has a record under a different name and a man posed as his father. A call about an accident at a ...
1 Oct. 1974
Camp: Part 2
Malloy is off on a week long youth camping trip that includes Greg Whitney. The trip does not start well when Greg who is short for his age was told to bunk with the younger campers. He gets into trouble for stealing ice cream followed by a charge by some of the campers he stole a boy's watch. He runs off before one of the counselors finds the watch was misplaced. Greg is found stuck down a hill but okay. He proves his mettle by beating the other boys in a cross country race after the boys were coached by Olympic pole vaulter Bob Seagren. Reed tries to provide Greg's ...
8 Oct. 1974
Reed and Malloy are assigned to "team policing", where officers from different departments work as a unit. Their team uncovers and busts a car accident insurance scam and works an undercover stakeout for a daylight burglar.
22 Oct. 1974
Roll Call
When an officer calls for help but fails to give his name or location, it results in a frantic search for the missing officer. The dispatcher helps by doing a roll call of all the known officers on patrol at the time of the call, while Reed and Malloy assist in the search. A motorcycle officer is the one who is missing, eventually leading their comrades to a parking garage and an armed hostage situation.
29 Oct. 1974
Suspect Number One
Malloy is contacted by Charlie Bishop who has served his time and is having a hard time adjusting to life on the outside. After listening to Charlie's story Malloy and Reed go back out on patrol, and after catching a potential tax cheat they check out a halfway house in hope that it has room for Charlie. In the meantime Charlie has decided that he'd rather be back in prison and after receiving a radio call Malloy and Reed realize they have to stop him from making a big mistake.
12 Nov. 1974
Point of View
When Mac's wife gets a job he complains to Malloy but the patrol calls all teach lessons about this new "women's liberation". Malloy and Reed rescue a hostage from supermarket bandits and find an elderly nursing home escapee.
19 Nov. 1974
Lady Beware
The officers spot a girl in a park by a school who has been raped by a serial rapist in the area. They accompany Sgt. Gloria Tyler to help teach a class of girls at the school how to handle sexual assaults. At a home burglary they catch an elderly man they know and his nephew leaving the scene. A market reports a shoplifter in a rain coat who ran away. The officers' search turns up the rain coat outside a bar and the man inside pretending to be a comic. Several officers participate in an undercover sting to catch the rape suspect using Tyler as the bait. They catch ...
3 Dec. 1974
Excessive Force
A door-to-door search for a missing girl in a red sweater leads to a foot chase with the pedophile who kidnapped the youngster. Malloy catches the suspect, then loses his cool when the suspect makes a smart remark. The suspect fights back by filing an excessive force complaint against Malloy. Malloy admits what he did and accepts the consequences, even though he knows it could affect his long-term career goals.
10 Dec. 1974
Malloy and Reed handle a humorous drunk forced to dry out at the station jail and help a woman recover an antique when she discovers her husband hid their savings inside. They capture a rapist, and free a woman stuck in a phone booth.
17 Dec. 1974
Credit Risk
Reed goes to visit the bank when his credit rating is incorrect. He and Malloy stop a liquor store robbery, return two kids that ran away from home, and resolve a mystery fender bender all the while Jim gets his bank records fixed.
24 Dec. 1974
Christmas in sunny Los Angeles finds Reed and Molloy in a series of seasonal vignettes. They meet up with a colorful tree lot salesman and help out a Santa entertaining a retiree's home all the while chasing down a rooftop gunman.
14 Jan. 1975
Pot Shot
Malloy stops to drop off laundry before shift. While there the manager confronts a young man tying up a dryer. Malloy arrrests him for drying marijuana. On shift they take a call about a fight where a divinity student is fighting men over taking the Lord's name in vain. A bus driver reports a young girl left on his bus. They take her to the station as she does not speak english. By trial and error they learn she in from Finland. They take her to back track her route to find her relative's home. When they return her, they have to handle a neighbor dispute across the ...
21 Jan. 1975
Grand Theft Auto
The men start with a theft report of an older car of little value. They return to the station to investigation a hunch and learn that older cars often tagged as abandoned are disappearing as noticed in other parts of the city. A call about an abandoned car blocking a woman's driveway provides them the chance to ask her to report if someone takes it. They spot a man at a bus stop matching a robbery suspect and when they check on him he runs forcing Reed into foot pursuit while Malloy tracks them in the car to catch him. They stop by a scrap metal company to ask the ...
28 Jan. 1975
Victim of the Crime
An elderly lady reports one of her most prized possessions, a TV, has been stolen. A silent alarm call is a robbery where the store owner is critically wounded putting him and his daughter in a severe financial pinch. They capture one of the suspects but the second one escapes as Reed rescues a baby in a runaway stroller. Reed wishes they had forms for the new program to reimburse victims of violent crimes like this one. A detective has them question the bail bondsman about the suspect in the robbery to find the missing one. He gives them an address where a neighbor ...
4 Feb. 1975
Pressure Point
Reed and Malloy work with a rookie officer who hides the fact that he stutters, a handicap that has dangerous consequences for the recruit's fellow officers.
18 Feb. 1975
Ladies' Night
Reed and Malloy agree to double date for dinner, but on the way to the restaurant Jim and Jean see a robbery in progress. Once again Mrs Reed gets stood up but Jean, Pete, and Judy are good sports and citizens once they know Reed is safe.
4 Mar. 1975
Citizen with a Gun
On PM watch, Reed and Malloy assist Wells and Brady at a domestic dispute involving an armed husband. They investigate the report of a possible dead body, and later, the robbery of a pawn shop. At the gun range the next day, Reed and Malloy, along with Wells and Brady, among others, practice before their monthly qualification. Later, a cabbie tips them on what he thinks is a burglary in progress. They get a hit on prints taken at the pawn shop the night before and find the suspect working at a car wash. He tries for a clean getaway, but pulls a gun instead and is ...
11 Mar. 1975
Follow Up
Reed and Malloy handle a call about a stolen horse that someone is trying to sell to a horse stable. Also, after a call from a wealthy woman, she accuses them of stealing one of her valuable rings. Reed thinks Malloy should buy a used boat.
18 Mar. 1975
Reed and Malloy deal with victims of depression as a new mother and suicidal businessman need hospitalization.
25 Mar. 1975
Operation Action
After their shift Malloy is to drop off his car with a mechanic and Reed is to pick him up but Malloy is hijacked by a man and woman after leaving the station. They want her boyfriend released from jail in return for Malloy. When they have him verify they have him, Malloy gives a clue to his whereabouts by giving a name of a girl the officers found with a mannequin. Reed finds Malloy's car and a girl nearby gives a description of the people and car that took Malloy. They find the car abandoned. Reed's investigation of their cases turns up the girl's name and location ...
1 Apr. 1975
Gus Corbin
While Malloy is filling in for Sgt. MacDonald, Reed has a new partner Gus Corbin who is relatively new and takes a few too many risks for Reed or Malloy's liking.
29 Apr. 1975
Dana Hall
Malloy sits one out as Reed drives and pairs up with a new partner: Dana Hall, a policewoman! The sexual attitudes of the 1970s run rampant with Wells representing the worst of the era while Reed, ever the Renaissance Man, treats his temporary partner with respect and bemusement.
13 May 1975
Something Worth Dying For: Part 1
When Reed fails to get a conviction on a drug arrest, he decides to temporarily join the narcotics squad. He finds the work mentally hard and his wife dislikes the impact on him.
20 May 1975
Something Worth Dying For: Part 2
Malloy and Reed are faced with citizens who want to skirt the law in special cases. Reed is faced with fallout from his wife Jean about his safety after being awarded the Medal of Valor for rescuing a wounded Malloy during a shootout.

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