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Not that great really
TheLittleSongbird13 May 2010
Now there are some good moments here. It was nice to see Daffy, and some parts were funny. Mel Blanc's voices were stellar and even the pacing was alright here. However, at best the animation is merely okay, but with the dull backgrounds and washed out colours some of it does look as though it has been made on the cheap. Also the music is disappointingly annoying, the reoccurring tune gets insipid after a while, no wonder it drove Daffy crazy, and the orchestral score is bland and repetitive. While some parts were funny, others weren't funny at all, and even Speedy(who I am not a fan of to begin with) started to grate on the nerves. Overall, has its good points, but this could have been much better. 5/10 Bethany Cox
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Hidden Joke
Guitar-818 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is one Daffy/Speedy cartoon that I like.

Poor Daffy's a Hollywood agent, looking for rest & relaxation @ Balmy Springs inn.

But he runs into Speedy Gonzalez & his band, trying to get into pictures. They drive Daffy all over the vacation resort.

Funny gag, Speedy hands Daffy some lemonade with a straw. Unfortunately, his straw lands in the swimming pool & he gets trapped in his lawn chair.

The hidden joke can be found @ the end of the cartoon. Daffy drives off with Speedy & his band playing the "Popeye" theme! Guessed Speedy was strong to the finish & ate all his spinach!
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Rarely do I feel sympathy for Daffy, but I do in this one!
Robert Reynolds23 August 2002
Daffy is rarely what I would call a sympathetic character, but here, to a large degree, he is a most sympathetic character indeed. Just looking for peace and quiet and bothering no one, he is bombarded at all turns by possibly the most insipid tune ever heard in cartoons and certainly ever heard in a Warner Brothers short! Ten minutes of that might have made Mother Teresa commit murder! Good cartoon with okay animation and an awful score. You have been warned! Recommended, with the caveat above.
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