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I Think I Am Going To Change My Opinion Of These PP Cartoons
ccthemovieman-119 April 2007
This was my first look in 40 years at these cartoons, this one being part of a "The Pink Panther Adventures In The Pink" DVD. I never remember being a big fan, but if the rest of them are anything like this first one on the disc, I will be now. This cartoon was hilarious!

Since there is no dialog (I believe that's the case with most, if not all them), these cartoons rely strictly on sight gags. The humor in here was very clever and I laughed out loud in several spots. Not only is the humor pretty wild, check out the colors: right from the start with the wild orange colors - an orange sky and orange streets. Mostly oranges, pinks, blues and whites make this colorful as well as funny.

The poor Pink Panther can't do anything right here, and when he finally does - kaboom! - he's back where he's started. The story begins with the Pink Panther is sitting on a parch bench in Litterburg and - yes - he litters by throwing a banana peel on the ground. Well, not actually on the ground as it lands the big nose of a small policeman. The cop pulls a gun on him and marches him to city hall. There, the judge orders him to sweep the streets. How the Panther does that and what happens afterward is really imaginative and funny material.
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The world's solution to littering.
OllieSuave-00727 August 2016
The Pink Panther was sitting on a park bench eating a banana and litters the peel. A police officer witnesses it and orders him to clean up the entire town's littering. So, the panther does this humongous chore in gathering up all the trash and finds the most difficult time in disposing them. From unknowingly place the litter in a geyser to steamrolling them, the panther has the most unusual way of getting rid of the trash, making you eager to know how all this will be resolved. Then, he finds the most artistic and imaginative idea!

It was interesting seeing the panther clean up the roads, making you wish the littering in the streets of our cities are being cleaned up as well. Plenty of laughs here, especially the panther interactions with the pointy-nosed officer. A great one here!

Grade A
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One of the funniest and most imaginative Pink Panther cartoons
TheLittleSongbird27 June 2013
Most of my childhood favourites have held up very well and are as good from an adult perspective as from a child's. The Pink Panther cartoons- most that is- are one such example, and Pink of the Litter is one of the best examples. The animation is kept simple but never looks cheaply drawn and the bright colours have an appealingly wild nature that fits very well with the everything else. The music is appropriately jazzy and still memorable, the iconic theme tune is one I've heard countless times but I'm still not tired of it. The gags, revolving around mainly how Pinky sweeps the streets, are hilarious and are among the most imaginative of the Pink Panther cartoons. Humour-wise like with almost all the Pink Panther cartoons, Pink of the Litter is solely reliant on sight gags with no dialogue but in no way is it a deterrence. The story is always fun and while wild in nature never verges on weird. Pinky is a naturally funny character and is also very cool and likable. Overall, funny, colourful and imaginative, a winner from Pinky. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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Always recycle
Shawn Watson2 April 2006
In the trash covered desert town of Littersburg, the Pink Panther is sitting on a park bench eating a banana. He throws the peel away but is arrested by a cop and charged with littering (even though a banana peel is biodegradable). His punishment is to clean up the whole town.

This task does manage pretty well, but he has to do it over and over because whatever method of disposal he uses always ends up in the litter raining back down over everything again.

In the end he flattens it all with a steamroller, cuts it all into squares, frames them and makes a fortune in selling it as modern art. He becomes the town hero and earns the key to the city. But there's a twist...
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