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  • Mild-mannered Miami businessman, John Stone, receives a parcel from England containing two old bottles of Slivovitz brandy and upon drinking them both, becomes a vampire. Stone uses his new-found vampire powers to keep his wife, Helena, in a trance as he travels to England to kill the descendants of Van Helsing whom murdered Count Dracula while Hesling's distant relative, Howard Helsing, pursues Stone with the intent to put the re-born vampire to rest for good.

  • A businessman turns into a vampire after drinking brandy laced with vampire blood and sets out on an odyssey of killing the descendent's of Dracula's executioners.


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  • Out of the blue, successful businessman John Stone [Bill Rogers] receives a parcel containing two heart-shaped bottles of Slivovitz brandy from his newly-departed ancestor, Baron Khron of Moldavia. Baron Khron just happens to be a descendant of Count Dracula. John also receives a note telling him to drink a toast to his deceased ancestor and to wait six months for further instructions. Dutiful heir that he is, John obeys, drinking many toasts over the months. His blond-bombshell wife Helene [Elizabeth Wilkinson] can't help but notice the changes taking place in him, e.g., John has become cold and distant, he sleeps all day and works at night, and he has started to sound more and more like Christopher Lee. What she doesn't know is that the brandy, made from the blood of Dracula, is turning John into a vampire.

    Six months pass and John receives word to come to London in order to receive the rest of his inheritance. While John is in London laying claim to the estate at Carfax in Purfleet, Helene touches bases with her ex-boyfriend, Dr Hank Tyson [Thomas Wood], who assures her that she should stop worrying. However, a series of brutal murders, beginning with Londoners Philip Harker, Dr Wayne Seward, and Lord Gold [Ted Schell], in which the victims are all staked through the heart, has Dr Howard Helsing [Otto Schlessinger] fearing that he may be next. Dr Helsing is certain that John Stone is avenging Dracula's murder, so he tries to convince Hank to help him. When Texan oil millionairess Sherri Morris [Dolores Carlos] is murdered in the same manner and Dr Helsing predicts that John will ultimately make Helene a vampire, too, Hank agrees to help search out John's coffin and destroy him. Unfortunately, John finds out that Helsing has been to see Helene, so he hypnotizes her in order to convince her that Helsing means to kill him and then drinks a bit of Helene's blood, placing her under his power.

    That night, Helsing and Hank hang around the Stone house in order to protect Helene, while Detective Crane [Lawrence Tobin], who has been informed that John was seen near the Morris mansion the night of Sherri's murder, takes John in for questioning. John escapes and bites Helene's neck for the second time. In a trance, Helene drives off, leading Hank, Helsing, and Crane to an abandoned mansion where they trap John in his grave and stake him just as the sun comes up.

    "I don't know what the penalty is for killing a vampire," says Dr Helsing, surrendering himself to Detective Crane.

    "Not killing," Crane corrects. "Exterminating." Original Synopsis by bj_kuehl.

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